Postgame: Something About Paint and Drying…



The Preds and Flames have ironically had a few barn-burners over the years. Particuarly back when Nashville boasted a few more weapons up front. This contest, however, was not one of those games.

What Happened

Calgary mostly controlled the play in the first period, spending large periods of time in the Predators end. Unfortunately, the Flames struggled to convert zone time to quality chances – something which would become a theme this afternoon. Despite their territorial dominance, the teams went to the dressing room tied at zero.

The second period was bit closer with the Predators pushing back before scoring the first goal of the game (the last one they would need). After a Cory Sarich pinch in the offensive zone, Nashville’s third line broke in on a three-on-two. A Jack Hillen shot would pinball off of David Moss’ stick and then carom Niclas Bergfors and into the net.

After that bit of good fortune, the Preds did their best to clog the neutral zone and lull the capacity crowd at the ‘Dome to sleep. the Flames struggled to really break through the trap generate a high volume of chances, although a Tim jackman tally was called off in the second due to goaltender interference on the play by Tom Kostopolous.

Calgary was chasing in the third, but Rinne only had to make or two notable saves the rest of the way. The home team’s last quality chance of the game came at the 11:00 mark of the third stanza before a Nashville two-on-one goal by Andrei Kostitsyn was salt things away for the visitors.

One Good Reason…

…Why the Flames lost? Not enough punch up front. Calgary had a lot of shots but not enough in the way of chances to go with their zone time. The Predators managed to take away time and space in the defensive zone and the Flames didn’t have the juice to fight through the shot blocking and such consistenly. When the rare break-down occured, Rinne was there to bail his club out.

Red Warrior

I like ehat I saw from the newly minted fourth unit of Horak, Jackman and Kostopolous (although their chances numbers are meh), but I’m going to giving the RW to Lee Stempniak today. He was instrumental in generating a number of chances and was one of the few Flames who seemed able to carry the puck into the scoring area in the offensive zone. He nearly tied the game on a goalmouth scramble, but was robbed by a Rinne pad save.

Sum it up

The Preds scored the first goal thanks to a lucky bounce and Calgary wasn’t able to do enough with their superior possession numbers to beat Rinne. The Flames are still spending a lot of time on the periphery of the offensive zone when they have the puck, with passes frequently being bobbled and pucks jumping over sticks in the scoring area. In addition, the PP continues look disjointed and ineffectual, a weakness that really hurts on a night like this when things are gummed up by a defensive oriented team at ES.


  • Lowetide

    SO Glad I missed this one, also, whats the deal with sitting out a decent point getter and play maker in Hagman and playing crap like Kostopolous. I get the Horak play, but why play Kosto over Hags? Also, FFS, play Babchuk, if you are not playing him, waive him, or Fire Sutter or Feaster or something. Someone made the comment in the chat we had 6 million sitting in the press box. Want to know why we suck and we are not making the playoffs, cause we had 6 FREAKING MILLION dollars sitting in the press box, THAT IS A TOP 2 DEFENCEMENs dollars right there, or a freaking first line center.

    So when we are about 8 points out of a playoff spot and according to Elliot Friedman, only two teams since the lockout have made the playoffs being 4 points out of the playoffs, how big of a fire sale happens and how terrible is this team gonna be.

    Hagman, Jokinen, Stempniak, Bourque will all be traded most likely. No one is gonna take Sarich, doubtful on Smith either, Babchuk would have to bad contract for bad contract. UGH, this is gonna be a bad bad bad season.

    • Truculence

      Buddy, I’ve been preaching for a while that the cap mangement versus asset management on this hockey club is way out of whack & way too often we have 6.0Mil+ sitting in the press box. There’s depth & then there’s just wasting $$$ & cap space on mediocretop 5-9 forwards that even trickles down to the 4th line. Cant blame Feaster at this point, but come 2012 it’ll be time for Feaster to step up into the spot light and be accounted for. but you may as well relax and watch this thing take its course.

  • everton fc

    Jokinen isn’t going anywhere. He’s giving a good effort every night. You keep the OMG line together, but as a THIRD LINE. I don’t see Stempniak as a liability. I wonder what he, Horak and Jackman could do together? As fourth line..,

    Tanguay/Iginla/Backlund – SECOND LINE. Get rid of the dead weight somehow (Hagman, Stajan, Bourque, Babchuk, and yes, Bouwmeester… As well as Kosto, Sarich)… Give the kids the first line next season, like the Oilers are doing. If you pick up a Spezza – maybe Iggy/Tanguay/Spezza is a first line, But w/o an elite centre, Iggy and Tanguay are at a stage in their careers where they would dominate against second line opposition.

    We need a fresh, new, first line with a good mix of grit and skill. I think this lies with our youth.

    Butler and Hannan are the 5-6 pairing. Keep Gio. We are three d-men short if we move JBo. We can’t score and are thin as an expansion team on defence. We could move some of this dead wood (hopefully all of it) and grab a few d-men… and if Brodie/Henry/Witherspoon/whomever can step up…

    We have enough “fodder” (Bourque, JBo, Hagman [I guess], Stajan [maybe]… Kipper…) to find a few d-men. Again, our defence is more like an expansion team’s, than a playoff contender’s…

    I know it’s not that easy. But at least it’s something.

    But I think it all begins from the top down. King/Feaster/Dutter/et al, need to go. Complete the house cleaning. Step one. No one really has faith in this trio, do they?

    • the forgotten man

      I’ve said it a hundred times the last 2 years and I’ll say it again…the healing can only begin once K-squared is canned – since the “newspaper huckster” hired both “the Feast” and Butter, throw them overboard too along with Tod(d) Button, Hesketh and (“INSERT NAME HERE”) chooses the music at the ‘Dome.

    • CitizenFlame

      I agree with your line of thinking and I think it will start to form next year.

      Baertshi-Backlund- 2012 lottery pick/FA signing
      Tanguay- Stajan-Iggy
      Nemisz- Horak – Jackman

      I’d prefer to see Stajan removed but I doubt it.

      • Truculence

        Don`t forget Reinhart, man. The kid not only has a tremendous capacity to outplay the other teams`top lines and quarterback the powerplay, he scores big goals when his team needs it.

        He will be the best two-way player on the Flames roster in a couple of years. In my opinion, Reinhart is the bastard child of Langkow and Conroy. I shall rename him: LangCon.

        • flamesburn89

          Now thats good :):) Dont forget about Holland either. What irony, I know Dutter was after Brad Booth for years, always rumours & here Vancouver score him for a couple old cogs. Man o man, what are we doing wrong???

        • Your comparison of Reinhart to Langkow/Conroy is bang on my friend. It’s something I’ve noticed as well; he’s not the biggest or strongest guys, but he’s usually one of, if not the, smartest guys on the ice.

  • everton fc

    There is a 100% disconnect between ALL levels of management, Feaster and Sutter obviously have a worse relationship than Sutter and Sutter do. How else do you explain the cluster mess that is Anton Babchuk? There is no one on the same page.

    And you might think Jokinen is putting in a good effort, but that doesn’t mean Feaster is on the same page as you, he’s the guy who signed Babchuk thinking he was gonna be a top 4 guy!

    If this team doesn’t win another game on this homestand, expect BIG changes, and I mean ANYONE that Sutter signed is pretty much on the chopping block, he is gonna De-Sutter this team and Hard and put his own stamp on this team. Feaster started big in the offseason, not resigning a lot of Sutters draft picks(mostly warranted though), then the trade of Regehr and Langkow, and now the Bourque rumors. Jokinen et al are not far behind.

  • xis10ce

    There is two things about this game that just down right pissed me off. How does Jackman not that get goal when they decide it’s not goaltender interference? or at least a penalty? How does Sarich get a goaltender interference call when he went out of his way while falling not to hit a sprawling Rinne? Total BS!

  • everton fc

    If the return on Reggie and the Babchuk signing are any indication of what our GM’s all about…

    God help us.

    Babchuk is not a Sutter signing. And I wonder how Brent felt about Reggie – the return, I mean.

    Both need to go. Fresh faces. Fresh ideas. Giving the youth we do possess, a chance.

    And re-building our defence from what it is now (expansion-level) to one that can give other teams headaches. Oilers fans are glad Reggie’s gone. That tells you something, as he was tough on their elite forwards.

    We need that grit.

    We’ve lost that grit. And we have no power play. No offence.

  • Brian freaking McGrattan helped score that first goal against us. This is how bad we are.

    J-Bo again failing to time his defensive play correctly, falling too early AND letting the puck go under his legs. Too many missed open nets today. Jokinen, Stempniak, and someone else that I can’t recall off the top of my head.

    The no-goal was BS; on all the replays I saw, the puck was clearly over the line, with white between the puck and the red line. What more do they need?

    Too many missed calls as well – I saw GlenX get kneed in the head at one point and nothing was called. Granted, he went after the dude’s legs in retaliation, but where’s the call ref?

    This team has no finish, no heart, and no consistency.

    • CitizenFlame

      You’re seriously blaming Jbo on that goal? Butler pinched & got caught up ice, Jokinen had no gas left in the tank and couldn’t back check. That pass found the 3 inches of space underneath his skate and shin pad to get through. If they did that play 9 more times, I bet that pass wouldn’t get through one more time.

  • Subversive

    I was at this game today, first time I’ve been to a game since the 2009-2010 season. What an unfortunate way to spend an afternoon. Super boring game. The Flames definitely deserved a better fate, they were the better team today, but just couldn’t quite put it together. Whenever they would get what looked to be a good opportunity the puck would bounce or the player would bobble it. Just not their day.

  • flamesburn89

    Wow, Nashville really played defence first. The first goal was pretty darn lucky. Can’t believe Mcgratton actually managed to get a point against the Flames.

    As a brightspot, I liked Horak’s game a lot this afternoon. I thought he played a really smart game, and didnt try to do to much. There were a couple of times where he kept the play alive in the Nashville end.

    However, I thought Butler wasnt very good. When he pinched, the Preds got at least 2 two on ones, and they cashed in one of them. He made too many mistakes at the offensive blueline today, at least in my estimation.

  • coptin_

    every time i watch camillary play i shake my head.we gave him up for j doh!!cammy is a true leader,love iggy but i think he is too frustrated with this team and doesnt give 100%.we are 3rd last in the leage now,feaster dont screw this team up by making any trades ill take my chances with a lottery pick next yr.AS WE SAW DURING THE LIVE CHAT THE FATT LADY HAS SUNG

  • the forgotten man

    King has to go. I don’t know how you fans can listen to b.s. spewing from his orafice. That goes with Feaster as well, especially after that tirade on the oilers the other day. It’s not Sutters fault.Hire someone who knows something about music and get someone who can sing please.Is that the best they can do? Please please fire King. The idiot could’nt run a bath. And as far as the disallowed goal it didnt count because it was clearly goaly interference doesn’t matter if it crossed the line. If that was against the flames you’d be crying just the same.Its okay to be a fan but common you guys be realistic put your stick on the ice and realise that your team sucks. Pull your head out of your a$$ and start anew.

  • CitizenFlame

    I would be okay with the way this team is playing, if I knew which direction this team is heading. Are they rebuilding? Are they playing out the season until next year when all these contracts come off the books? Are they seriously considering going on a run for the playoffs this year? Feaster’s rant about the Oilers at the fan forum this fall could turn out to be the biggest fauxpoo of the year.
    I look at the other supposedly brutal teams in the league and see young, speedy players fighting for jobs and actually having success (Col., Tor., ect.). What are the Flames doing in regards to progression of the franchise? The Flames are a horrible team to watch. Maybe it’s the system or the players on the team, whatever it is, it’s obviously not working.
    It’s not the coach, or the manager in my opinion. They’ve been through extensive managerial moves in the last 5-10 years? It comes down to the players, precisely the “core”, to what ails this team. And for the people who say it’s only 4-5-6 games, they’ll be alright; it’s been like this for 2 years. It’s time to sh!t or get off the pot.

  • Truculence

    Nail Yakupov, here we come!!! Let`s suck our way to the lottery this year. God knows, we deserve it after decades of playing middling hockey.

    A blue-chip prospect along with a free agency coup would go a long way in righting this ship.

    No Butters or lawyers allowed, however!!!

  • the forgotten man

    Another lackluster, mucky game by the Flames. I agree Sutter looks outmatched and Feaster is showing he’s a great talker. Feaster and Sutter do not see eye to eye this is definitely proof with the Babchuck issue. At this point looks like he’ll play about 20-25 games at $2.75M thats $137,500 per game. To put that into prospective, Iginla makes $7M which works out to about $85,000 per game. Not good value for Babchuck. Again though I dont see Sutter making it to Christmas. The whole front office will be gone at the end of the season including King (who will say he has other opportunities) and Feaster. Jim Nill will be coming in with Gretzky? as President? lol

  • I am honestly shocked by the Canucks/Panthers deal today. Why do GMs keep making trades with the Canucks that only make them better? It’s like there’s a freaking conspiracy going on.

    Samuelsson? Sturm? They just picked up Sturm in the offseason and Samuelsson is a slag. Booth has lots of potential. Why Florida, why?

  • flamesburn89

    simply stated the flames are old slow and boring. there is no creativity on the ice, behind the bench or in the front office. its a country club full of millionaires and old money. feasta is the spokesman is all.cant imagine anyone wasting their money going to the dome to see this product. i would rather watch ajhl or aaa midget, at least there is passion.

  • xis10ce

    As many people saw in that article, 4pts behind a playoff spot at the end of October = a 3% chance of making the playoffs come April. The numbers don’t lie baby…

    I figure in Calgary’s next 3 games we need to be 2-0-1 or better. Ha, or better = 3wins in 3 games.

    The light at the end of the tunnel is very dim folks, but it’s there.

  • Truculence

    I’m gonna get razzed for this, but all people calling for a blow-up of the team need to relax. I’m sorry, but we’re 7 games into the season. Seven! There’s still 75 games left in the season. If this play continues after 30-40 games, fine, then you can blow it up. But any major trade now would be exremely reactionary and in my opinion, stupid. So would firing Brent and/or Feaster. Give them a chance. It’s not like we’re 0-7. The Flames are a bounce away from being 3-3-1. Relax guys, I understand people want results fast, but that doesn’t mean they should blow the team up after 7 games. Hell, the year Detroit won the cup in 08 they had an 8 game losing streak. Every team goes through stretches like this.

  • Truculence

    Agree Schevvy. The time isnt right. But if this team isnt 5 games above .500 by Dec 1, visions of playoffs going in your head will be drug induced. Everyone knows this team will be getting younger next year irregardless if major trades happen. If Feaster & King dont start getting the word out that they are willing to listen to significant offers on major assets at that point, then we truly do have the wrong people driving the ship. I truly do feel Feaster is making the players determine the decisions of how this is going to go. & him, Sutter & King have given a date of which the players need to prove they are truly that playoff calibre team they said they were in the exit interviews last April. Explains Sutters determination to play Karlsson more, we have to know what we have & that will only happen by seeing him play games. Any major trading now will be fool hardy. Many fans dont realize these are win win times for us, if we do well, then I’ll be thrilled for the players & the franchise will be winning & its exciting. If we suck, then this team has huge changes coming & thats a little scary but also exciting.

  • RKD

    I think the Flames are back in the mode of trying to win 2-1 games. Despite Brent Sutter’s assertions of he wants an “up tempo” style of play. I see the Flames struggling in a defensive first style. Even though Nashville only had 14 shots, they got the lucky bounce.

    This team was an offensive juggernaut last season, 8th in league scoring.

    The disallowed goal should have counted Jackman was skating across the blue paint and fell down. I didn’t see any contact with Rinne. Too bad Jokinen missed an open net.

  • Truculence

    Schevvy: yeah, it`s only seven games in, but there should be huge alarm bells given the kinds of teams we have lost to. We have yet to play a truly elite team -i.e. Capitals, Penguins with Crosby, Detroit, L.A., etc. -and have still managed only two wins.

    Yeah, any team can mathematically make the playoffs until late March , but if they`re still 2-3 games below .500 after this homestand to end October -by which time they will have played seven of ten games at home against mediocre opposition- then stick a fork in them. Cuz if a team of veterans only pays lip-service to playing up to potential, then, yeah, its time to axe said veteran team.

  • Truculence

    If December hits and we’re still in the basement this is what I would do. Hopefully Owners will let you bury millions.

    Bourque: Apathy has set in. Trade him.
    Stajan: Zero urgency. Waive / Trade. Bring up Ben Walter.
    Babchuk: Waive / Trade Bring up Henry
    Hagman: Waive / Trade Bring up Nemisz
    Sarich: Wave / Trade Bring up Brodie or Breen.
    Kipper: Trade him before he completely falls off a cliff.
    Horak: Put him on Iggy’s line until Backlund returns. He has the skill.
    Trade Jokinen for a prospect.

    It will soon be time to play the kids accept tanking, Draft high, get a blue chip and Stoke the fire through free agency.

  • Truculence

    I’m officially getting very interested in next years team with Baertchi Nemisz, Reinhart, Holland (pushing) and hopefully 1 Elite UFA in the fold or two studs.. Horak is really getting me excited as he and Backlund will be 2/3 options next year as you Know feaster will be landing a #1 if not elite center by next year.

    I am the biggest fan hoping to see playoffs but at this point I’d rather see a bluechip added to the prospect pool than scantly missing the playoffs or losing in the first round.

  • Truculence

    I’d like to see borque go. He’s got the most value. Also another note, i’m not sure that there will be many good free agents this summer. I doubt semin would come here and i’m not sure i’d want him. We’re going to have to build this team through prospects and drafts.