The Calgary Flames came into this game looking for redemption against the Blues for what was by far their worst game of the season. I don’t know if you could definitively say they got it, but they got the win.. and in the end, that’s all that matters. For most of the night, the Flames spent most of their time chasing the Blues and chasing the puck. Once again, shot totals were a concern, especially on the power play.


I’m sure most people expected the Flames to come out in the first period and go right after the Blues, but it didn’t quite happen that way. The Blues came out skating and as a result the Flames lapsed back into chase mode rather quickly. Most of the period didn’t warrant mention, a it was that uneventful. The Flames were lucky to get out of the period scoreless, being out-shot 8-7 and out chanced 5-3. Kiprusoff showed he was ready to play, making some nice saves to keep Calgary in the game.

It was more of the same in the second period. flames had 2 chances on the PP but couldn’t capitalize; instead they just staved off the St. Louis attack during the 4 mins, and actually gave up 1 scoring chance. Calgary took a 1-0 lead late in the 2nd period on a snapshot by Tom Kostopoulus. Roman Horak drew the assist with a nifty start to the play, showing continued confidence and the smart play-making that earned him the Red Warrior honours against the Avs, spearheaded by yours truly. Despite being out-shot 9-4, Calgary went to the intermission clinging to a 1-0 lead.

The third period was what we have become accustomed to seeing, when the opposition usually throws the kitchen sink at Calgary. St. Louis out-shot Calgary 12-7 and out-chanced them a whopping 8-3. Despite only having three scoring chances, the Flames managed to pot two more goals. Roman ‘Calder’ Horak gave the Flames a 2-0 lead at 12:16 with a beauty of a wristshot, after some nice hard work from the returning Glencross. That didn’t last long as the Blues answered right back, 12 seconds later on a strange spin-around shot from the boards by Alex Steen. With plenty of time left on the clock, the Blues surged and the Flames gasped to protect the fragile one goal lead. Perseverance paid off, and Olli jokinen sealed deal at 18:44. After that, you could put it in the win column.


… why the Flames won? No question about it, it was all goaltending tonight. Kiprusoff was in form early and stayed that way for the whole game. Even the one goal that got by him, was a bit of a shocker that seemed to catch him a bit off-guard. While they spent most of the game running around the ice and not generating any sort of push back on the Blues, Kiprusoff remained calm, cool and collected. The defence played pretty responsibly, and on the occasions when Miikka did let out the rebound, the Flames were quick to swipe it away. Another positive was the physical play of Butler. Made a few nice hits to separate Blues players from the puck in the defensive zone.


While I was tempted to go right back to Roman Horak, I figured I would rub Steinberg’s nose in my alternate choice from last game.  Kiprusoff was the reason this team won tonight and he has shown that teh Blues are a team he likes to play against. Tonight’s victory stretched Miikka’s personal record to 19-2-2 in his last 23 games vs. the Blues, and was a fluke goal away from registering his 3rd straight shutout, going back to last season, against St. Louis.


It wasn’t pretty, but hopefully the positive outcome gives the team something to work on before the next game. The Flames are now 3-1-1 on this home-stand and that’s a pretty good thing to build on. They will have to get some things in order for the game against the Canucks, but Van isn’t playing to hot as of late either. If Kipper can settle into this mode of stable goaltending and the Flames can hear from some guys that were pretty quiet tonight, ie Iginla,Tanguay and Bourque, they might be able to steal one away from the Canucks and have a pretty good end to a much needed successful home-stand.

  • Vintage Flame

    honorable mentions to roman horak. He played a great game and was all over the place (in a good way) The fourth line seemed to be the best line last year and it looks like more of the same. A good fourth line can win games so I’m OK with that.

  • RKD

    Horak is starting to play like a beast! 4 points in the last two games. Hope he can keep it up to rub Tim Erixon’s face in it.

    Good win, back to .500 keep it going.

  • RKD

    Don’t like that Hagman was sitting this game, but Kosto and Jackman showed me up and showed why they were playing this game. Course they got the goal when Horak was on the ice, so……

    The game was another snoarer before the Kosto goal, but then it was a wait till the Flames blow it kinda game.

    Mostly enjoyable game cause stuff was actually happening this game. The team has a long way to come and it’d be nice if Iggy decided to come along as well.

    Also Horak > Erixon, plus we got two other players in that trade, so that trade could end up being a really good one.

    Looks like we will finish October within that magical 4 point barrier that Friedman has mentioned, SO THERE IS STILL HOPE, WE STILL BELIEVE!

  • Glad we got the win tonight, even if it wasn’t pretty.

    Totally off topic, but I’m thinking of buying tickets (something I don’t do very often) and I’m wondering if I could get some of your opinions. I’m thinking either the Canucks game on the 11th of February, the Oilers game on the 21st of February, or the Canucks game on the 5th of April (second last game of the season). I realise this is a bit of a silly question but I’m trying to strategise and get the best bang for my buck here, so any advice would be helpful =P

  • Will take the win, dont care, .500 & in good frame of mind for the next three really tough big games coming. This Horak kid is really really growing on me. He’s making the difference for us in games playing 3rd & 4th lines, his salary is a fraction of what was sitting in the press box. 6.5 million, man I’m having trouble dealing with this. Add Babchuks under 5 minutes & we have 9.0 million wasted $$$ & cap space. Can anyone say Shea Weber or Zach Parise. I think we have a few more Horaks coming that wont make us miss this 9.0 mill for 1 second.
    Mr Feaster, I know there are not any lineups inquiring about the 6.5 mill press box but please keep trying.

  • Seeing as I’m living in Colorado land and too cheap to pay for Centre Ice, glad to see that the Flames won.

    Avs lose, Oilers win, Flames win.

    I hate to say it, but Shelbyville is quite fun to watch.

    And I don’t think we should be counting Horak in any Calder trophy running quite yet – Landeskog and RNH are both outplaying him by quite a bit. As much as I’d like to think Horak could even place in the top 3 finalists, I doubt it will happen.

    • T&A4Flames

      No question, no one expects Horak to be mentioned in the likes of Landeskog or RNH. If this kid keeps this pace going, I think he would get honorable mention & tell me one person in Calgary or any other hockey city predicting any Calgary rookie would even get a blimp on the radar. Agree, this scenario is really going to get interesting if Horak is playing great & once Backlund returns, possibly as early as next week.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    I thought I had like every sattelite channel but couldn’t find the game. I even DVR’d it with “Calgary vs. St. Louis” description, but it was the baseball game. Even on the NHL HD channel it was the baseball game.

    Anyone else have this problem

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Iginla looks terrible. If he could ever get going this team would be much better. I know he started training camp with an injury but we are nine games in he needs to be much better. He is coasting out there, show some effort. Horak is putting the effort and keeping his game simple, nice to see him get rewarded

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    I wonder if the undisputable plan to play Karlson will still have traction given what Kipper is doing lately.

    Not being able to find the game on TV, I was disappointed to hear they were outchanced & chasing in this one. Big boys need to start showing up soon. November is nearly upon us.

  • maddady

    I’m not too worried about Iggy, he starts slow with a full training camp- never mind missing all of it, he will get his 35 goals again. I don’t think that anything Kipper is doing is changing the plan to start Karlson, although it will definitely be Kipper against the Canucks. I was surprised to not find the game on TV, like game 7 of the World Series is more important. I really wonder what Stajan and Hagman will have to do to get out of the doghouse with Brent. Hagman has been decent and Stajan at least seemed to be putting in more of a effort. I am not a coach but even with the results I don’t see the reason to start only 11 forwards. Hagman will get back on the ice but Stajan’s days might as well be done here, not that I think anyone will take that contract on unless they are desperate to make the salary floor.

    • everton fc

      Looking back, hindsight generally 20-20, perhaps we should have packaged Stajan w/Regher, as Kotalik ended up going home anyways, once demoted.

      As for Kosto… He’s earned the right to suit up every game, in my opinion. Good on the 4th line, good on the PK, willing to drop the mitts… He and Jackman are a tough matchup for any team.

      Throw Morrison in between them and I think you have a point-producing scenario.

      As for Hagman… I like what he’s done thus far, but where does he play? He’ll only see more regular ice-time if (when?) Bourque is moved.

      A third line of Hagman-Horak-Stempniak I think would produce points. I’d keep Horak with Stempniak, as they are roomies on the road, and Stempniak seems to be his mentor.

      Perhaps the packaging of Bourque w/Stajan is a possibility? Would the Rangers or Islanders bite? I wonder…

      Throw in one of our d-men… As we have many… Most who are expendable.

      And I agree, Iggy will be fine by mid-November. Backlund’s return will be interesting, as someone has to sit.

      Is this when Stajan heads to Abby via the waiver-wire? I say you try to unload him via re-entry and take the loss.

      What else can you do?

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    @ everton fc

    I’ve also been thinking about the Stajan problem lately. With Horak sticking around, something has to give soon. I don’t see 7.5 million in real cash sitting in the press box all season.

    Bourque is more movable than anything on the flames roster right now & if you can package Stajan with him, I’m confident Hagman can compensate for Bourque’s hole on the roster, being in a contract year. Get a 2nd rounder and a promising looking prospect in return.

    With more ice time, Hagman gets more goals & his value goes up. Then even if Hagman is moved near the deadline, the flames still have decent enough forward depth on deck with the likes of Byron/Bouma to be competitive & still push for a playoff spot while rebuilding at the same time.

  • T&A4Flames

    I love Horak, he has been awesome. I hate to say it but what if we packaged him with someone like Bourque to get a good package; strike while the players are hot. I’m thinking for example someone like CLB Ryan Johansen. We have a few guys that will be decent 2nd or 3rd line centers, we really need someone that will be 1st liner. I think Johansen would fit that bill. I’m not saying that CLB would do this though.

    • T&A4Flames

      No, I think Horak is a keeper & him & Backlund with Reinhart & Bears are going to lead our youth movement in the next 2 years. Bourque is a true 27 goal scorer & I would rather package him & ideally Stajan, but thats unlikely, but maybe Hagman & a 2013 2nd or 3rd rounder to the likes of Boston for a Marchand, if they would even consider it. Who knows, maybe Feaster can get lucky with something.

  • Vintage Flame

    The ideal situation is to be able to package Stajan with Bourque if there is a deal to be done for Rene. The only way I can see Matt getting back into this lineup is if a center now gets injured. Otherwise he is a pressbox planter.

  • Vintage Flame

    Well, there goes my theory of the Flames only being able to win with at least 2 nights rest.

    Horak was great, but I still think he belongs in the minors for one season. Sorry, but I’m a firm believer in the Detroit and NJ models. Lets not get ahead of ourselves with him just yet, it’s a long season, but so far he’s making me eat my words on the Erixon trade.

    He and Backlund give me some hope for the future; now’s the time to unload Iginla and acquire some pieces to build around these 2 centers before it’s too late.

    Still, like the article says, Kipper really bailed out the team tonight and good on him, but if that’s how this team has to win it’s going to be an ugly season. Not much improvement yet as far as a 60 minute effort and/or a cohesive team game.

    • the forgotten man

      Have to agree on Iginla…in my opinion he epitomizes the “Country-Club” aura commonly present with the Flames. He is a dwindling asset every day the Flames hang onto him – in my dream “Christina Hendricks” scenario, we package Iginla with Ken King and get back a couple of young studs…this will then make room for Lanny as Prez and then he can bring in some competence for GM/Coach/Head Scout etc etc.

  • the forgotten man

    I don’t think I’d have a problem with a Bourque + Stajan package, the problem is finding someone to take that salary, even if we’d take salary back, even a very high salary as long as it comes off the books at the end of the year, not a bad idea. That way we get even more off the cap this year, and cap space can be huge if we get a couple of the right Free Agents(Suter/Parise).

  • the forgotten man

    I’m not sure i’m sold on the idea of packaging staj with bourque. Bourque’s value is a lot higher therfore the return is higher. if we throw in stajan with him we’re going to have to take a hit in what he get back. It might be better to just suck it up and keep him and also get a better return. but who knows.

    Also I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what the consesus is for Iggy’s trade value. what is he worth? a Jordan Staal type player? Patriece Bergeron? or is it even higher??. I just have no idea what teams would actually consider giving up.

    • the forgotten man

      Doubt if Boston does that & Calgary would probably want a draft pick back as well. The problem with Iggy is not only trying to sort out value but there is a 7.0mill cap hit to balance as well. Thats why it’s a trade that would need a lot of finesse. But you would have lots of potential trading partners for Iggy, including the Canucks, so playing that, it would be imperative you get an overpayment. Wonder if Canucks would part with Schneider, Hodgson & a 1st for Iggy? Would Buffalo part with Kassian & Adam & a 1st? Sounds like a lot to ask for Iggy but some GM on the cusp of a long playoff run & pressure to win could make such an over payment. I may be unrealistic but hey,if I were Feaster, I really would be looking at what Iggy would bring in come January. The fact there is one year left after this year will get you more value than just a rental this time next year.

      • the forgotten man

        Yeah, I was thinking kinda along the same lines. I don’t think his contract is really a liability because it’s not for much longer. I doubt we would trade him to the canucks. The optics of that would just be totally wrong. If we trade Iggy I imagine it would be to a place where he wouldn’t play calgary often.

        I doubt it would happen. If it did I think it would at least show that the org. has some balls. I’m not sure how I feel about trading him. The price would have to be right.

        • the forgotten man

          Absolutely. Our worst case is that we keep Iggy, hopefully resign him to a cap friendly extension & enjoy the remaining years of a future hall of famer. But if Iggy really did want a shot at the cup & said hey Im happy here but if you can help the Flames & send me to a contender, go for it. It could get real interesting & personally, if Vanc were to pony up a huge overpayment, so what. I think Iggy would waive his NT to go to Vanc in a heartbeat as well. It’s just fun even speculating the what ifs.

          • the forgotten man

            Right now this would be my ideal situation. We trade bourque to get a solid Defenseman. We trade Boumeester to NJ for parise (and hopefully resign him this year) and if we could get hodgsen/schnider for iggy that would be great. NJ needs Defense. Bourque is in a position to get a good return right now so I think he would be able to get someone solid.

            Of course I don’t believe any of this would happen. esspecially since all those guys have NMC or NTC and boumeesters contract is monstrous.

            I would just love to see us get parise. he’s an offensivly gifted player and responsible defensively. If I were GM he would be my top priority.

    • the forgotten man

      Not sure about Franson. I think Kent or Pat did a piece on his numbers & he really didnt impress & could be part of the reason he was moved & why he’s been a healthy scratch for way too many games in Toronto. Not sure I would give a Bourque for him straight up. Boston may want a shake up if they continue to lose games. Perhaps Bourque/Hagman & a 2013 3rd rounder could get us Marchand. JBO will be tough to trade just because his play is good but cap hit is horrendous. Would you be prepared to give up JBO/Backlund & a 1st rounder for an RFA Parise at the end of this year. Lou is a pretty shrewd hombre. We need a top4 Dman with JBO in our lineup, which we may be able to draft this year.

  • the forgotten man

    yeah. JBO is a huge contract. I think the real thing that needs to happen is just a true sense that this team is going somewhere. Right now it feels like the flames are caught in this web of playing to win now and building to win in the future. I don’t feel like it’s possible to do both with the players we have. My evidence for this is that the flames have been getting worse and worse of the last couple of years. Managment needs to provide some sort of sign to let the fans and players know what direction they are heading in.

    There are too many inconsistant forwards on our team. The flames need players that compete every day but also have skill. The only problem is that those players are not cheap.

    • the forgotten man

      I think Flames do know the change that is about to come and management just isnt showing any cards but sticking with the party line of last 2nd half was pretty good. The moves/trades will come but who knows, this team just may over achieve & be playoff bound. Ken King is not about to turn a gift horse away. When management do make the changes, they dont want to be second guessed, there will be some very unpopular decisions having to be made.