Its a real Canadian edition of NationRadio this week with Prime Minister John A. Lowetide. The slow starting Vancouver Canucks, the Edmonton Oilers, the Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets all get their moment addressing the assembly this week.

Its NationRadio.

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Segment 1 

Bruce McCurdy from the Edmonton Journal’s Cult of Hockey leads off the show this week talking about the Oilers play thus far this season, the impact of Hemsky returning on the current lineup and predictions for the 2011-12 NHL season.

Segment 2 

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Cam Charron from the surging stops by to shoot the breeze with MC Lowetide. Among their topics of conversation – the slow start for the Canucks this year in contrast to their Canadian counterparts in Edmonton and Toronto.

Segment 3 

Lowetide answers your emails on a variety of topics. Is maintaining the engine block of a 2011 Bugatti Veryon among them? Only listening will give you the answer!

Segment 4 

Thomas Drance from joins the show to further analyze the Canadian NHL teams and their starts to the season so far.

Segment 5 

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Kent Wilson Managing Editor of the Nation Network discusses his beloved Calgary Flames and whether or not this may be time to dust off the dirty R word in Calgary. Could a rebuild be right around the corner?

Segment 6 

The newest MSM contributor to the Nation Network – Scott Taylor from is welcomed into the fold and then promptly gets to work talking about those Winnipeg Jets as well as a Mr. Bogosian.

Full Podcast 

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