Anaheim Claims Nik Hagman


According to Bob McKenzie, the Anaheim Ducks have claimed Niklas Hagman on re-entry waivers this morning.

That means the Flames are on the hook for half of Hagman’s $3M cap hit this season (1.5M). That cap space will remain dead till the end of the year, although the move saves the owners $1.5M in real dollars – a not insignificant sum no matter how rich you are.

It’s a good move for both the Ducks and Hagman himself. Anaheim is a club that desperately needs a few more NHL caliber wingers in its depth chart and Hagman is probably not as bad as his time in Calgary suggests. For the Flames, aside from clarifying the depth chart a bit and saving some bucks, the exit if Hagman also removes a pro contract from the organization, giving the Flames some wiggle room under the 50-contract limit if they want to add a player or two down the road this season.

On a more depressing note, Hagman to the Ducks via waivers marks another low point in the Dion Phaneuf swap. Matt Stajan is all that remains of the deal at this point and I’m sure a number of people (including Stajan himself) wish that wasn’t the case. 


  • FOI: I wasn’t suggesting signing Kolanos to help the Flames. They do have a duty to ice a competetive team down in Abby too. If you’re calling Byron up, why not replace him down there with Kolanos who has played well down there?

    • supra steve

      good for them. Lets hope in years to come we remember it as the Horak trade, not the Erixon trade. Looking good, so far. One finger salute to Tim, Flames did find room for a rookie D-man.

    • ChinookArchYYC

      This is good news!

      Maybe this is as much a message to the Farm hands, as it is to the veterans on the team. Glad to hear Hagman will have a 2nd chance in Anahiem, I just hope he stays off the scoresheet against the Flames.

  • Graham

    The Flames certainly have some contracts expiring this season, Jokinen, Stempniak, Moss, Kostopules,
    Jsckman, L-Leblond, Sarich, Hannan and Smith.

    Its really early, but Hagman is gone ($3 million) and likely Sarich ($3.6 million) giving us $6.6 million

    I would probably resign Jokinen to a short contract at roughly the same money, Stempniak (likely an increase to $2.5 million), Hannan at $1.5 – $2 million and Jackman for around $1 million. That uses up $1.1 million of the $6.6, leaving $5.5 million…

    Moss is tricky, I might resign at the right price, but he and Kostopoules, L-Leblond and Smith are likely gone, another $3.425 million.

    That leaves us $8.925 million to sign a top four dman and 4-5 bottom six / lower pair d men.
    $4 million for the top four d men, and roughly a million each for the other guys…

    We may well have some contracts expiring, but other than replacing Sarich with a real top four guy, I not sure that we have a magic solution here?

    • Michael

      I would probably resign Jokinen to a short contract at roughly the same money, Stempniak (likely an increase to $2.5 million), Hannan at $1.5 – $2 million and Jackman for around $1 million. That uses up $1.1 million of the $6.6, leaving $5.5 million…

      I think this should read… that uses up Stempniak ($600K), Hannan ($500k – $1 million)
      and Jackman ($450K) for a total of $1.55 to $2.05 million, leaving roughly $8 million for a top 4 d man and 4/5 low end players.

      As noted, you replace Sarich, but that really does not leave a huge pot of money to improve the rest of the team.

    • T&A4Flames

      If your keeping Stempniak, you probably don’t need Moss. I like Moss but he is a little injury prone and Stemp is younger. They both play a similar style + GlenX is also similar.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    We know that the Phaneuf trade is awful. Time to write it off and move on. Not much point in dwelling on it. Sutter screwed it up badly and there is no point in trying to redeem it.

  • the forgotten man

    Good for Hagman…I am pretty confident that the Flames have a league-wide rep as a graveyard for scoring forwards (I call it the “Curse of Brett Hull”) – the only saving grace is that when we let go of Hull for a song and a prayer, we had Fleury show up along with an existing who’s-who of future Hall of Famers up front. Alas, today we have no room for error, but arguably one of the worst Hockey Management Operations in the NHL (scouting/player development philosophy/poor coaching at all levels to develop our offensive talent etc etc).

    At the end of the day, you can train 5 monkeys to forecheck/kill penalties and play the Trap…what separates the men from the boys is drafting offensive skill and then for God’s sake not pigeon-hole them into the prototypical 3-4th line Flames forward that we excel at producing (12-15 minutes and 10-15 goals a year).

    Sure, we have cap space next year for our Hockey Ops, but it is akin to setting up your Virgin Cousin with Jenna Jameson for one night – neither has any idea what to do with it.

  • My vision up front next year…

    Zach Parise ($7.500m) / Antoine Vermette ($3.750m) / Tuomo Ruutu ($4.000m)
    Alex Tanguay ($3.500m) / Mikael Backlund ($1.750m) / Jarome Iginla ($7.000m)
    Curtis Glencross ($2.550m) / Roman Horak ($0.800m) / Lee Stempniak ($2.300m)
    Travis Moen ($1.125m) / Paul Byron ($0.625m) / Brandon Prust ($1.375m)

      • Bourque.

        And before Steinberg accuses me of having a love-fest for Vermette (I don’t mind the guy, but its not like he’d be on my hand-picked, start-from-scratch team), understand you can’t get chicken salad from chicken sh!t. That is to say, I see Columbus as being a team that’s actually willing to deal, and I see Vermette as being a guy they’d actually be willing to deal. I don’t see us getting something significantly better than “a Vermette” for Bourque. So criticize if you want, but tell me – who better than Kanyon? Errr… Vermette.

    • Truculence

      Like your suggestions but you`re overpaying for Ruutu; Moen`s taking up a spot that should be reserved for one of the energy forwards down in the AHL or even the likes of Ferland in the WHL -a kid who can score, hit, and fight; and Vermette is micast as first-line center!!

      What the Flames need to do is go out and trade for an elite center and pursue Parise in the off-season. Neither is prolly going to happen but this is what I would likee to see if the season goes to shits:

      Iginla traded for Jordan Staal and Kipper traded to Tampa for Brett Connolly. Borque can be traded for a low draft pick for all I care, but let`s project he sticks around, and that we are successful in acquiring Parise for even 7.8 million if we have to. Let`s also suggest that Tanguay is traded away for pick(s) as well to a contender, as Iggy is no longer here.


      Parise-Jordan Staal- Stempniak
      Bouma or Ferland-Reinhart-Prust

      Let Staal and Horak`s line take on the toughies, while the young uns face the bottom six, against whom hopefully their offensive talents prevail.

      Those four centers may not be huge point producers, but led by Staal, all are good to great two-way pivots. Reinhart, in my opinion, would outclass other fourth line centers with his smarts even at his tender age.

      Just dreaming!!!

  • @RCN

    I don’t mind Kolanos being put on the Heat, but I would prefer we not waste a contract on bringing him into the NHL.

    Also, I got kinda giddy at your “fantasy” line-up (if you can call it that). I think Vermette is a useful center, Ruutu would be decent, and having Moen on the 4th line couldn’t hurt. All players that I’ve thought have been pretty good in their respective roles.

    Parise… don’t know if that will ever happen.