Ramdom Thoughts – Purgatory, Bourque and Phaneuf



The Senators are in town tonight, a rebuilding team whom the Flames may well emulate in short order if a few more bets go the wrong way this year. Bryan Murray is one of the few NHL GM’s whose management of his assets was even more dire than late-stage Darryl Sutter, so the Senators erosion was more rapid and their fall from grace more stark than the Flames. It’s amazing he still has a job.

While the Sens faltered and then firebombed their roster in earnest last year, Calgary still teeters on the precipice between status quo and the plunge into their own rebuild. The indecision and the team’s continued mediocrity leaves the Flames fanbase in a sort of grey limbo.

That perpetual purgatory has fans hungry for any sign of significant change or notable contributions from anyone outside the normal circle of players. I’ve been asked recently from various angles why Nik Hagman on waivers or the contract status of Krys Kolanos has drawn so much interest recently. You can also throw in the popularity of rookies like Byron and Horak despite their sucessess in the big league being relatively modest.

As hopes for siginifcant success in either the regular or post-season continue to dim, the fanbase is looking instead for signs of metamorphisis and renewal. Unless the current iteration of the team turns things around forthwith, the faithful will continue to be hyper vigilant for things that are new and novel as their view shifts from the present to the more distant future.

I mentioned bad bets in the opening paragraph. Another one that seems to be going south is the Rene Bourque extension, signed by Darryl Sutter near the end of his tenure. I have to admit I was a big fan of Bourque in his first couple of seasons and a proponent of his being retained by the team. I wasn’t thrilled by the term and NTC Sutter offered up for Rene’s second contract, but I was nevertheless a tireless advocate for the ex-Hawk before he was re-upped. I share Darryl’s regret on this particular misstep as a result.

The Bourque issue came to a bit of a head this past weekend with Kelly Hrudey’s HNIC tirade on the Flames winger. Sometimes when the MSM starts pointing out character flaws as an explanation for a guys struggles the unfortunate truth is they are fabricating narratives to explain a drop in fortune. More often than not, a glance at a shooting percentage or save percentage is explanation enough for a dip in outcomes.

That is emphatically not the case with Bourque.

The eye-test and underlying numbers are in complete agreement when it comes to Rene. Previously paired with Daymond Langkow, the duo were a consistently strong top-6 option who could skate against any foe and drive the play north. They did this whether they were combined with Todd Bertuzzi or Nigel Dawes, which speaks to their effectiveness.

Some of that, of course, is Langkow. Even now at 35 years old and coming off a major injury, Daymond continues to drive possession in Phoenix. So some drop in Bourque’s underlying numbers in Langkow’s absence is natural. 

That said, he’s gone from a top-six, hard minutes winger to a gross detriment in the space of two seasons. Last year, Sutter had Bourque and Jokinen take on other teams big guns more often than not and Bourque got his head kicked in. He had some of the worst corsi rates on the Flames and a team-worst plus/minus. Sutter learned his lesson this season and instead has Bourque in a more third-line role facing lesser lights and the third easiest zone start ratio overall…and he is still well under water by most measures. 

Qualitatively speaking, Bourque looks awful most nights. Previously a bear along the boards and highly adept at pushing the puck into the scoring area, Bourque is instead mostly a periphery presence these days. I find no one on the club takes more needless shots from the outside and he is one of the worst for burying his head on the rush and ignoring his teammates and possible passing options. The speed and hard work that marked his emergence as a useful player in Flames colors seem to have all but evaporated as well.

Whatever the casue of Bourque’s terrible decline – be it lingering injuries (or fear of them), a lack of motivation due to his new long-term contract, Langkow’s absence or some other idiosyncratic factor, Bourque’s contract has become toxic and one the club needs to move if at all possible. His cache as a two-time 27-goal scorer may be enough to overcome the remaining three four years on his deal in the minds of some GM’s, although as indicated by Hrudey, his reputation is already fairly tarnished.

– Speaking of mistakes, I understand the why of some fans demanding no more mentions of the Dion Phaneuf trade with each new, grotesque mutation the swap takes for the Calgary organization. It no doubt feels like the needless picking of a scab.

Unfortunately, like the Gilmour trade before it, the Phaneuf deal will forever exist in infamy going forward. It’s a wound that will form a never healing scar on the face of the franchise and it’s not something that will ever be completely forgotten or ignored. In short, get used to mournful sighs whenever a anything remotely connected to the principles of the transaction are mentioned. It’s as inevitable as the tide.

  • So let’s go back a few years. If Brian Burke came to Sutter and said “Give me Dion Phaneuf and Keith Aulie for free. I give you nothing”

    Darryl might have laughed back then, but in hindsight, it would have been better for Sutter to do.

  • icedawg_42

    I say as soon as Bork goes on his trademark hot streak – say 15 – 20 games like last year, you MOVE him ASAFP. As far as Phaneufgate, yeah, I hate how it wont die, but it really stinks of Dutter purposely trying to sink this team. Even at the time, no one in their right mind would/should have made that deal.

  • xis10ce

    Ottawa is one of those teams that can loose to Columbus or Beat Pittsburg, this game has the potential to really go either way, here’s hoping Calgary can climb back to .500 numerically.

      • RexLibris

        Writers are often asked about their source of inspiration. I think spite is pretty rich vein to mine. πŸ˜‰

        I had a conversation with Kevin R yesterday about Bourque garnering a Penner-esque type return for the Flames. My argument against that possibility was that Penner had had back-to-back strong seasons on the worst team in the league (I can admit that) and had won a cup playing with Getzlaf and Perry. He also only had one year left on his contract. However, after reading some of your descriptions of Bourque he sounds more and more like a Penner-type player. When MacT ripped Penner saying that they thought the big contract was a starting point but Dustin obviously saw it as a finish line, I think I’m hearing the same sentiment for Bourque. I still don’t think he garners a 1st round pick and a prospect due to the length of contract, inconsistency, and the NTC, but who knows. Stranger things have happened. Maybe with Bourque’s history of success with Langkow there is a chance of a Bourque for Turris deal. I’m not sure if Turris would be an improvement or just a change of bad scenery, but what the heck.

        This might cheer you guys up: yeah, you grabbed the handles on your sandals with the Phaneuf trade, but if any Leaf fan starts mouthing off (sorry, that should actually say “when” not “if”) about it just look them in the eye and say “McCabe for a Sedin”. Or “Scott Niedermayer (Edm born, btw and cousin to OilersNation’s Jason Strudwick) for Tom Kurvers”. They may be too dense to cry, but deep down you’ll know they’re still hurting.

        • joey joe joe jr shabadoo

          I think the contract term alone will keep Bourque from being dealt for any return of significance. The flames may once again be in a position where they’ll have to send along yet another complimentary 2nd round pick just so some other team does them the favor of swallowing this wretched contract. Even then, they may have to wait untill Bourque only has a year or two left on the deal.

          this could be another contract the Flames will have to swallow. One/two years from now the Flames can give Stajan the Nik Hagman treatment, and then Bourque can get it another year or two down the road.

          man oh man, this team has a long ways to go.

          • RexLibris

            Nobody in the NHL right now is untradeable. Okay, nobody in the NHL right now not named Rick DiPietro is untradeble. Bourque might eventually be a good fit for a cap floor team, but I absolutely think that they’ll need a spoonful of draft pick sugar to make that medicine go down (oh man, low point for the Nations, I just referenced Mary Poppins…sorry all). I’m glad you brought up that a pick might be needed to make him tradeable, I was thinking that but didn’t want to seem like I was piling on.

            Yeah, the Flames have a long way to go, and I think that they are still a little bit away from rock bottom, which they may not even reach before climbing again. Good luck tonight against the sens!

          • RexLibris

            Was curious so I looked up our debate.
            2008-09 21G 19A 58 games
            2009-10 27G 31A 73 games
            2010-11 27G 23A 80 Games

            2008-09 17G 20A 78 games
            2009-10 32G 31A 82 games
            2010-11 21G 18A 62 games at time being traded

            Seems to me, both of these players are very similar in performance. The knock of Bourque being injury prone really doesnt hold any water as his last 2 years are pretty good. Forwards like Penner & Bourque just make GM’s mouths drool at the trade deadline because how often can you land a consistent 25-30 goal scorer at that time of year that when on their game can make a difference to having a long playoff run. How many sellers is there at the deadline with the parity we have? I will bet 9 times out of 10 a smart GM can extract the type of overpayment the Oilers got. I do agree, as much as Bourque has a much cheaper cap hit than Penner, Bourques contract length is definitely against us if we all feel he’s going to suck from here on or with a new team. He scores 25 goals, I would say 3.3mill isnt bad value. To treat Bourque like a salary dump is ludicrous & throwing a draft pick in just to trade him is rediculous. Whats next? Are we going to say Iggy will be a salary dump too? Heaven forbid JBO is & same with Kipper. No value what so ever. Hell Feaster doesnt have to light a match, it’s already been bulldozed already.

          • I agree with Kevin.

            Trouble is that I don’t see that Feaster is a “smart GM” in this regard. Need to be a great salesman in this job and to me he just isn’t. He is real and down to earth. THings that can be beneficial but not in this situation.

            He hasn’t shown much to me that wouldn’t make me cringe to know that he was negotiating with one of the big boy GMs with one of our top assets.

          • RexLibris

            I kind of thought that for me;-) Either that or you were having serial arguments on the same topic.

            I can see your point, and you are right in that Penner and Bourque both give GMs a serious case of the what-ifs. They are slightly different players in that I saw more speed out of Bourque tonight than I think I ever saw out of Penner, whereas Penner was the of the size that he could push all but the largest defencemen around in a drive to the net and was very effective in tight for a man his size.

            The reason I believe that Bourque, at this time, wouldn’t necessarily get the same return comes back to his contract status (term and NTC) and Feaster’s as-yet-unproven ability to win a trade, either in Calgary or in Tampa Bay. The NTC, in my view, seriously hampers Feaster’s ability to get top dollar. It was the bidding was for Penner and Lombardi’s own desperation that got Tambellini that return. If Feaster can turn Bourque into a good prospect or a couple of picks, good for the Flames. He just needs to find the right GM in a bad mood and get Bourque to think it’s a great idea. Who knows, if the Flames are bad enough maybe convincing him to waive his NTC will be easy. I just come back to Bryan Murray and the return he got for Dany Heatley because Heatley essentially picked where he wanted to go and all Doug Wilson had to do was send back some cap hit.

            I’ve never said that Bourque should be treated as a salary dump. The Flames aren’t, at least at this point, heading in that direction. Instead, I would view Bourque as a complimentary scorer that could be moved for assets useful in a rebuilding organization. I don’t believe those assets in return would be phenomenal, but you never know. If Feaster begins a rebuild then you need to send out anyone not nailed down for picks. In 2010 the Oilers had three second round picks, two came from trading Denis Grebeshkov and the unsigned Riley Nash. Moving Bourque to get two 2nd rounders in consecutive years would be a good minimal return, in my opinion. I’d probably also want a mid-level prospect back as well. It would free up cap space, open up a roster spot for either a UFA or a prospect, and put more bullets in the guns of your scouting staff. If Feaster could pull that trade off, I’d call it a success.

          • RexLibris

            Hey Rex! Siiigghh! You know, these GM’s in this league can be real potlickers. You gotta know Hagman is worth something. Problem is, & we all knew this going into this year. Too many stupid unproductive contracts. Its no secret to other GM’s that Flames have anywhere from 6.0 to 9.0 mill healthy scratched contracts sitting in the press box for most games. Every GM knows Calgary are chomping at the bit to get the change underway & try out some of the kids in the system. Feaster said he did everything he could to trade Hagman, no takers. Sarich same deal. Why would any GM give us anything for any of these type of players when they know full well Calgary will probably be waiving them. We have 4-5 players that will garner serious trade value today, Iggy, Gio, Backlund, Glencross. Feaster may as well unplug the phone until February. Then urgency levels will rise leading up to the trade deadline. So many teams are in the playoff hunt that there are way more buyers than sellers. Thats when even a guy like Feaster cant screw up too badly. This sucks. Man Chicago seems to have our number & then we go into Columbus. Can you see this train wreck coming.

  • Michael

    ‘Purgatory’ is a fitting idea for this club!

    The reality is, a huge chunk of the Flames cap space is being eaten by Iggy ($7m), Bouwmeester ($6.675m) and Kipper ($5.825m). Add in Tanquay ($3.5m), Gio ($4m) Stajan ($3.5m), Bourque ($3.325m), and Glencross ($2.5m), and we have $36.325 million commited to 8 players.

    If you resign Jokinen ($3m), Stempniak ($2.5m) and Hannan ($2m) and add a top 2/3 dman to replace Sarich($4m)thats $47.825 million for 12 players.

    Forget about the contracts coming off the books next year (most of them are small), if you don’t or can’t move one of the big contracts things are not looking much better next year.

    • Well you don’t resign Hannan, I’d say. Certainly not for any more than he was given this season. The big hope for some of us is that one or both of Bourque and Stajan can be moved; if that’s successful, the club opens up a lot. Stajan wouldn’t even be that bad at this point if it weren’t for the fact that he’s completely expendable with Backlund, Jokinen, and Horak above him on the depth chart (possibly Byron as well).

  • interesting to see that many have now began to veiw rainy borks performance as inadequate. last season around the x,as mark i posted my opinion on the anchor. said it then and i say it now terrible contract for a spotty third liner who feasted on the underling teams or pouched ala mats sundin when a games outcome was already determined.

  • OK, so Sutter was a complete failure as a GM, an Iginla is a terrible thing to waste, etc etc.
    Thank goodness he’s gone…………… about 4 years late in my opinion.
    Today’s issue is this, when did a player come to the Calgary Flames and actually get better as a result of the Flames player development system, Dion NO, Gio had to go to Russia, Moss hit the wall, Bourque, for a while.
    If you can’t draft, can’t trade, and can’t develop you become the Calgary Flames.
    I wish the new crop all the best.

    • Reidja

      Gio got much better once he came back from Russia, Dion was developed within the Flames system and plateaued for whatever reason, and Moss never had a ceiling above what he’s reached. The Flames certainly aren’t a development juggernaut, but they’re not as bad as people make them seem: they did develop Iginla, they’re not screwing up Backlund, they developed Lombardi, etc.

      There is a history of suppressing the opportunities of younger players in the organization, but there’s also a history of just not having very many outstanding young players to work with. The org hasn’t totally mishandled anyone I can think of in terms of development, aside from possibly Boyd (although I didn’t pay nearly as much attention to prospects and development when he was with the organization).

    • This is what seems to be sticking with me recently. We seem to be awful at all the things that make great teams. I don’t think it’s as easy as we all think to do it all right but it just seems out of sheer luck we should be batting a higher percentage with draft picks and prospects.


  • Reidja

    I just erased my “I told you so” rant on Iggy and Bourque… pheew that was close. I have a long, sad list of “I told you so’s”, but I think we all do.

    Just want to throw this out: Phaneuf, while he looks impressive currently, has yet to win a playoff game with the Leafs. If he spends his career there and never wins a series, the deal is a saw-off – bad salary for bad salary. Let’s wait to see what happens before we put this up (down) there with the worst trades in history (or Flames history, although they seem to be one and the same).

    To Kent’s point, I think we should talk about this deal all the time: “Hey, did you hear about the Phaneuf trade?”…”Wha? He was traded again?”…”Not again, the same trade. That (seemingly) terrible trade we made, remember that?”… “…”

    Point is, let’s never forget the bad moves made by our club. You know that truism about people being doomed to repeat mistakes…


    couldn’t help it…

  • Phaneuf trade = knee jerk reaction to a player getting out line as a teammate (I’ll leave it at that)

    What will forever piss me off is how a desperate Brian Burke who couldn’t fetch a bag of pucks for the guys on his roster was a suitable trade partner. Phaneuf could have been traded to the Thrashers and he would have been marketing sale for that org. Instead the Flames trade him to the one team who had no business even making an offer. That’s what hurts and that’s what will always hurt (especially if the Leafs win a Cup, with Phaneuf on their roster and as their captain, before the Flames do).

    For me the only thing worse that could have happened is John Weisbrod gets hired by the organization. Oh wait…

    • RexLibris

      That’s the first negative comment I’ve heard about Weisbrod. Actually, outside of the article announcing his coming to the Flames, that’s the first comment I’ve heard about him period. So why the pessimism on Weisbrod? I’m curious, I read his bio and there wasn’t much there to either recommend or villify him. Any other stories we haven’t heard?

      • Look at his time spent with the Orlando Magic and what he did as a basketball ops guy. His saving grace obviously is drafting Dwight Howard, but everything else was a disaster. Feaster drafted Stamkos too, you know. His handling of the Tracy McGrady situation was absolutely disasterous and he just wasn’t very good at this job. In the end, he quit to become a hockey scout. To sum it up he was given the keys to the Porsche, crashed it, and only then did he admit he couldn’t drive in the first place and essentially left the car on the side of the road. I understand basketball was not his sport, but I also think he got the gig with the Flames because he was down with Feaster from his time in TB. All this time since he left the Magic he has never left the confines of hockey scouting. It says a lot that a Harvard guy, who played hockey nonetheless, who at one time was a president and gm of a professional sports organization remained a scout for so long thereafter and eventually got a hockey ops job by getting hired by another guy who isn’t qualified. It really just stinks of cronisym…while they are competant to an extent…both Feaster and Weisbrod belong in the ECHL and not the NHL.

        • RexLibris

          Yeah, I agree with you. It smelt a little like cronyism, but this is the NHL. Everyone hires guys they now, so I wasn’t sure if it was really going to be that bad. His resume with the Magic wasn’t good, and when I read it I wondered about the organization working at odds against itself. On the one hand you have Feaster who says that you’ll pry his veteran playoff-bound team from his cold, dead hands. And on the other you’ve just employed someone with a history of dismantling under-performing “trouble” franchises.

          Feaster drafted Stamkos because Feaster put the Lightning in the position to draft Stamkos. His Richards trade was awful, his trade of Boyle was pathetic, and letting Khabibulin walk for nothing was short-sighted. I know, I’m an Oilers fan, but Lowe made some bad decisions with his contracts and trades, and Tambellini screwed up with his first decisions of coaching staff in Quinn and UFA signings in Khabibulin, but everyone knew the team was heading in that direction and was only swimming against the tide. The decisions after that have been fairly solid and while I don’t know if Tambellini will be around when the team starts winning, he’s at least been smart enough to recognize that he can’t out-think the problem.

          My point here is that I think Feaster might be the guy who puts the demolition cherry on top of Sutter’s work thus far. A conversation needs to happen soon about potential new GMs for the Flames at the middle to end of next season, and don’t everyone say: Jim Nill!

          • I don’t usually agree with Oilers fans, but you are right on there. I am actually scared that Weisbrod is going to step into the job the same way he did in Orlando and Feaster did in Calgary (and Tampa). Its like these guys make a living of being at the right place at the right time and schmoozing themselves into important positions. But in the end, it is ownership’s fault for not realizing they have the wrong people in charge and falling for the bs these guys feed them. It starts up with K Squared on down. And it makes sense that unqualified guys like Feaster and Weisbrod get hired. When Weisbrod was hired as the GM of the Magic, the organization was in a flux. They were trying to build a new arena and relocation was a huge possibility. So the basketball product was not a top priority, thus who was running basketball ops probably didn’t matter as much. Weisbrod essentially quit when the team and city started making traction towards the new arena. Ironically, Weisbrod’s pick of Howard helped pave the way to the team staying in Orlando…so in some round about way, Magic fans should be thankful he was there. But in the big picture he was a mirror image of Feaster as Tampa’s GM from the personnel moves to the way he finagled himself into a job. As you said re Stamkos, Weisbrod put the team in a place to draft Howard while having the league’s leading scorer on the roster. There’s a lot to be said in that regard, it wasn’t all his fault (McGrady should shoulder a lot of the blame as well), but he was a large part of the problem. I really hope the “time for a new GM/direction” talk happens sooner than later with Feaster…because it needs to. He should have never been hired in the first place, Daz still being in charge would be better honestly. I just hope they don’t once again take the easy way out and promote Weisbrod. Thats just perpetuating the problem. Everyone must go, period.

          • RexLibris

            If I throw in an OILERS ROCK once in awhile would it make you feel more comfortable? Maybe give you something to hate once in awhile? πŸ˜‰

            Being under 5’11” and born in Edmonton what I know of the NBA doesn’t amount to much, but over the last few years I have tried, for various reasons, to acquaint myself with a number of other sports. My brother-in-law is a big NBA fan (he’s 6’5″, think there’s a conncetion there?)and he’s helped educate me on some of this.

            What I’ve gathered about Weisbrod is that he was, similar to what you say, the wrong guy in the right place and the right time. I believe there was also a push in sports at the time to “think outside the box” and hire people who had no experience in sports. In essence looking for business minds to go along with the saying that sports is now a business. Had Weisbrod been in charge of that aspect, and left the on-court operations to a basketball mind it might have worked.

            Ideally most sports franchises ought to operate that way, having a business guy up top making sure the numbers all match up and that the operation never suffers for lack of funds and partnerships. After that the business guy OUGHT to be smart enough to know his blind spots and hire the smartest sports minds available to run the rest of it. But anyone familiar with businesses knows that never happens. To get to the level of being a team President, or President of any organization be it sport or otherwise, means having confidence in yourself, sometimes bordering on narcissism. They believe they know more than they do, they hire the wrong people based on their incorrect assumptions and the snowball starts. I think this could be, to some extent, the problem with Ken King. It was the case in Edmonton with Danny Maciocia. He believed he knew more than anyone else, failed to identify his own failings, and made poor decisions.

            It could all be fixed in Calgary with one, single, correc hiring of a new GM with complete autonomy from ownership and King. So, here is the potential outcomes for Calgary as I see it: the Flames manage to salvage a season finishing in 10th, Feaster gets the summer to revamp the roster using UFAs and then is fired the following summer when it becomes clear that he had only delayed the inevitable. OR the Flames crash this year, finish around 13th or 14th this year and Feaster is fired halfway through next season after Ken King realizes he needs a fresh corpse to throw to the disaffected hordes.

            So here is my new question: Do you, or anyone else reading this, as a Flames fan have the patience to go through a 2 to 4 year rebuild, seeing the team finish in the bottom five and attempt to trade every asset not nailed down? (That’s the shortest timeline a rebuild for this team could take, in my estimation)

  • RexLibris

    Rene’s Comments speak for itself of his mentality:

    β€œThat’s not my game β€” I’ve never been in the top 10 in scoring,” he said. β€œI do produce offensively, but not the 80 or 90 points to get in the top 10.”

    The Sports psychologist they hired I am sure is doing his job fine, but he is not getting to the root of the problem and empowering Rene to break on through to the other side.

    An unrelated example: When you are lacking integrity in your life there are ways to get it back. First go to the people in your life that you have been lacking with and tell them you would like to create a new possibility for your relationship. Those people in your life will sit back and think heck, this guy really cares. I thought he was ________. (we humans always attach morality to non-performance when the ability to succeed is obvious). We humans are usually wrong because we are all programmed to think inside the box that you are reading this from.

    Secondly, ask opinions on how you can adjust your approach to things and make a commitment to these people to show that you really want to take things to another level. In Rene’s case its with the fans and others. Its starting to look appear like an morality issue to some of us.

    Step three. Once your new possibility has created new results for you in your life, you have stretched your very own quantum barrier. Once the barrier is expanded, its time to create newer possibilities one after another until you have reached the point where you are now testing your outer limits. With Rene, saying “That’s not my game.” Puts him in the scenario where he is not being walked through the right steps to consider what his outer limits might be.

    Just like all of us human beings, He has become his own worst enemy in deciding for himself and everyone else what his ceiling is. This is a psych issue all of us face. We all have regrets in our life when we know we could have done better but just didn’t have to courage to step out of our comfort zone. Athletes are in the limelight and while they are just like you and me, they really tend to irritate us when they show their humanity. Humanity meaning living within our very own self limitation structure.

    There are ways to get around this, but the modern establishment and its mental coaching do not address the real issues of who we really are because they do not take into consideration the laws of quantum physics. Put it this way, when there is a piece of rotten cheese in your fridge, and it smells really bad. On the physical level, there is a void left in the space that you can physically put something there to replace the physical space that was left behind. On the quantum level, we all have stinky cheese left in our minds that we never get rid of. But when you use the simple techniques outlined in the above paragraphs for creating new possibilities, this effectively allows you to acknowledge the rotten things residing in your subconscious mind to be replaced with fresh fruit and beautiful aromas.

    Landmark Education is a start. But for larger organizations like Hockey clubs, they can’t all show up at a local seminar but they can get in touch with their corporate entity called the Vanto group http://www.vantogroup.com/ Large globe trotting organizations like apple computer reebok and lululemon have all subscribed to it. There’s also a trans-formative book on the website too for anyone finding this interesting.

    We are all like Rene Bourque, we all have our flaws, we all tell ourselves what we can and cannot achieve. It just hurts us when it’s one of our heroes that are limiting themselves for one reason or another. We have no clue as to why some athletes perform less than others, and in this case everyone has an opinion, but what I will say is that it is deeper than most of us can possibly imagine.

    Some athletes perform well after signing a contract, and some don’t. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are selfish and apathetic. The root of who that human being decided to be at a young age dictates your ability to succeed in different areas.

    Truthfully, if the Flames wanted to get deep into the root cause of their performance issues, they can invest in the right methods to help their corporate citizens or do what the populace prefers in replacing them.

    Either way there is a decision to make. The one they are leaning towards appears to be option #2 because the tools to make breakthroughs for these athletes are not being made available to them.

    I must say I fundamentally disagree with Rene Bourque. I have season tickets and two years ago I used to get he and the high flying Iginla mixed up. I’ve been playing and watching hockey since I was 5. So I never really had an issue with determining who’s who out there.

    To counter his comments of only being a 50 point guy, all he needs to go from his career high to a elite 80 points is 0.268 points per game. I think he has all of the tools and more the achieve it. Quite honestly, working hard enough to being the first option in the PP could easily garner him just that.

    From the Quantum view of the world, I’m Marcus Parkus.

    • Reidja

      Profound dude. A great description of self actualization that would benefit anyone to follow through. One can only hope the Flames manage this type of reformation structured and advised as you described, or randomly and out of necessity like so many others.

      I also love your avatar πŸ˜‰ keep the forest a forest.

      • RexLibris

        Cheers Reidja,

        Ask me about fishing and I’ve got nothing.
        Ask me about how to get your p’s and q’s in order with girls and I still have nothing. Well I know what they want and its called perpetual change. So if you’re not up for that I envy you.

        For the better, seek out Landmark education and read my big T.O.E (theory of everything). Of course there’s more blasphemy that I speak of if you follow the trail I have left here. From there, all one would need is to follow the white rabbit. πŸ™‚

  • RexLibris

    We had the same deal with trying to move Souray, except he had already made his bed with his comments and injuries. His cap hit was a bit too high even at half price, but then the other GMs aren’t there to be your friend. Just as Brian Burke.

    Who knows with Chicago, honestly. They have slept through games in the past, and if the Flames could muster the effort against them that they did tonight it might not be all bad. If you had them after us you might be better off because we’re likely to be rested and our game plan hinges around speed. As it is they get a nice rest right before playing you, I think.

    There might be a glut of buyers this year. We’ll see. I hope the picture clears up by January. If not there are going to be a lot of mistakes made by miscalculating GMs.

    Now the Columbus game is another matter. That should be circled on everyone’s calendar because if the Flames play flat against them then you should start hoping they don’t turn it on later in the season and pray for a rebuild. If Calgary can’t beat Mason and the Blue Jackets then it’s probably best just to give up right there. All I can say is that your team isn’t completely in the crapper. I don’t think they’ve been blown out yet this year. And when I say blown out I don’t mean losing 5-0. I mean the home crowd starts cheering for the opposite team, the opposition players start scrambling to get on the ice so they can get another point, the scorecard starts reaching double-digits, kind of blown out. Those hurt.

    • RexLibris

      Yeah, I think you just described our future. Probably best thing to happen is what happened to you guys, Kipper pulls a groin badly, Gio gets a shoulder injury (but not serious like Hemsky:)) & we just lose. Thats my fear, Columbus has Carter back & those guys are going to unload on someone. They outshot Minni tonight something like 44 to 25. This train is getting very precariously close to derailing & the blow outs will come.
      You know, the one thing is if we go KABOOOM, is the timing isnt bad, I cant remember the last time the Flames had 2 kids in the top 10 scoring in the WHL. That Ferland kid is 4th & Baerschti has like 30 points in 12 games. If he didnt get that hip injury, he’d be in the top 5. You gotta admit, that’s gotts a shake a head or 2.

      • RexLibris

        The best time to rebuild is when nobody else is doing it. If the Flames wait much longer then the Canadiens, Stars, and Wild might be doing the same thing at the same time. Ideally you want to be the only team looking for draft picks and selling players. That was our position in 2010, sadly the Sens had their collapse and became competition last year. We shall see.

        I’m still pulling for you guys to get something going.