Game 19 – Flames vs. Blue Jackets Live Chat

Flames beat one the best in biz convincingly last game and tonight they meet the bottom of the barrel. While the BJ’s record isn’t truly indicative of their talent level, Columbus remains one of the West’s lesser lights. Carter, Nash, Vermetter and Umberger and worth watching to one degree or another, but the depth falls off quickly from there.

Rookie Ryan Joahansen might be worth a damn some day, but his okay 8 points and +2 in 15 games so far is mostly the bounces – he sports a personal SH% of 18%+ and he’s one of the only BJ’s with a PDO north of 101. His possession rate is also superficially decent (+9.75/60) but it’s mostly due to a zone start of 59.6%. Still might be worth a look.