Postgame: Sigh

A listless start and an uninspired finish bookended a 4-1 Calgary loss on Monday night, as the Flames fell in their first meeting this season with the NHL worst Columbus Blue Jackets.  Calgary allowed the Jackets to get off to a quick start but aside from a decent push in the middle stages of the game, they weren’t able to mount much of a comeback, especially in the third period.  It’s an unfortunate way for Calgary to open an important four game road trip.

What Happened

It took just 3:01 for Columbus to open the scoring, as Jeff Carter ripped a shot from the high left wing through the legs of Chris Butler for his second of the season.  It beat starting goaltender Henrik Karlsson up high, and while it is one you don’t necessarily want to see go in, it was also a heck of a shot from the Jackets sniper.  A few minutes later, a strong shift by the Columbus forward line finished with a goal, as Antoine Vermette showed some nice skill at the side of the net to put the puck between his legs on a scramble and find a way to slip it past Karlsson at 6:45.  A strong start for the Jackets was reeled in by the Flames as the period came to an end, as scoring chances finished 4-4 after one.

The second period saw Calgary get into some penalty trouble early on, with T.J. Brodie and Alex Tanguay taking minors 51 seconds apart.  On the 5-on-3 advantage, Carter was finally able to roof the puck after Karlsson had made a number of saves; his third gave Columbus a 3-0 lead at 5:28 of the second period.  A Marc Methot holding penalty at 7:58 gave Calgary their first powerplay of the night, and they’d make good use of it.  As the advantage entered it’s second minute, Mark Giordano was given a wide open look on the right point and was able to walk in and rifle it past Curtis Sanford for his third of the season.  The Flames put a decent push in the final ten minutes of the middle frame, but trailed by two after 40 minutes.

Then came the disappointing finish to the night, with Calgary unable to do much of anything in the third period.  Give the Blue Jackets credit, as they really made life difficult on the visitors, but this needed to be an urgent 20 minutes from the Flames, and it wasn’t.  Apart from a few odd shifts, Columbus spent far too much time in the offensive zone and far too much time with the puck; Rick Nash scored his fifth of the season into an empty net at 18:28 to get us to our final score.

One Good Reason…

…why the Flames lost?  Well, it’s two rolled into an ugly little ball: bad start, bad finish.  Calgary’s filling in the Oreo was just fine, but instead of delicious chocolate wafers they were replaced by gross dollar coins that had lingered in someone’s pocket for too long.  The book ends on this Calgary effort leave a sour, tinny taste in your mouth and are the only things you’ll remember about this game tonight.  The Flames weren’t ready to go and lost the first ten minutes of this one, allowing two goals in the process.  Needing a push in the third, the Flames didn’t do enough and ended up falling for the tenth time this season.

Red Warrior

I’ll go T.J. Brodie.  He saw a lot of ice time, finishing with 18:23 overall and was really the only guy involved in any chances of note in the third period.  He was confident in his own end, but for the first time this season, we really saw him involved in the attack offensively.  Brodie was active in joining the rush and did a good job of generating scoring opportunities when the team was trailing.

Sum It Up

Overall, a poor effort for the team.  We were hoping to see a strong start to the road trip, but on this night, they didn’t seem prepared to play and it ended up hurting them in the end.  Calgary is a better team than Columbus, so there really isn’t any excuse for this one.  Once again, the Flames are two games below .500, a mark they’ve yet to be above this season as they continue their trip Wednesday in Detroit.

  • I’m going to state that Iginla is one of my favorite Flames of all time. When he leaves the game, #12 should be retired in the Saddledome immediately.

    But at 34 (going on 35), he’s not a talent you can build around anymore. And the sooner the organization realizes this, the better off they will be.

    • jeremywilhelm

      Amen. I feel bad for the guy. You should be able to age gracefully as your younger counterparts on the team start to take more and more of the load off your shoulders, instead, more and more load is being placed on his shoulders.

      • otto

        Nailed it buddy. Iggy can be a big piece for the right team. The potential to carry the weight is 2 years away & we can only hope ownership, management & Iggy realize there is no magic that is going to change the fate & direction of this team this year & next. Iggy can still be an elite player in the right role, lets hope Feaster can get an elite return. Fitting his 7.0Mill cap will require taking salary back +++. Iggy will only waive for a contender. Feaster should be making calls to Buffalo, Philly, Wash, LA, Vanc, Bost, Pitt & start to get a feel for what a potential return can be. It’s the first step to recovery.

    • jeremywilhelm

      I was 10 years old when the Flames came to Calgary. I’m a fan and will be until one of us leaves this earth.

      Having said that, I am objective enough to see that Iginla’s time here is done. As hard as it would be for many Flames fans to swallow, it would be for the best for both parties. It can be spun as a fresh start for both, and I would have no problem seeing 12 go on to somewhere and win a cup (a la Ray Bourque), on d in the process give this team an injection of some youth and enthusiasm…something that is sorely missing right now.

      I can’t hang this on the coach. They have changed coaches several times over the last 7 years. The one constant has been the ‘leadership’. It’s been said that Jerome is not a “Rah-Rah” guy in the dressing room and that he leads by example on the ice…clearly the rest of the team is following his example on the ice. I think it’s time that we had a “Rah-Rah” guy in the room, someone to make them accountable when they put forth a lackluster effort like last night. I think that was D.Sutter back in ’04, but that was a different time and a different game.

      Enough is enough. I’m on board for a rebuild. I’d much rather watch a team of youngsters playing their bags off every night and losing than watch this team lollygag their way through games night after night and not seem to give a damn.

  • mayhemsince1977

    My one year old son screams and runs in circles in excitement, then cries until I put his jersey on whenever he sees the flaming C on TV.

    Ignorance is bliss.

  • RKD

    Terrible and pathetic effort by the Flames. You beat the best team in the league then lose to the worst team. I had a very bad feeling going into this game.

    Poor Karlsson, can’t catch a break. This season has disaster written all over it.

    While I’m not a proponent of firings, it has worked out well in Montreal. Since they fired Perry Pearn, the Habs have gone 8-4-1.

    Maybe firing Hartsburg will wake this team up.

    Watch them go in to Detroit and win, maybe Iggy will pot 2 goals there.

    Wait until Huselius comes back, that might wake up Nash and the others.

    • While I’m not a proponent of firings, it has worked out well in Montreal. Since they fired Perry Pearn, the Habs have gone 8-4-1.

      That was a complete coincidence.

      The Flames have gone through 4 coaches since the lock-out. As underwhelmed by Sutter as I am, I can’t imagine he’s the primary problem.

  • RKD

    No, I don’t think Sutter is the problem either.
    It’s just easier to find a scapegoat then to go via a trade route.

    Maybe the firing of Pearn woke up the players.

    I don’t ever see Iggy requesting a trade, he’s far to humble and wants to win a Cup as a Flame.

    • On Pearn – all of Montreal’s numbers were very good outside of the percentages. They were bound to bounce back and soon. I can only imagine the Canandiens were looking for a reason to fire Pearn for some reason mostly unrelated to the club’s on-ice performance.

  • Super_Gio

    For the love of God and all that is holy, you freaking play Tanguay on the point on the pp every time and I just dont see the success translating. Yes he got his 700th point on the pp but still. And why would Sutter double shift Iggy when he’s not doing anything??? I digress.

    In other news the Abbotsford Heat are 1st in their confernce….Micheal Furland is playing extremely well in Brandon….Sven Bartschi has 33pts in 15 games…Max Reinhart is leading his team. Yay optimism.


    I have been guilty, in the past, for hero worshiping Iggy and have defended him tooth and nail when people doubted him, but IMHO, Iginla is trying to play his way off the team. No passion, no desire and no leadership shown thus far from our captain is disappointing to say the least and I can no longer defend his play. Needless to say things have gotten very, very stale for Iggy and the Flames…

  • RexLibris

    Hey Kent,
    I’m curious as to what you foresee the management (I’m putting King and Feaster in on this together) doing this December. With the WJC coming up, I’m assuming that the Flames are going to want to create some positive media about their team, and it seems that the on-ice performance is forcing the issue. I don’t see a coaching change happening (then again, this is the Flames), but a trade at this point might only consist of moving spare parts.

    Without going into what you would do or recommend they do, I’m just wondering what your guess is about their next course of action. At some point the talk of working hard and playing the system falls flat and a change has to be made.

    As a side note: it appears that Alberta’s teams are in sync, we both beat, soundly, the Hawks and then lose by the same score on the same night.

    • I think the teams’ hands are mostly tied at the moment. Not a lot of clubs are going to want the Flames flotsam nor do you usually see a big ticket player traded this early in the season for financial reasons.

      It could be something minor like trading for Bergfors or Turris (not them specifically, just topical examples). If any real change happens, it will be around the deadline I think.

      As for the WJC, I’m not sure the org will feel pressure to have positive press for the team at the time. In fact, the tournament will likely be more of a distraction from the Flames tribulations.

      • RexLibris

        I agree about there not being many ways out of their situation and I think Feaster sees it the same way, that the offseason will bring about the change that he would dearly love to effect himself. It’s that inability to move and the appearance of reluctance that I think is driving fans crazy right now. Tambellini had the same issues in his first year. The team was gawd-awful but what could he do? Trade Robert Nilsson? Wasn’t going to happen. The off-season helped, and he moved people when and where he could (Denis Grebeshkov) but there just aren’t any takers.

        Minor trades are exactly what I was anticipating. The Flames have made moves in January before, similar to what Burke does in avoiding the deadline madness, so that is when I imagine any changes will occur.

        About the WJC I thought perhaps the showcase of youth and excitement might have hockey fans in the city wanting more of that on their team. I agree though that it might prove a useful distraction.

        Thanks for your 2 cents.

  • xis10ce

    I see everyone talking about trading Iggy to a cup contention team but I think that’s no easy thing to do in itself. Almost any team that is a real cup contender is at or nearly at the cap ceiling, meaning to pick up Iggy they would have to dump salary, so expect what’s probably going to be some bad contracts in return (think Ville Leino or Keith Ballard).

    How much on top of the salary dump to get him can we expect? Who knows, teams tend to get desperate around late Feb depending on injuries so I guess it’s a wait and see game.

    • Michael

      Most scout’s in the business sees Iggy the same way as the Calgary fans. An elite player entering the twlight of his career. His current trade value is less than his trade value last season, which in turn is less than the year before, and so on.

      To maximize whats left of his value, the Flames need to trade Iggy at the deadline this year.
      Hopefully get a small bidding war going, and get a real prospect in return. If you wait much longer, the only return you will get is that of a rental player.

      Turris is to much the unknown, you might risk a Bourque for Turris, but not an Iggy.

      • Michael

        Dont totally agree. Last year wasnt that long ago & he scored 43 goals. 34 years old isnt exactly twilight years for an athlete that trains & keep himself in top condition. Selanne & Lidstrom & Roloson at 40 something is twilight. Trade Iggy at the deadline & we have undoubtably will have to take salary back with the pick(2) & Prospect(s) to make a deal work. We will probably get out best return in that scenario. We wait until summer & we wont need to take the salary back but the return may be a little disappointing to some. The way Semin is playing, taking him back could get us the Colorado 1st pick & Alzner from Washington but we may have to give a dman to replace Alzner like Butler.

        Did Turris get 2.8M per year or 1.4 per for 2 years?

    • mayhemsince1977

      Have you seen the way most of the Flames play in the offensive zone? It’s the worst dump-and-chase ever. Throw it into the corner, lose it half the time; if possession is gained, throw it directly into the slot without making any space, lose possession; repeat. There are three possibilities: 1) almost the entire team has been infected with a severe case of the dumb 2) Sutter’s system is awful 3) Sutter’s system is mediocre and being executed in the poorest of ways.

      Either way, Iginla is far from the only issue. He’s the most noticeable one, but that’s about it.

  • RexLibris

    Hey Steinberg why do you continually make excuses for Feaster? Have you followed what he’s been saying to fans and media(You did interview him this summer no?) all summer? How long was he the AGM before the A was removed? Long enough in my opinion. Is this a playoff contending team? It shouldn’t take that long to realize what you have and what needs to be done and if it does then there’s you’re problem.

    And on another note not directed at Pat, believe it or not I think a lot of the guys actually liked Darryl, note what Gio said” He’s a man of his word, he gave me my chance…” He was able to bring in Olli who at the time was a #1c for phoenix. That’s not all Sutter’s fault it never worked some of that has to fall on the players and maybe even King(Not knowing how much influence he’s had on some moves.) Jaybo was the most sought after free agent that year for good reason, how was Sutter supposed to know that would all change upon his arrival in Calgary? I make no excuses for the Phaneuf trade because I was shocked when I heard it but his reasoning must have been to add forward depth but both Hagman and Stajan fell off a cliff. Pressure maybe from King, fans etc. I’m sure Darryl was feeling the heat.

    As we all know pressure makes us do strange things. Irving, nemo, rheinhart, erixon, kipper, gio, glenx, cammaleri, langkow, bourque, brodie, arnorld, huselius, bertuzzi, holland, Ferland, jaybo, connie, moss, ference, phaneuf, jackman, Olli etc. all these players have a connection to Sutter. Obviously u have to take the good with the bad and there was bad as well, I know it or else we wouldn’t be where we are.

    But to hang it all on Sutter is wrong.

    And surprise, surprise more problems in the room, who’s to blame now? As for Feaster, I won’t get into it, much, we all know what he’s done, or what he hasn’t done, what he’s said and the effect its had on where the team stands currently. Its his choice to continually to keep guys like Stajan, Sarich etc on this team because it is his team now, re-sign guys like Babchuk, Bmo, Tanguay etc and not bring in any new blood aside from Hannan which was a positive imo, and AHL players. Not to mention Hagman who actually looked engaged to start the year and showed good chemistry with Sven and Backs in preseason and also had decent #’s to start the year.

    To date Feaster’s had a trade deadline and a free agent period and this team is still quite similar to the beginning of the age of Feaster as AGM, minus regher, langkow a second and a fifth. I like the youth injection but is it really a solution? I guess to a degree… what are you gonna do when you have no other options, which is also disheartening. Why is it so hard for Feaster to make a move? I’m sure we all heard when ownership said they’d be willing to eat salary, then do it. Stajan and his 3.5 mill could be in the minors, add in possibly Sarich at 3 and Kotalik 3 you might still have Reggie on your team maybe even Langkow while still adding veteran experience to your minor league system and cap space to bring in FA IF U CAN DRAW THEM IN. This is of course if those players are “untradeable”(aside from Ales). I’d take a Reggie/Brodie combo or Reggie and whoever over Butler and byron and still have a second in my pocket. I’d also take Langkow over Bmo. By the way why did management rush Bmo if he wasn’t ready why not call up the kids in the system? Bmo was set back injury wise, Iggy experienced a set back and Carson experienced a set back, why? And that’s not even knowing if Backs is fully healthy(his counting stats aren’t very impressive and he arguably looked much better in preseason although it is preseason but still)And also why are Feaster and Weisbrod giving Sutter advice on the pp?

    PS has anyone noticed Gio’s physical presence has diminished or is that just me? I know not everyone’s not going to agree with me and that’s fine this just my perspective on things and obviously its must easier to have an outside perspective. But there’s a reason certain people are paid and paid well at certain positions and they should be held accountable. I’m just a fan happy to vent. Apologies for the length, obviously had a lot on my mind. On a final note I love Iggy when he’s on but hate him to death when he’s not, and one constant problem that’s always been there is trying to find him a #1c, maybe iggys the problem? Hate to say it and hope its not the case.


    All I’ll say is Darryl Sutter was fired for good reason. He should have been fired earlier than he was, in fact. He grew arrogant and suffered from severe tunnel vision by the end. He managed the Flames assets terribly in his final few years.

  • RexLibris

    I wonder if the Turris negotiations went something like this:

    Turris: I want $4 million a year and a trade out of here. I’m a franchise centre and I deserve better!

    Maloney: Tell you what, how about I send our lawyers out for a minute, then I kick you in the head a few times?

    Turris: $1.4 million sounds really good. Have I mentioned how proud I am to be a Coyote?

  • RexLibris

    Okay, I’ve looked at some possibilities for moving Iginla and here are a few that I came up with. I have based these on Iginla being moved to a contender, his willingness to waive his NTC, that team’s ability to absorb his salary and the price required in roster players and prospects to acquire him, as well as a more general “fit”. I haven’t included Washington, Philadelphia, or Vancouver. Washington I have discussed with Kevin R, Philadelphia I don’t believe has the room or personnel to ship out to stay under the cap, and I believe that Feaster would be roasted alive on a spit were he to trade Iginla to the Canucks. I also left out Toronto, but I imagine you all know why I won’t even go there.

    So, here are the teams and the returns that I see as plausible for Iginla should he be traded at the deadline this year or at the latest at the draft. The returns are broken down into three categories: roster players (usually in order to balance the books, make space on the roster, or give an immediate return for the Flames fans), prospects (often the second-best prospect in most team’s systems as GMs rarely move top-rated ones – sorry, no Brayden Schenn), and picks. For the sake of brevity I basically threw in a 1st round pick in each deal. At this point Colorado is the only team that no longer retains it’s own 1st round pick. I also toyed with the idea of including either Chris Breen or a 3rd or 4th round pick in addition to Iginla as a “sweetener”. Feel free to disregard it if you choose or debate it. Whatever. Here goes: Iginla + Chris Breen or pick.

    To Boston for Chris Kelly (roster/cap), Gregory Campbell (roster/cap), Alex Khoklachev (prospect), Zach Hamill (prospect), Boston’s 1st round pick in 2012.

    To San Jose for Ryan Clowe (roster/cap), Torrey Mitchell (roster/cap), Tommy Wingels (prospect), Benn Ferreiro (prospect), Taylor Doherty (prospect), and San Jose’s 1st round pick in 2012.

    To Chicago for Michael Frolik (roster/cap), Mark McNeill (prospect), Phillipe Paradis (prospect), and Chicago’s 1st round pick in 2012.

    To Detroit for Jiri Hudler (roster/cap), Tomas Jurco (prospect), Landon Ferraro (prospect), and Detroit’s 1st round pick in 2012.

    To Pittsburgh for Chris Kunitz (roster/cap), Tyler Kennedy (roster/cap), Joe Morrow (prospect), Dustin Jeffrey (prospect), and Pittsburgh’s 1st round pick in 2012.

    To Buffalo for Jochen Hecht (all cap space), Brad Boyes (roster/cap), Luke Adam (prospect), Justin Jokinen (prospect) and Buffalo’s 1st round pick in 2012.

    and this one would just be serendipitous…to Dallas for Michael Ryder (roster/cap), Jaime Oleksiak (prospect), Alex Chiasson (prospect) or Scott Glennie (prospect) and Dallas’ 1st round pick in 2012.

    You can check any of the prospects talent analyses here but for the most part I have tried to give an outcome in Calgary’s favour.

    Iginla is having a slow year thus far, he is on the wrong side of 30, and he is a high cap-hit. He is also a proven scorer, a large body that has been injury-free for most of his career, and has one year remaining on his contract and thus isn’t strictly a rental. If he is on the trading block this year at the deadline his price might even increase, depending on the number of teams that are near or in the playoff cut-line. If his stock does go up it is likely to increase the price in all scoring wingers the way Kovalchuk’s did for Alex Ponikarovsky.

    Flames fans may not like what they see as the return and I have often heard it said that the Flames need to turn Iginla into another superstar they way they turned Nieuwendyk into Iginla, but that is highly unlikely and did not play a role in my trade estimations. Anyway, tell me what you think. If any of these are realistic, ideal, insane,…or should Iginla be kept and enjoy the privilege of spending his entire career with one team?

  • FrankTheTank

    anyone have bork on twitter, all the guy talks about is Chicago…if he likes it so much lets make a deal. This teams problem isnt coaching, you can see it every game. Clean house by the dead line if possible

  • everton fc

    @ Flames Fan;

    I think you are right. A lot of these guys liked Darryl. I agree. Morrison made a positive comment about him, as well. And I heard Gio’s comments. And I think Reggie was a huge fan, as well.

    Now my randon rant…

    Was it Darryl’s time? Perhaps… But I am of the opinion a savvy GM would have got more for Reggie, could have perhaps parlayed some of these other demoralizing anchors to teams with other demoralizing anchors… And maybe come out ahead.

    I just have no confidence in Feaster. Obviously. Why anyone does? Wishful thinking, perhaps…

    Everyone wants King axed. He gave us Feaster.

    Could he have perhaps poached someone like Fenton? Hextall?? McNabb out of Anaheim??? Botteril in Pittsburgh, someone who also has experiene managing the cap???? We’ll never know…

    I still don’t like the trade Iggy scenario. I “get” all the reasons… But if he were on a second line here, to end his career… With Tanguay and Backlund… Could that work? I wonder…

    Not working thus far, this year, of course…

    Back to Feaster; we should have never re-signed Babchuk. Nor Morrison. We should have never traded Reggie for the return received. Never. His trade-deadline move – picking up the gibbled Modin, who everyone in the league knew was done. The offer presented to Richards – in my opinion, absolute madness. It doesn’t even fit the supposed plan of “More Speed, More Youth.” Richards could be one concussion away from done. And we were offering what we were offering.


    We need a new President. New GM. Both younger, progressive. We need better scouting. And I think Brent needs to go. Lowry. All of them. That’s how I see it. I’d retain players like Glencross, Stempniak, Backlund, Horak… Gio… Hannan as a 5-6 man. I guess Butler. Give Brodie a shot. I’d try one more season w/Iggy and Tanguay as a 2nd line. I’d try to re-sign Moss, but he’s hurt a lot, isn’t he? Like Bourque.

    I’d keep Jokinen. I’d keep him with Glencross and Stempniak. 3rd line. I’d still like to see us field a young first line.

    I’d try to move Kipper while he’s on. Let Karlsson and Irving duke it out the remainder of the season. See if either one can do what Kipper did years ago. Remember – Kipper couldn’t even crack the #2 spot in San Jose. (Kudos to Darryl for that find) I’d do my best to dump JBo. To me, he lacks leadership. More than Iggy. (I think Iggy stays)

    Clearly, I am off the camp that says, “Blow it up”. But I think you start the demo at the top. As in business, the Executive needs to be held accountable. I know the players do, as well.

    I’d love to see guys like Clowe and Lucic here. That type of player. Chicago has taken the likes of Carcillo, and found a role for him that helps the team. Perhaps Brent isn’t the right bench-boss to manage the roster he has to optimum efficiency? I think Dave Tippet could take our current roster to the playoffs…

    Holmgren has dumped young assets in Richards and Carter – incredibly risky moves – and the team carries on. Holmgren played the game the way Clowe and Lucic do, by the way. He was a player. Now a GM.

    Feaster was not a player. Food for thought…

    I’m fed up. I am still not happy at the Regehr trade. Because I don’t trust the GM. We got burned on that one.

    Rant over. Back to work.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    @everton fc

    While I still believe that there is a problem a the ‘core’ of this team, I definitely see where you are coming from. I think if I hear Sutter say “We just have to stay the course”, or “We need to keep working the system” one more time, I’ll be re-enacting a scene from Falling Down.

    Is ‘the system’ really so difficult that these players can’t get it after 2+ seasons? If it is, then maybe there is a problem with Sutter and his ‘system’. I do think that players with the right attitude (probably younger guys) would more easily buy in.

    After a day to digest this mess, I’ll stand my earlier position of moving 12. I know it’s no easy task, and maybe Feaster is not up for it, but it needs to be explored. Moving 12 is the first step. I know he is still competitive, and he is in great shape so there has to be value there. I’m also 100% confident that he would flourish in a new (positive) environment, and could still provide 3-4 years of good solid play, especially in the East. He’d get a legit shot at a cup and the Flames would be on their way to a rebuild…it’s the classic ‘win-win’.

    Moving 34 would probably net a similar return. You would have to take back a big contract (ideally expiring) to make either deal work. Figure out a way to move #4 to clear cap space and you are on your way.

    Moving those 3 players (and other bit parts to make the #’s work) and you’d pretty much have the bulk of your re-build in place by way of prospects/draft picks and cap space in as little as a season or two.

    I’m not foolish enough to think that it’s an easy task, and maybe the more realistic path is to just wait for the current crop of bad contracts to expire, but I think some of the above scenario is do-able, and it needs to start sooner rather than later as I think the fans are getting restless.

  • T.C.

    I admit to envy!

    But first: RKD, if Iggy wants to wait until he wins The Cup with the Flames, at this pace, he will have to play hockey for the next three decades – and at a higher tempo than he does now…

    As to envy, I envy these Oilers…. the laughing stock of the NHL the last few years!

    I watch their games, and I watch their faces in the close-ups of the cameras: Genuine laughter and joy when they are winning, even in the face of THEIR 35 year-old, Smyth! Genuine anger (at themselves or the world in general) when they are down or they do not get things done!

    Kids wearing their hearts and emotions on their sleeves, skating miles upon miles at neck-breaking speeds, celebrating uncontrollably a success and sculling at the corner at failure…

    They play the game with PASSION! It IS a game of PASSION after all! Passion is an element of youth and eagerness, collective passion results from true team spirit and manifests itself in common purpose through individual maximum input!

    People who make many millions a year to simply show up because at some distant past point HAD passion for the game, simply can not compete with that. At $5, $6, $7 million a year, one does not see one’s self as a passionate player, one sees himself as an industry to protect its earnings as long as possible!

    These young Oilers, have not caught up to that yet! That is why they PLAY, win lose or draw… And they are so much fun to watch, I forget I live in Calgary!

    Perhaps because when it comes down to hockey, the last time I saw real passion was from the boys in the 80’s who were also wearing their hearts on their sleeves… and incidentally all pushed for a, then aging, guy with a big handle-bar mustache and passion in his heart!

    Darn it, where is the pride in this bunch of collective have-beens we are being served as a hockey club which represents Calgary the last few years? CALGARY!!! One of the most dynamic Cities on the planet deserves a LOT better than what we get in sports these days…

    As for executives and management of the Flames, no offense, but: Calgary has a corporate culture of Success in every front! Except hockey!

    Gentlemen, please go do something else with your time. You have failed, collectively and individually! Nothing wrong with that, success is never guaranteed. But failure is followed by resignations and dismissals so others can try for better… It is the simple way of the corporate world, especially in Calgary!

    Nothing Personal. Just business!

    Please, Go! I’d rather see effort – so at least I can hope, than the sad show you put on through your “efforts”!

    You have been measured! Repeatedly! And you have been found wanting…