Flames Claim Blake Comeau


Word is coming down on twitter that the Flames have claimed Islanders forward Blake Comeau. The 25 year old forward is coming off of a 24-goal, 46-point career season for the Islanders.

Some likely wonder why he was available on waivers then. Unfortunately for Comeau, he has been one of the unluckiest players in the league so far – his on-ice SH% at at even strength is a single, round number – 0. That’s incredibly unlikely and probably the reason he fell out of favor on the Island. If the team never scores when a guy is on the ice, the perception of the player is going to south.

So this is definitely a buy-low proposition for the Flames. Comeau is a 2.5 million ticket (although he’s down to about $1.875M since we’re a quarter of the way through the season) and he’s a pending RFA so no real risk there. The Flames will likely have to demote one of their kids to make room (or Stajan. Or PL3…etc) but that’s a minor issue.

For the stats-heads, Comeau’s underlying numbers this year are underwhelming. He’s middling at best in terms of possession, hasn’t faced the heavies and starts about 50% of the time in the offensive zone. On the other hand, he had better numbers last year in tougher circumstances, so a deeper inquiry is required to really get a handle on what kind of player he is.

Overall, I don’t mind the move. Comeau is young and may improve. He’s not terribly expensive and can be jettisoned in the summer if he doesn’t work out. This isn’t a move that will change the Flames fortunes or anything, but it’s one with little associated risk a moderate upside. It never hurts an org to make these sorts of bets.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Everyone says, low risk. Why not keep Byron and say no to a wash up? Byron was starting to grow on me, playing well beyone what i thought he would. Just shows you that if you are a “vet” you’ll play and rookies will sit. Dumb move, save the money for later in the season when you could take on an expiring contract to get rid of one of your bad contracts.

    • How is it desperate? Feaster stated his next move is to create a roster spot for Byron to come back. They didn’t want to demote him, he was just the easiest guy to do so with. I’m guessing he’s back within a week.

    • Captain Ron

      I completely disagree with you. There is no way a team ahead of us in the standings would not have claimed him if we didn’t. I see nothing desparate here. A new start in familier surroundings should do nothing but inspire the young man. I bet he’s incredibly excited about this opportunity.

      On the Byron front I do agree that he has been good enough to stay on the big team. If you don’t know by now his demotion was based on numbers and circumstance. He’ll be back soon enough. Good on J Feaster to come out within hours and explain his roster move to the fanbase. The prior regime would have kept us guessing and let us figure it out for ourselves. With D Sutter everything “was that simple”.

  • Gange

    It’s not desperate.

    It’s an effort to make the team respectable until the end of the season at which point many paths are open to them.

    Hey, maybe he scores 15 goals. Then it’s a big win!

  • Captain Ron

    I believe that with 0 pts this season Comeau will fit in quite nicely with flames. And all that for 2.5mil? Good job management…..RNH 24 pts, Taylor Hall 18 pts……So Feaster not rebuild yet?

    • Captain Ron

      Those guys wouldn’t have all those points on our team. Our style of play would see to that. I think Nystrom has as many goals as Jarome now, in fewer games too.

  • Captain Ron

    I am more in Domebeer’s camp than Kent’s on this, despite the fact that I pretty much agree with all of Kent’s points.

    It is not that I don’t like the acqisition of Comeau, but it is the failure to move any of the dead weight in exchange. If the NYI were willing to get rid of Comeau for nothing – that means that Stajan, Babchuk, Sarich, Kostopolous are worth less than nothing or Feaster lacked the imagination to offer such a trade.