Flames Claim Blake Comeau


Word is coming down on twitter that the Flames have claimed Islanders forward Blake Comeau. The 25 year old forward is coming off of a 24-goal, 46-point career season for the Islanders.

Some likely wonder why he was available on waivers then. Unfortunately for Comeau, he has been one of the unluckiest players in the league so far – his on-ice SH% at at even strength is a single, round number – 0. That’s incredibly unlikely and probably the reason he fell out of favor on the Island. If the team never scores when a guy is on the ice, the perception of the player is going to south.

So this is definitely a buy-low proposition for the Flames. Comeau is a 2.5 million ticket (although he’s down to about $1.875M since we’re a quarter of the way through the season) and he’s a pending RFA so no real risk there. The Flames will likely have to demote one of their kids to make room (or Stajan. Or PL3…etc) but that’s a minor issue.

For the stats-heads, Comeau’s underlying numbers this year are underwhelming. He’s middling at best in terms of possession, hasn’t faced the heavies and starts about 50% of the time in the offensive zone. On the other hand, he had better numbers last year in tougher circumstances, so a deeper inquiry is required to really get a handle on what kind of player he is.

Overall, I don’t mind the move. Comeau is young and may improve. He’s not terribly expensive and can be jettisoned in the summer if he doesn’t work out. This isn’t a move that will change the Flames fortunes or anything, but it’s one with little associated risk a moderate upside. It never hurts an org to make these sorts of bets.

  • Robert Cleave

    The easy thing in the very short term was to demote Byron, at least until Feaster figures out what he wants to do with a few other guys. Keep in mind that if he waives someone tomorrow, they wouldn’t clear until Monday. Once the dust settles, though, they really should waive PL3. Keeping Stajan isn’t a cap issue at the moment, and as mediocre as he and Morrison have been, they’re better players than PL3 by several orders of magnitude.

    • Scott

      To be fair, Byron has been a weak link in the NHL. Of all the guys up so far, he’s the one who could benefit most from another year in the AHL. I’m sure we’d all rather see PL3 hit the road, but that’s just not happening; they need their pugilist, apparently.

      • Scott

        He’s the weak link??? THIS WHOLE TEAM IS A WEAK LINK!

        Byron hasn’t been the best in the NHL, but he has definatley earned a spot IMO, unlike some other players he has actually showed some consistent effort night in and night out.

        • He’s definitely shown effort, but he’s been bad at it. Lot of giveaways, some very questionable defensive play, etc. He’s got the drive, but he might need more time to become an actual performer. Right now he’s a liability.

  • T&A4Flames

    Yes!!! Low risk with good upside; love it. Best case scenario, he picks up his game from last year and becomes a 20 goal scorer or better. This could create more tradable assets come the deadline.

    Does anyone know how many contracts we are at? I believe we are maxed out now.

  • Scott

    Awesome news! When I heard that he was going thru waivers I hope the flames would pick him up. To me this is a no brainer. Good bye P3L! And probably looking at another winger most likely a 3rd or 4th liner being moved around as well.

    Good stuff! Now Let’s hope his percentages and luck rebound to score us 15 goals.

    Edit: Trade offer: Stajan for a bag of peanuts and new dancing iggy .gif

      • Scott

        Well I guess it really depends who they are going to. Are they handing them out to the fans as they enter the arena for the next game, or is it an Expresspost delivery to Feaster’s office. Because in that case, I don’t think it would matter.

        However, I’d much prefer roasted peanuts if they hand them out to the fans 🙂

        • RexLibris

          THAT MANY PEANUTS! For Stajan! Forget it, I was thinking, maybe a bag’s worth. You’re crazy! Next thing you’re going to say is that Kotalik should have been worth a can of Macadamias.


          • Scott

            Hahaha. Dreamers can dream I guess! If airlines can give out free peanuts, I would think an NHL could do the same. Although, as I say that maybe it should be buy stajan for an iggy gif and we will throw in 20,000 free bags of airline peanuts!

  • T&A4Flames

    I was gonna say, how are they gonna fit him, I know cap wise they can, but people wise????

    They already sit one of Morrison, Stajan, PL3 and whoever else on a nightly basis and thats just the Forwards, now you have to make room for another guy?

    PL3 is most likely getting the demotion, thats a good bet, but I wouldn’t count out a trade just yet, me thinks someone is gonna go for a trade.