Game 22 – Flames vs. Wild Live Chat

Not much to say that hasn’t been covered already this week and in Steinberg’s FGD. The Wild are a beatable team despite what their record suggests and the Flames are rapidly approaching a point where the second half of the season will be largely irrelevant if the clubs doesn’t start winning with more regularity.

Although most minds in town have already turned to the off-season and the more distant future, the truth is only one quarter of the year is through and the Flames are a better team than they’ve shown so far. A rebound and final grasp at the post-season before the remnants of the Sutter era are finally swept away is possible, however dim that likliehood seems now.

If the Flames management and veterans are to make their summer-time bravado not seem like so much marketing propoganda, the turn-around has to start tonight.