PL3 on Waivers


When Blake Comeau was snagged off the waiver wire it meant rookie Paul Byron would have to be demoted. Jay Feaster promised he would make further moves in order to get Byron back up with the parent squad at the time. That move seems to be the waiving and probably demotion of Pierre-Luc Letourneau Leblond.

Thus ends the very brief saga of Feaster’s most pointless acquisition to date. Grabbed from the Devils for a 5th round pick this summer, PL3 appeared in just three games for the Flames averaging less than five minutes per night. That’s nothing out of the ordinary for Pierre, who managed a career high seven points in junior – the dude has obviously never been around for his ability to actually play the game.

I wasn’t certain at the time why the Flames bothered to not only add a talentless pugilist to the roster, but invest an asset (however nominal) in the acquistion…and it still confuses me. The good news, I suppose, is the organization is backing away from that misstep without too much prodding.

As for Byron, I’m actually not as enthused with the kid as others and I’m not sure he’s really acquitted himself all that well in his time in the big league (although he’s clearly more useful than the guy Feaster’s waiving). That said, I have absolutely no problem with the Flames auditioning various kids this season since I consider this season transitional anyways – they might as well let a few rooks get their feet wet so the club can a have a better understanding of what they have in the pro ranks. This also allows guys who stick to find their legs and take their first, few uncertain steps in the big league now, during a year when the Flames aren’t going to contend anyways.

  • jeremywilhelm

    Other moves:
    8. Stempniak for Langkow. So far a draw, statistically but for other intagables, goes to Langkow, except for the cost, only a small savings. 9. Resigned Karlsson. Going through Sophomore jinx. 10 Signed Hannan, average d-man but spot should have gone to a kid. 11. Kept Sutter, dont think he’s the right guy for this team. 12. Sent Hagman on waivers. Would have been nice to get something in return but no biggie. 13. Picked up Comeau, dont think hes an answer or really will hurt but again a kid could have done the same.

  • Got others such as Stempniak for Langkow, its a one off, save a little bit of money but would have been nice to have another leader in the room. Karlsson seems to be having that sophomore jinx. Signed Hannan, a spot which could have gone to a kid. Kept Sutter in, dont think thats a good move. Waived Hagman. Would have been nice to get something in return. Picked up Comeau, ya low risk but a kid could do the same.

  • RexLibris

    Michael Ferland, LW, Brandon, MB. Picked in the 5th round, 133rd overall in 2010.

    That was a bad move by Feaster, and perhaps he thought he was getting more that what was in the package, but even if PL3 walks as a free agent on July 1st I imagine some Flames fans will take note of which player was taken by the Devils in the fifth round this year.

    • RexLibris

      I don’t want to step on Kent’s toes here, but I thought I would respond.

      As far as I can tell Calgary is has traded away a 2nd rounder and a 5th rounder and has an extra 7th rounder from Toronto for the Primeau/Stralman trade. So that gives you a 1st, a 3rd, a 4th, a 6th and two 7ths.

      Like I said, as far as I know.

  • MC Hockey

    The move to put LeBlond on waivers to open up a roster spot is a good one.

    Yes, I think that Byron showed in the games he played that he deserves a longer look see. Physcially, he plays above his weight class. As for skill, his first goal was a good one, due to his great speed and charging the net. A good start.

    But, if this is in fact a transitional season as has been suggested, then instead of solely Paul Byron, we should see a rotation of what is on the farm. That would include Byron, Greg Nemisz, Lance Bouma, Paul Howse and the like on the forward ranks. As for defencemen, with the openings on the roster due to injury, then should we not see Chris Breen, John Negrin along with the already here T.J. Brodie? And what about Leland Irving? With the numbers he has put up this year, he needs a shot at NHL calibre competition over and above that which he has seen at training camps.

  • RexLibris

    @ RexLibris

    Thanks, I had forgotten about the extra 7th rounder. I guess we’ll see if we get to add more picks or subtract by draft day.

    The talk was of using a 5th rounder for PL3, but I still can’t understand giving up our 2nd rounder to get rid of Kotalik when Regehr was already being offered. Why a pick wasn’t coming back our way is confusing.

    • RexLibris

      I believe that Darcy Regier was treating that deal as encompassing two smaller deals within and somehow convinced Feaster that he would have to sweeten the pot to get the Sabres to take back Kotalik. While the deal is treated as a single deal it is my guess that this is what Regier did. THN did an article questioning the same thing, saying that with a body like Regehr moving, taking Kotalik ought to have been a bargaining chip in Feaster’s hand, not the other way around.

      If anything Feaster’s mishandling of that approach should be drawing criticism. He was obviously desperate to sell off Regehr and have the money available to chase Richards, but that desperation not only failed to land him a big free agent but also cost the team a valuable 2nd rounder that might fall in the 38th to 45th range.

  • Derzie

    C’mon guys you can’t judge a GM so quickly. He inherited a mess and the plan obviously hinges on next year with all the contracts freeing. In the meantime, the Flames are stinkin’ the joint out but the lineup is steadily getting younger as we go. For the first time since I’ve been following the Flames, I’m getting entertained by some young players with moxie and high energy. They make mistakes but they sure make losing much more entertaining. Feaster deserves credit for this. Would Dutter ever admit he made an error and put a guy on waivers? Feaster deserves credit for that too. Admitting mistakes and trying to make them better is admirable.

  • MC Hockey

    5th rounders are not always a bust…

    Roman Horak was a 5th Rounder (127th overall)
    Ryan Miller was a 5th Rounder (138th)
    Kevin Bieksa…
    Lee Stempniak
    James Wisniewski…

    Ok…more don’t make it then do…the point is…some do. And now the Flames have one less chance to find one that does…

  • RKD

    Nolan Moore: I’m guessing the other moves that aren’t posting is Jay Feaster trading Daymond Langkow for Lee Stempniak.

    P3L was brought in to replace Ivanans. This was a terrible acquisition by Feaster. Should have kept the 5th round pick, we are trying to improve our farm system.

    Also, the deal to acquire Modin was terrible. Modin was injury-prone and terrible. Could have kept a 7th round pick.

    Even if 5th and 7th don’t seem like much to anyone for the immediate future, they can always be bundled with a roster player for a trade.