Sarich Has Requested a Trade


Rhett Warrener reported this morning that Cory Sarich has asked the Calgary Flames for a trade. Of course, there’s a good chance he Flames have been trying to do that for the last year or two and have been unable to find any takers for Sarich’s $3.6M cap hit.

A healthy scratch for most of the season, Sarich has tumbled past the likes of Brodie and Smith on the Flames depth chart. His wish to find a more suitable home for his services is understandable, but the gap between his potential abilities and his actual pricetag is pretty large. Sarich isn’t the most mobile option on the back-end and his constant battle with chonic issues slows him even further.

The combination of big cap hit and modest skillset is a difficult one. I can’t imagine any team will be taking Feaster’s calls about Sarich…not until the deeadline at the latest at least when the majority of his ticket has already been paid. Even then, it’s probably going to be a tough sell.

I hope it happens for Cory’s sake, but I don’t think it’s very likely.

  • supra steve

    Who would want to play in Calgary right now? I don’t blame him. No future, no plan, false hope, ogre/mutant coach.

    I actually don’t believe Feaster is as completely dellusional as he puts on in the public. Talking about how this team is a few moves away from being back in contention and all that BS. I just don’t believe he is that out of whack with reality. He MUST be smart enough to know this team needs to go through a few years (at least) of fixing. The thing I don’t get is why he is in denial in public. Is it coming from ownership to not openly admit this team is in shambles?

    I’d feel so much better watching this debacle if I felt like there was a plan. I’d fully support it and even cheer through the pain. But sitting that mess of a Feaster sit on TV and talk about how things are fine is starting to wear on me.

  • Ken V.

    Wow you people sure know how to make a mountain out of a mole hill. He asked for a trade because he wants to play. End of story. What should be more of a story is that his supposed friend Rhett took something said between he and Cory and made it public knowledge. And for what? To pretend he’s become a breaking news sportscaster? Give me a break!