Horak Demoted


Word came down today that the Calgary Flames have sent Roman Horak to the Abbotsford Heat. The return of a healthy and functional Brendan Morrison plus the pending return of David Moss means the Flames have more than a full roster up front.

Nevertheless, the move still seems somewhat surprising.

Horak made the team out of camp due to some injuries but has stuck around a lot longer than expected, often getting turns in the Flames top-9 rotation. His counting numbers are nothing too impressive (2 goals, 7 points in 25 games) and it’s not like he was knocking it out of the park in terms of possession or anything. That said, the kid didn’t play the easiest circumstances and mostly managed to keep his head above water, which is saying something for a 20-year old. The team seemed set on having him find his legs at the NHL level this year, but perhaps the over-abundance of bodies has forced their hand at this time. With a two-deal and being waiver exempt, Horak was the easiest body to move at short notice.

I have no doubt the Flames would like to delete Stajan and replace him with Horak as soon as possible. Stajan’s immovable, however. Unfortunately, it will likely take a few more bodies getting hurt for Horak to get back into Calgary’s line-up this season.

  • Head above water?

    Seems like he was at the very bottom possession-wise every week when we did the Black Box.

    I’ll concede that he got tougher minutes than most rookies, but I still take issue with “head above water.”

  • everton fc

    Seems to add merit to my theory that Moss will be slotted at centre, on either the 2nd or 4th lines.

    As long as Morrison keeps putting up the numbers, seems to me Moss is set to return inside Kosto and Jackman. A very interesting, potential productive 4th line.

    Horak’s demotion doesn’t bother me too much. I still think you demote Stajan. And maybe he’s next, as we now have 5 potential centres (Jokinen/Morrison/Backlund/Moss/Stajan). The only other possibility is Bourque being moved, replaced at RW by Moss. Bourque’s been plyaing out of position, but has also been producing on the 2nd line. One could argue his value is as high as it’ll get… and the time is now to see what he’s worth, as he’ll be 30 tomorrow.

    If we stay status quo, and move no bodies… Stajan’s days here may be numbered, for I see no room for Moss or Morrison on the wing, unless there’s an injury or two.

    As an aside… I can’t see how Byron gets back up to the big team, outside injuries. Comeau’s arrival has relegated Byron to AHL-status. I’m still not convinced he’s not a career NHLer. I also wish there was some way to reward Kolanos for the #s he’s putting up consistently. Sure, he’s as old as Bourque/Moss/others… But I also believe in rewarding results. I don’t think we can call him up, can we? Due to his contract…

    Any thoughts on Piskula thus far? And any rumours around Sarich’s situation?

  • Lets not get ahead of ourselves here Kent, Stajan is obviously not immovable, look at what happened today. Some drunk out of his mind GM just traded FOR Thomas Kaberle, ANYONE is aparently movable, so there may be a taker on Stajan, aparently it just takes finding the right sucker…… I mean trading partner.

  • It won’t hurt Horak too much to get some quality ice time in the AHL…unless he goes down with a bad attitude. As mcuh as we’d like for Stajan to get sent down, it will not happen. Ownership does not want a $3.5 million player in Abbottsford. No doubt Jay has tried to move him but who would take that contract?

    Funny how Kent brought up the Kaberle for Stajan trade the other day…looks like Montreal was willing to move a bad contract to gain another. With Markov such a health risk…wonder if Les Habitants would be interested in J-Bo??? Ahhh, they’d want us to take Gomez in return, forget it!

  • everton fc

    With Moss close to returning I guess they either had to make a move or they had to demote Horak.

    I would rather see him demoted then having him sit out. However, this doesn’t say much for Calgary’s supposed youth movement. Also, what happened to making moves to bring Byron back?

    That said I haven’t been particularly impressed with Horak’s play recently. This may just be a case of him being demoted because he is a worse option then players like Stajan (as opposed to him being easier to demote).

  • everton fc

    My hope/bet is that, if the Flames get killed on this road trip, Bourque will get moved and his value will still be high enough to garner an enjoyable return.

  • everton fc

    I think it’s good as long as they give him the minutes. He needs to develop his offensive game and if he starts producing down there then hpefully they can find room near the end of the season before sending him back again for the AHL palyoffs.

  • I think its a shame but not the end of the world for Horak. I like how Brodie has come back this time around & he looks like a keeper on our blueline. Maybe when Horak comes back, he’ll be even better.

    Can someone at the Flames office put in a call for Feaster to Holmgren. I see a perfect fit for Sarich in Philly in light that Pronger can be out for a long time with concussion symptoms. For a 2nd round pick, thats a no brainer for Holmgren & a great opportunity for Cory.

  • jeremywilhelm

    I am not remotely upset with this. Horak was ok in Calgary. He will be lights out in Abby. His defensive game is already decent. Going down should help his offensive game.

    Good move by Feaster.

  • RKD

    Too bad Horak and Bryon are victims of a numbers game, they’ll be needed at anytime.

    I believe David Moss could be trade bait. He was injured last season and injured again this season.

    The team expects more out of him, I think he may end up being moved joining the likes of Kobasew and Lombardi. Both who had injury issues and didn’t produce like the Flames expected.