VOICE OF THE NATION – The Weak in Review

  For most of the season we have  tried to dissect the play of the Flames and where it was going wrong and ultimately where was it headed. Many of the fans were emphatic about not seeing this team struggle for the first half like last season and then attempt to make another miracle run…


Postgame: Elementary

You can make it eight in a row for the Calgary Flames over their provincial rivals, as the Flames were victorious in round three of the Battle of Alberta, taking a 3-0 win over the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday night.  While it was close in the opening 20 minutes, the Flames gradually took this one over…



The holiday season is almost upon us and your ol’ pal Lowetide has given you an early gift with this week’s NationRadio episode. Oilers talk? Check. Flames stuff? Why not. Ryan Lambert explaining what exactly "Ovechkin’s steroids" are exactly? Oh yeah. This is NationRadio.