Iginla Reflections and Feaster Audio


I stumbled on some worthwhile Flamess material to share this morning before the game tonight

First up, we have a Jay Feaster interview courtesy Timo Seppa of Hockey Prospectus. Timo attended the Flames/Islanders game last night and managed to ask the Flames GM about the team’s recent success, as well as Calgary’s main challenges and the acquisition of Blake Comeau.

Feaster Interview

Make sure to have a listen. Thanks again to Timo for sharing the audio.

Sean Leahy published an interview with Jarome Iginla about his upcoming feat of scoring 500 career goals over at Puck Daddy today. It’s partially a puff piece, but there’s a few interesting bits for Flames fans, including: 

Have you had a chance to really reflect on your career to this point and all of your personal accomplishments so far?

Not really. I’ve really enjoyed it. I want to play for a while longer. I feel good. [I’m] definitely thankful for the opportunities. I’ve had some good seasons and some good things happen. Definitely still want to win a Stanley Cup. [I’m] just kind of enjoying each year.


What does it mean to you to hit 498 all with the same team. It’s very rare in sports these days that a guy like you stays with the same franchise for so long.

I’m thankful for that opportunity. I feel I’ve grown up in Calgary. From 18-and-a-half, 19 on, I’ve been there for a lot of years, so it is home, but we want to win. Some people want you to stay because it’s comfortable, but no, I want to win and we have a good team and fortunately now we’re starting to play that way and climbing the standings, so I want to win there. I’m thankful for that, but I feel like there’s still lots left to do.

To me it sounds like Jarome is eventually going to have choose between winning in general and winning in Calgary because the club is on the wrong trajectory to get him back to a cup final any time soon. Your mileage may vary though.

  • On a note that’s only distantly related to this post, Sven Baertschi is out with a ‘mild concussion’ according to an article in the Edmonton Journal. Concussions? On MY blue chip prospects? This is an unacceptable start to the rebuild.

    • I don’t want another first rounder of the Flames to have to quit hockey because of concussions. Man, who doesn’t hate concussions?

      Anyways, sounds like the organization likes Comeau a lot and I’m glad Feaster is actively pursuing options even if he doesn’t have the numbers to make the deal because look what happened. I’ve liked Comeau a lot, in my mind I think he’s a younger, more talented version of Tim Jackman which is a bonus.

      I’ve liked the play of the top line lately. How much interest around the league do you think Jokinen is getting??

      • RexLibris

        My guess about the value of Jokinen, as I said in another post a few days ago, is that I’d expect something in the range of a 2nd rounder or a depth winger or defenceman in a team’s prospect list.

        I’m not sure what Jokinen’s faceoff percentage is, but his mediocre playoff history might affect his value somewhat. He would probably garner a bit of interest, depending on the team. My guess is Hannan is the safest bet to move on deadline day.

        • RexLibris

          Curious Rex, being an Oil fan, who would you say has more value today, Joker or Hemsky? I see on Edmonton sites there are still fairly high interest & expected returns for Hemsky. Just curious. I know if I were a GM & had a choice of the two players as rentals I would lean toward.

          • RexLibris

            @KEvin R

            Jokinen is the safer bet, smaller splash for any GM. The ceiling is lower for him but you can be pretty sure that he’ll play as many games as you dress him. He might disappear and he isn’t the kind of player, from what I’ve seen, that can change a game with a single shift, but most coaches like what they get in Jokinen. Predictability within a certain range.

            Hemsky is the bigger risk/reward. I’m not being a homer here, but I would argue that Hemsky has more value simply because he has shown an ability in his limited number of playoff appearances (due to opportunity, not injury) that he can change the complection of a game. He has more raw talent than Jokinen, but that is mitigated by the fear of his being once again injured. I don’t believe this fear is rational (he’s run out of shoulders to dislocate) but it is understandable.

            When comparing the two it really depends on the team looking to acquire either. There’s more room on the wings and so statistically more potential buyers for Hemsky, but big centres are always attractive. Edmonton spent nearly twenty years trying to find one after they traded one for Louie DeBrusk, and they arguably still are. Basically Jokinen and Hemsky are like a Ford and a Jaguar, you know the Ford will get you some good mileage, but darn if it wouldn’t be nice to see what that Jag would feel like on a nice stretch of highway.

            I wouldn’t bet that either player is with the same team the day after the deadline, but Jokinen probably has the better odds. He is more a part of the Flames for this season and they are more in need of his services immediately, than the Oilers are with Hemsky. Hemsky is one of the better complementary scoring wingers in the league, not nearly as good as Hossa, but probably as good as or a little better than Versteeg.

            I’m guessing you’d lean towards Jokinen as a healthier, more reliable choice and one that, at the centre position, historically improves the play of his teammates and limits the chances of the opposition? Never a bad bet.

            If I could fashion a trade for Hemsky it would to Detroit for Tomas Tatar or Tomas Jurco and either a 1st or a 2nd with a conditional 1st rounder if they re-sign him. I’d love to ask for Brendan Smith, but there’s no way Ken Holland moves him for a risky rental. Watching Hemsky play on that team would be very gratifying for any fan of his.

            Were Minnesota in a better position Jokinen might look good there. Not sure about their centre depth. I don’t know if Dallas would be interested, but their another defensively-minded team that could use some additional scoring help. Any thoughts?

        • RexLibris

          Well last year, I believe at the deadline we saw Nashville give up a first round pick for Mike Fisher. Maybe I’m not right but I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. Also in the past I remember a first round pick being dealt for Kris Versteeg.

          I think currently Jokinen is as good as either of them and at the deadline, he might be able to be dealt to a team like Tampa or St. Louis, one of those teams looking to buy.

          I don’t know but I’d definately like getting an extra pick in this years draft.

          • T&A4Flames

            Difference with Fisher and Versteeg is that they still had more time on their contracts beyond the year they were traded for. Jokinen will more thn likely only be a rental. Maybe CGY can get a conditional pick (1st) if he signs longer.

          • RexLibris

            Fisher was also traded for conditional picks that were elevated because of the playoff performance of the Predators. It was a 2011 1st rounder and a 2012 2nd rounder.

            I agree about the conditional pick. Feaster could really win a trade with Jokinen if he could include a late round conditional pick should he re-sign with the team.

  • RexLibris

    His answers are exactly what most top athletes provide. He is giving appropriate answers that leave the door open for a few interpretations. Those who feel that he has one foot out the door and wants to be moved to a contender will find evidence in his responses. The same goes for those who would argue that he wants to remain in Calgary for the remainder of his career.

    This Ottawa game tonight might be easier in some ways than the Islanders. Ottawa plays a style that perhaps, maybe, might just bring out some more competitive fire from the Flames.

  • RexLibris

    Comeau was a no brainer & basically we could probably flip him for a 3rd rounder maybe 2nd if so inclined. He’s young enough & as long as he can be resigned at a good price(2.0millish)no point in trading him.

    I do truly believe that Iggy feels this team is good enough to make the playoffs & he really really wants to win a cup for this City. He’s class all the way. I think management is huffing & puffing the same aspirations & mandates of playoffs & winning. Unfortunately, the sand in the hour glass is running out & the realization that this team isnt capable of achieving his last dream by missing playoffs this year is coming. Hopefully realistic dialogue with Jerome follows & publicly we can find out truthfully where we this takes us & Iggy. Many fans have accepted our destiny, soon Jerome & the Flames will too. Perhaps seeing all these new young faces is making Iggy see the writing on the wall. I wish it happens in February but I doubt it. This circus is going to run for at least another year.

  • RexLibris

    I think both Fisher and Versteeg are held as more valuable than Jokinen, in my estimation. All three are different kinds of players, though so it is a difficult comparison. Ultimately the value is what someone else is willing to pay. My point in saying a 2nd round pick for Jokinen isn’t to mean that he isn’t worth more or less and it isn’t meant to diminish his reputation as a player, but instead to offer what is, from my perspective, a reasonable expectation of return. If I were a Flames fan I would be thrilled to get a 1st for Jokinen. I know he was traded for that and a bit more a few years ago, but most players at his age are like cars, the value generally depreciates once you drive them off the lot.

    We’ll see. If there are suddenly some overachieving teams in the playoff cutline by the end of Feb with the cap space, who knows what they’ll pay. It’s usually easier to shake a draft pick from a GM when offering a d-man, than an enigmatic forward, though. Kovalev and Filatov being the obvious exceptions to that rule.