Ales Kotalik on Re-entry Waivers




According to Bob McKenzie, the Flames have put Ales Kotalik on re-entry waivers this morning. The move could be for the purposes of recalling him (unlikely) or to allow someone else to scoop him at half his current price for this year and next. If Kotalik does get claimed, the Flames will have $1.5M in dead cap space on their budget next season.

Also of interest is the fact that Nikolai Zherdev was placed on waivers by the Flyers today. The forever maligned russian actually has excellent underlying numbers in Philly this year so I don’t know what the issue is with him, but he’s a guy who could be worth a look for Calgary. It’s a move Darryl Sutter never would have made, so if Feaster wants to start putting his own stamp on the team, claiming Zherdev would be a step in that direction.

  • ownership probably isn’t in love with paying 6 mil for non-NHL roster players.

    Zherdev should get claimed today, by someone, at least.

    People at the office complaining that he’s a lazy bum, but he beats the snot out of lesser competition and is scoring goals. Calgary could use him if they could get him motivated, and it’s a UFA deal at the end of the season. Zero risk associated.

  • Vintage Flame

    I can’t see anyone picking him up. Not when Zherdev and Svatos are both also on waivers and there’s no commitment to them next year. If you want a mercurial offense only winger Kotalik would be your last choice out of those three.

    This strikes me as more about letting him know that no one in the league will take him at that contract. After this they will have exhausted all trade and waiver possibilities, so he’ll know that the only possibilities are to stay in Abbotsford or go to Europe.

  • Arik

    Fair enough, so they still have room to bring someone in, but from all the TSN, Sportsnet talk they keep mention how we have no cap space, or only 1 mil in cap space. I just i’m not up on Capology as i thought 🙂

    Either way, at this point, I would rather not move anyone of value until the offseason, if that causes us to lose glencross, thats a risk i’m willing to take to see what this team can do.

    I think Tanguay would resign here before anywhere else, so i’m not worried there. But that 1.5 mil in cap space next year needs to go to these guys, and not Kotalik!

  • BobB

    I don’t see the benefit of doing this. So, tell me why I’m stupid and lawyer Feaster is smarter than me.

    Best case scenario:…… ummmm, what?

    Worst case scenario: Kotalik is claimed and we’re hit with 1.5million for it’s impact this year and all of next.

    So, if we’re effectively wasting 1.5million for next year, and have already paid him near 3million this year… why not just wait until the summer and try and find a suitor in the KHL? or elsewhere?

    What bad would come from leaving him in Abby and paying him the rest of his 3million… which is what? 730k?

    Even IF we cannot find a place for him in the off-season, we could do the same thing next year at worst.

    What is the benefit of doing this now?

  • Arik

    The only light in which I see this making sense other than RossCreek’s idea, is that someone is injured and we’re not hearing about it yet.

    I really do not want to see the Flames eating 1.5M for the rest of this and all of next year. Just…rough on a cap strapped team.

    • Assuming Hagman goes down, I would agree. But kotaliks salary is already off the books, so we would be adding back 1.5 to our cap through a kotalik waiver pickup, which puts us to just over a million in cap space. Moving Hagman would be the only option at that point. We couldn’t just bring in a player, like we currently could without this waiver nonsense. Or moved Hagman down with Kotalik, or out, and then we would be in a better situation then having Kotalik claimed. I’m sure the millions they earned over the weekend could go to paying hagman to play with the Heat.

      NHLNumbers have our cap space at 2.8 mil. currently.

      • Arik


        Makes me start doubting Feaster again. How he couldn’t get a pick for Hagman, and now re-calling Kotalik. If something bigger isn’t in the works, this whole situation looks to have been buggered up by Feaster, and probably puts in a worse situation cap wise next year than any of us would like!

        On a side note, this would be better then a buy out right? A buy out next summer would have 1.5 mil on the cap for next year and the year after, I guess this moves it up one year..

          • Arik

            So while the buyout is lower, it extends until the beginning of the 2014 season? (2013/2014 offseason?)

            The re-entry penalty comes off the books after the 2012/2013 season.

            Maybe they don’t see him going to the KHL, and this is the only alternative to a buyout?

          • Robert Cleave

            If he’s claimed, his money comes off CGY’s cap after the 11/12 year, at the end of his contract. A buyout would carry over the next two years, ending after 12/13.

          • Robert Cleave

            Generally speaking, yes. Front or back loading a contract will skew that, though. Matt Satjan has three years at 3.5M left, but his buyout isn’t 2/3 of 10.5 M. It’s 2/3 of 9.5M, since the Flames are paying him 4.5M this year in actual cash.

  • BobB

    If Kotalik is claimed on re entry and then goes to the KHL in the off season, does that 1.5 mil come off the books next year as well?

    At this point, whichever of the two will play better defense, (Hagman) should play, this move is just ridiculous. But if he is picked up, that should signal the end of any trade talk as our cap space would be almost completely eaten up.

  • Robert Cleave

    If AK clears, they should leave him down. If he stays in Abby and they claim Zherdev, they’d still have about 2.5M in cap space, even with Hagman still on the NHL roster.

  • BobB

    Also to note, only 4 flames skaters have more goals than Zherdev on the season, and that’s with Zherdev playing a majority of 4th line minutes and limited powerplay minutes, with an average of around 12 minutes.

    • Yup. Zherdev has been killing third liners this year in Philly in terms of underlying numbers. I really have no idea why he’s getting the bums rush out of there. He’s basically been what they must have expected, at least in terms of on-ice performance.

  • My guess is ownership is willing to bury 1 of Kotalik or Hagman moving forward, but not both. If Kotalik is claimed, that eats up $1.5M in cap space, but then if Hagman is sent down, it will free up $3M in cap space. Total net gain = an additional $1.5M in cap room.

    So the question is, is it better to spend $1.5M on nothing or $3M on Hagman?

  • BobB

    Maybe they want a bigger body that won’t get tickled off the puck as easily as Zherdev can be. Guy is a bit weak in the corners/etc, but in my opinion MUCH better than Kotalik.

  • icedawg_42

    What if there’s a “gentleman’s agreement” where Philly puts Zherdev on waivers for us to grab, and in return the Flames give them Kotalik at half price? (i have no idea where Kotalik would fit in on that team) —just reaching, and reaching to make sense of that Kotalik move.