Flames re-sign Glencross



Vicki Hall says the Flames have re-signed Curtis Glencross. No numbers have been confirmed, but the rumored deal is for about $2.55M per year over four years. Not a bad contract (assuming there’s no NTC attached to it): the cap hit is quite manageable (assuming the number is accurate) and the term doesn’t carry him into the grey beard years.

With Glencross, my fear was he would cross the 3-3.5M threshold which is where you start facing significant risk with a guy who has mostly been a third liner his whole career (albeit a really, really good one). However, at 2.55M the Flames are probably still getting a bargain given Glencross’ ability at driving the play against similar players, not to mention high utlity and career season last year. I have no doubt he could have garnered more on the open market this summer. Once this is confirmed, mark me down as "pleased".

On another note, this is the first real indication that Jay Feaster might be the guy going forward. Previous to this, the team had made precisely zero meaningful decisions with Feaster at the helm since Sutter left. This is a big step, though – a multi-year, miulti-million dollar contract.

  • I’m glad for the contract, good amount of years if there is a little consistency with his game. Don’t care about the NMC, those are very overrated, if a player is not wanted and is being underutilized they will accept a trade somewhere else if there is one available. These guys want to be competitive, they don’t want to be sitting in the pressbox collecting the money and getting looked done, cause what happens when the contract is up, they all want the next one. The only reason you have a NMC is so you don’t get stuck in holes like Florida or NYI.

    I agree with a bunch of the other people. Babchuk needs to walk, it will cost way to much to keep him. Staois and Mikkelson can walk as well. Carson and Pardy can stay if both are 1M or less. Leaves a spot or two for Erixon and Brodie should the Club give them a good serious look. Breen looks good, but I think the club could do with better offensive options on the back end, Bouwmeester isn’t doing it, sarich isn’t doing it, Regehr isn’t doing it. Giordano can’t do it himself, so I’d rather a Brodie get a spot rathr than a Breen. Still want to see a whole season of pardy rather than him getting injured all the time, he has skill, size and speed. He always seems to really impress me then goes and gets injured and starts out at square one again.

  • Vintage Flame

    Vancouver crusing on to win the cup

    you were all wrong.

    remember what fleury said? he should stick to what he’s good at… crying like a beeach and sniffin powder

    • You’re a little over half way to emerging from the playoffs with the cup. 7 more wins to go, so don’t start sizing up your ring finger just yet.

      If the Canucks win, I’ll be the first to congratulate them, but you’re more than jumping the gun at this point.

  • Scott

    Great news on Glencross, a good value deal for both sides i think.

    Atleast a decision has been made re Feaster… Not one I agree with necessarily, but a decision needed to be made and they took the easy way out on this one.

    Atleast now we can focus on the players, and can see some coming action as to who gets resigned etc before July 1.

  • Vintage Flame

    That’s a fair deal for Glencross. The more distressing thought is that since the team is letting Feaster spend money on longterm deals it most likely means that the “Interim” has been unofficially removed from his title. That does not make me a happy camper.

  • icedawg_42

    Flames presser announced for this afternoon – according to McKenzie: “It’s my understanding the CGY Flames news conference today is to delete “acting” from acting GM Jay Feaster’s title.”

    • The man re-signs one UFA and all of a sudden he’s given the reins to the whole ship…

      Why all the dilly dallying then? Did ownership really think looking elsewhere for a GM would lead to GlenX not re-signing? Is he really THAT valuable?

      • CitizenFlame

        If you look at Feaster’s penchant for slipping into a situation and making a few tweaks and then winning a championship, maybe this isn’t a bad thing for the Flames. He did it in the AHL and in Tampa.

        As for the Glencross signing, I like it. The term scares me a little bit, but if Bourque can return to form Calgary has locked up some depth for some time with these two. I’m curious to see how this affects the other UFA’s, mainly Tanguay but also the 5th & 6th d-man slots. I would like to see both Erixon and Brodie make the leap next year, but I have a feeling that Brodie is going to regress a bit. I would also like to see the Calgary Tower signed. I like what I saw in limited action from him last year.

      • icedawg_42

        Lets look at it this way: At least now they can sweep that away and get down to business..enough of this “who’s the guy” silliness…but agreed, what the heck was the hold-up?

    • Vintage Flame

      Even though we have a ton of NMC’s on the team, I’m still not all that opposed to this one. That being said, GlenX has to come out and play for this thing, much like Gio did when he got the big payday. If he goes MIA with that kind of bank, then the fans are going to turn on him rather quickly, I would think.

      All in all though, it’s a good signing and I think the Flames were wise to get this done before July 1st. I think there would be some teams willing to pay in the 3.5 Mil range and some even 4 Mil if they were amongst the teams that need help to get to the Cap floor.

    • Vintage Flame

      I watched Breen play in the game vs OC in the Dome, he looked pretty good.. but then again it was also a game where the whole team got lambasted by Playfair afterwards. Maybe he is even better than he showed that night. Big kid, that’s for sure!

  • Robert Cleave

    More than pleased to have Glencross back!

    Feaster had mentioned in early April he wanted to create some cap space for next year so I wouldn’t be shocked to see another contract being moved along with Hagman and Kotalik.

  • Gange

    It’s a good signing I think. The NMC doesn’t change that. Honestly if a player needs to be moved and is approached they’ll likely agree to it. No one wants to stay where they’re not wanted. It just gives them some control over that change.

    I’d say keep Mikkelson and Carson. One can pop up and down from Abby depending on Brodie and Erixon. Keep in mind that this isn’t going to be a SC calibre team so they may as well give as many youngsters a chance that they can. Pardy is just hurt too much but he would be an adequate #6 on most teams.

      • Actually, two-way contracts do not determine waiver eligibility. Both Carson and Mikkelson will be exposed to waivers if they are called up/demoted during the season. That’s how the Flames got both of them.

        That means if you sign either or both, it’ll be for a particular role – be it on the farm or on the parent club – and that’s likely where they will stay.

          • Vintage Flame

            Judging from the way Erixon played in the WHC, and the comments from the coaching staff, I would say Erixon is ready. All depends how he adapts to the North American game and ice.
            I think he has definitely made the decision on Babchuck a lot easier to let him walk. Given, like Kent said, he is probably going to get over priced offers, the Flames are not going to be players in his market or want any part of what over valued contract he is going to sign.
            Which is a shame, cause I wouldn’t mind seeing Babs another year here, if it was for the same money he got last year.

            Brodie I think has the skills to compete up here, but it depends on the attitude and how much Playfair was able to help him mature in Abbotsford.

      • Gange

        Can’t see why not. They’re fringe NHLer’s and I don’t think, unless they prove something else, that a team is going to sign a one way with them.

        Of course wackier things have happened.

  • Happy to have Glencross retained, and on the surface $2.5 seems pretty reasonable.

    I agree with the others who say Hagman and Kotalik should be cleared now.

    Also, not only does it speak volumes that Feaster is being trusted, but it seems like he negotiated a fairly reasonable deal, rather than just throwing $3.5m at him.

  • Greg

    I did not expect him to be the first to resign, really expected it to be tanguay. Guess that means rumors of his discontent and rifts with Brent Sutter were untrue.

    Still I’m not thrilled with the deal. I do think as a UFA someone would have overpaid by more, but I was really hoping for $2.25m and 2 or 3 years. I’m guessing his camp wanted $3m and more term though so I do think it’s a fair deal. We’ve just got so many forwards in the 2-3 million range who aren’t top 6 guys and that’s not a recipe for success. Not glenny’s fault obviously and his will be the best contract of that bunch, but until at least Kotalik and hagman are gone the contracts for that forward group will look pretty shoddy.

    Bring on the Tanguay contract. I’d go as high as $3.5 for 2 or 3 years on him. Or 1 for $4 or 5M.

      • Robert Cleave

        Both of those gents, I’d guess. My thought is both would hard to trade, so they could well be loaned to a European club. If not, it’ll be made clear to them that barring a regular player heading to LTIR, they’ll spent 11/12 in Abby. Feaster seemed to hint at that sort of solution at his year end presser.

        • icedawg_42

          Do the Flames still have to pay them (Cash, not cap) if they are on loan to Europe? If so, what would be the attraction to sending them to Europe as opposed to Abby?

          • Robert Cleave

            The Euro team might throw a few bucks into the pile, and the other attraction is that it opens a roster spot on your development team for a player you’d actually like to develop.

          • icedawg_42

            Although from the Flames’ point of view, only the monetary concerns make a ton of sense. If next year’s Heat is anything like this Year’s they could insert a couple of washed up scorers without worrying about holding back some of the mass of forward prospects we wish they had.

  • Resolute

    On CP, speculation is NMC, which will undoubtedly drive some fans into a frenzy, but I still hold that those are overrated. It gives a player greater control, but I doubt it would stop a team from making a trade.

    But $2.5 mil for a UFA who has consistently put up 40 points for us? Yes please. Even given how Glencross can frustrate the hell out of you at times, that’s a bargain.

    • icedawg_42

      I agree that the NMC is overblown, and it’s good value for Scoreface – but I cant fault anyone who get’s red faced over another NMC simply because the Flames roster is so chock-full of them.

  • icedawg_42

    The money and term look good to me too! I have heard rumors of NMC though. It was early last year I started to think there was no way GlenX would be a Flame in 2011-2012, but I’m happy to be wrong! Is this Buh-Bye for Hagman? How about Tanguay now? Has Stajan called Gary Roberts yet?

  • Robert Cleave

    The rumour is a NMC is involved, which is less optimal, but to be honest, what scuttled most potential Flames’ deals has been that the players with movement clauses have been so abysmal that it was their salaries that prevented trades, not any clauses.