Erixon Discussion Thread



While much of the hockey world is enthralled with Winnipeg and the Stanely Cup finals, Flames fans will be glued to twitter and the radio awaiting the suddenly not-at-all guaranteed signing of #1 prospect Tim Erixon. As of the time of this article, Feaster has just 7.5 hours to ink Erixon. If that does happen, the 20-year old will re-enter the draft where he’ll no doubt be snapped up in short order.

It goes without saying that the Flames can’t really afford to lose one of their best prospects for nothing. Even though the back-end is a relative area of strength for this org, the truth is Calgary’s defense depth takes get pretty shallow after the top-end of Erixon and Brodie. Matt Pelech and John Negrin have struggled as pros for various reasons, Keith Seabrook probably has an AHL ceiling and Jay Leach is a relative unknown commodity. Truth is, as things currently stand, Chris Breen might be the best defense prospect after the obvious top-two of Brodie and Erixon. Chris Breen.

All that said, Feaster et al have until the end of the day today to get something done. Analysis and updates will be added here as things happen.

  • Jano

    There is no way that this is about a cap issue. There are several guys in the AHL that could easily be released to make room for him, as he would be a key for the defence of this team for many years to come. He easily has the potential to be the best of all Dutter’s picks during his reign here, and Feaster will have no acceptable excuse for not getting this done.

  • maggotbrain

    Here’s an honest question from a curious Oilers fan living in Calgary:

    IF the reason he hasn’t been signed is because of the cap situation or something similar (it isn’t just that he doesn’t want to play in Calgary) does Calgary draft him again if he is available with your (12thish) pick?

    • icedawg_42

      I think the consensus around here is that there’s no way he’d last till 13th overall, but if the reason was cap as opposed to him not wanting to play here, then yeah, why not? – way too risky to let it go that way if you can at all help it though. A second round pick in return for your top prospect would suck.

  • It is incredible really that it got this far. Dowbiggin thinks the hold up is that erixon wants another year in sweden… I think if there’s a trade in the offseason that moves a D Erixon would be a shoe in along with Brodie.

  • if he isn’t signed this is a debacle and heads should roll.

    If for some reason he doesn’t want to play in Calgary we should have known this and traded his rights for some assets. To lose him for nothing is unforgivable.

  • T&A4Flames

    I heard on the Fan 1260 in Edmonton today that the hold up seems to be Calgary’s cap situation. Due to the pending end of the current CBA, any and all bonuses that could be carried through until next year, must be paid and put towards this years cap. They went on to mention that Calgary is currently listed at $63.3 mil for the upcoming season which could really be hampering their ability to work with Erixon. If that is the case, why the F hadn’t this been dealt with months ago (clearing cap space)? If Feaster did not have the authority to take care of business to prepare for this pending issue, then it all falls on KK and he should be fired.

    To those that know, if this is the case, what recourse at this late hour does Calgary have to retain Erixon? Anyone?

  • icedawg_42

    With 4 UFA’s on defense set to walk (hopefully) Babs, Staios, Pardy and Carson, that means Erixon should have a very good chance at sticking in the NHL – I’m not sure what the hold up is. Why do the Flames do things the hard way …or at least present things the hard way. Maybe the deal’s been done for a week, and they’re letting us sweat it out.