This is L’il Wayne, Birdman and Mark Cuban celebrating the Mavericks NBA Championshop in Miami last night. If we don’t want to see a similar scene featuring Tom Cochrane, The Odds and Ryan Kesler somewhere in Boston tonight, the Bruins are going to need to step up to the plate.


Believers in sports karma are quite content today in the wake of Lebron, Bosh, Wade and Co losing to the veteran laced Mavericks. Even if you don’t care about basketball in the least – and really who can blame you – you should be able to identify douchebags by sight and appreciate the fact that a bunch of players that deserved the Championship beat out a bunch of nerds who didn’t.

It translates well into tonight’s game if you ask us.

Watching the tens of thousands of Canucks fans partying in the streets of Vancouver after the Game 5 win and remembering the ghost town that was the Game 3 and Game 4 aftermath – we can’t help but grind our teeth and hope for the Bruins to pull out a win at home tonight followed by another win in G7.

Vancouver cannot win the Stanley Cup. Not like this, not with this collection of easily hateable players. Tim Thomas cannot be denied. The Zombie Chara cannot be denied. Even Tyler Seguin’s ratty tribute to Colonial England Beard Stylings cannot be denied.


Image courtesy of Allan M who sent it to WanyeMail recently. Secondary bigups to Eddie Gladstone who asked that this exact picture be made and put on the site. Also – if you are on the Twitters and enjoy this type of highbrow humour, there is going to be a sass talking extravaganza tonight you can be sure.

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It’s time for bold action and declarations of victory. Good luck fellas.

Bruins 5 – Canucks 2