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For the first time ever, FlamesNation.ca will have it’s own radio show, as we go live from the NHL Entry Draft in Minnesota tonight on Sportsnet Radio FAN 960.  Kent Wilson (if he gets here) and I will be bringing the show to you, and this article will drive the conversation…your comments will direct what we discuss, so make sure you post early and often.  We’ll also be taking phone calls; FlamesNation commenters, if you use your commenting name with the screener, you’ll go to the front of the line.  The show goes from 6 till 9 pm Calgary time.

Here are the ways you can contact us tonight:

  • By commenting on this thread
  • By calling 403-240-4444 or *960 if you’re a Rogers Wireless customer
  • By tweeting at either @Kent_Wilson or @Fan960Steinberg on Twitter.

Topics to be discusses are wide ranging, they really are…

  • Should Robyn Regehr waive his no trade clause?  What should the Flames get in return if the deal with the Sabres ends up going through?  Can anyone replace Regehr on the roster?
  • Should the Flames pick at 13 tomorrow night?  Should they try and expend resources to move up in the draft?  Should they think about moving down and acquiring more picks?
  • Who should the Flames target with their 13th overall pick (if they keep it)?  Who should the Flames be targetting with their other two picks inside the top 60 (#45 and #57)?
  • What other things should Calgary be looking to accomplish this weekend with the entire hockey world in one place?

Let’s get this started, because this hopes to be the first of a number of shows exactly like this, so I’m counting on FlamesNation to represent!

      • Vintage Flame

        What do you know.. You can’t even quote Boomer right when he’s listening to the show!! #Fail.

        Hey Dawg.. Why don’t you give us a run down of Pat and Kent’s conversation during the commercials??

        Hit it schevvy… “Do you wanna….”

  • FrankTheTank

    Reggie spoke to both Darcy Regier and Terry Pegula…I think this is gonna happen, would love to know who might be coming back though…guess we’ll need to wait till tomorrow.

  • Vintage Flame

    Question for the Nation… There are talks that Buffalo may be taking another contract with Regehr. Could this maybe be Kotalik. Former Saber, and I believe he had his best numbers while with the Sabers. Does this make sense. I know we are all disenchanted, to say the least, about his play.. but at one point we took him as well.

    Maybe Buffalo believes in him more than, oh say, the rest of the hockey world?

    • icedawg_42

      THATS what it was – Boomer was talking about some Buffalo media guys, and that exact question came up – thats where the media dudes were saying they’d actually prefer Stajan. I dont know if the media dudes got that off of Buffalo’s management or what. So im only somewhat way off the mark.

  • icedawg_42

    If the flames trade reggy I hope they take morrisonn from buffalo. Why you ask , well because in washington and way back in kamloops he was a mobile stay at home defencemen. And I think in calgary he can regain his form.As for the trade I hope they can get sekera and a high draft for reggy and hagman.

  • Vintage Flame

    I really can’t get on board with the idea of the Flames trading down in the draft. I just don’t think any team involved in the deal would be willing to offer anything that would be enticing enough.

    Short of the Flames getting guarantees from all teams between 13 and wherever they end up.. I can’t be on board. I think i might have to hear specific scenarios or rumours as it were, to even start and get my head around this idea.

  • Its Regehr’s choice whether to move or not and he’s earned that right. I for one hold absolutely no resentment either way. The guy has been a leader on this team and in this community.

    As for the return for him. I think a combination of a prospect and buffalo’s #1 (19th overall). This frees up the flames #1 to a possible move or stick with the pick and you’ve got 2 in the first round.

    Phillips at #13 Grimaldi at #19!!!

    • icedawg_42

      LOL Apparently he did not say that…I distinctly remember Stajan going the other way coming up – maybe It was just a mirage based on my deepest wants and desires!

  • Vintage Flame

    Absoleutley. If the Flames do trade down to 19/20 territory, I would take Rattie. His point totals were pretty darn close to Bartschi, and he had a tremendous playoff.

  • Vintage Flame

    Personally.. I’m more fond of the idea of Regehr going to San Jose also. That being said.. I would like to see Douglas Murray over Vlasic.. but the pick is the big part of the deal. Time to move forward, with little risk of regression in moving Regehr.

    We may actually be surprised by the metel of one or two of these kids with actual playing time. I’m sure there weren’t many people with high expectations of Montador and Commodore in the midst of a Stanley Cup run, and i might be speaking JUST for me, but I was impressed with there play on a regular shift.

  • Vintage Flame

    The Reggie deal is sorta worriesome. Who in Calgary can play the kind of minutes that Regehr plays night in, night out? Bouwmeester has been Reggies partner, so I guess he’d continue in that role. Does Gio take over that shutdown role. I dont think hes ready to take on Toews, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kopitar, etc. Do the Flames go and try to get a shutdown guy on the market?

  • icedawg_42

    In terms of drafting, I’d like the Flames to stay put. Theyve got an oppurtunity to get a pretty good forward. Fingers crossed for Sven Bartschi. If he’s available in the second round, Grimaldi all the way. Is there any chance the Flames move their 2 second rounders in a deal to try and nab another first rounder?

    • icedawg_42

      Yeah – if Bartschi was available at 13 he’d be my choice, but thats doubtful. I’m still sticking with McNeill at #13. If the Flames traded down to the #20 area I’d take a serious look at Ty Rattie. Grimaldi is intriguing – scouting says his skills are off the charts…I dont know how far down you could hang around and get him.

  • Vintage Flame

    Should Regehr waive his NTC? Absolutely! As IceDawg pointed out, the move will leave the team thin on experience, but I think this is a move the Flames HAVE to make.

    He is our most moveable asset and contract. This is the time. If we wait, he gets older and slower. I love Reggie and he will ALWAYS be a Flame to me, but this team needs to get younger and faster.

    In regards to the younglings coming up and being baptized by fire.. So be it. This team needs to see what their minimal prospects can do. And lets be honest folks. What are we expecting from the team this year anyways. Division title??

    This is the weakest division in the NHL behind Vancouver and the Flames have been constantly ridiculed about not playing their young players. Let’s see what they can do, but get some assets in return for losing a great D-Man.

  • icedawg_42

    I am feeling nervous regarding the Regehr news…I really like what he does for the team on and off the ice. He really is the anchor for playing in our own end.
    The flames record without him is less than acceptable. Unless the deal is blockbuster….

    I like the rumor about J-Bow going to CBJ. Could we pry Umberger and a late rounder.

  • icedawg_42

    Boomer was hinting that there could be a 3 way deal in the makes – one that would see Matt Stajan pack his bags. Im sure several of us would be ok with that.

  • icedawg_42

    Robyn Regehr has the most moveable contract on the Flames roster. that said its his choice – and there’s nothing wrong with NOT waiving. As far as the return, If trading with Buffalo, I’d go for the #16 pick and a prospect. I like the scenario of getting someone like Vlasic and San Jose’s #28 pick. Basically the best return would really depend on the dance partner. Without Regehr, the Flames are thin on the backend. As it stands the Flames would have to fill the bottom 3 with guys who have been part time NHL’ers at best. Jbo, Gio and Sarich are your top 3 – yes Sarich!! Hopefully Brodie takes the next step, but then you’re only left with Mikkleson, and Carson with significant NHL experience. It’s doubtful that Breen and Baldwin are ready to step in.

  • To answer your questions:

    1. No, First rounder and High-Level prospect at the very least, no

    2. Yes, no, no

    3. McNeill if Mika is gone, Khokhlachev and Jonas Brodin

    4. Get rid of terrible contracts