"If ever there was a time for a good ol’ fashioned comeback this would be it. Win G3 for heavens sakes Boston you owe it to humanity." – Baron von Wanye von Gretzelstein IV, CMA , yesterday.

What a wonderful turn of events. Bigups to @NHL_imagineer for another great pic. This guy brings it almost as hard as the Bruins did last night.


There is already acres of digital print devoted to the Canucks collapse in G3 last night and there will be acres more made before the puck drops again tomorrow. Sure, we could talk about how Luongo should have been pulled earlier in the game or about how losing a defenceman so early in the match essentially effed the Canucks into a fifth game.

OR we could watch this video of some girl absolutely ruining the Stanley Cup Finals for her boyfriend last year.

Yes, let’s leave the commentary to the experts and the quasi related MTV comedy shorts to your ol’ pal Wanye.


That hit was crazy late and anyone who says that it isn’t doesn’t understand the terms ‘crazy’ or ‘late.’ We can understand the value of throwing a big hit if you are a Canuck D-Man but this is roughly example 1,457,923 of headshots that need to be taken out of the game.

Horton is out for the rest of the series and Rome now has a 4 game suspension.



Jordan Eberle is in the finals for the TSN play of the year with his heart stopping snipe against the Flames in the first game of the year. A goal so stupendous that it caused a bright eyed Wanye to run from his season screaming and purchase an Eberle jersey on the spot.

This sort of play deserves the full vote rigging attention of the Nation. If you have time speed over to TSN and vote for the good guy will ya?