Bourque to face disciplinary hearing


The Flames’ woes on the road continued last night with a loss versus the Capitals, and further bad news might be just around the corner. Rene Bourque has a hearing with the Sheriff today, following a hit on Nick Backstrom late in last night’s loss.

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With a hat tip to Kukla’s Korner, here’s video of the infraction:



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That’s not good. Bourque, at least to my eyes, appeared to target Backstrom’s noggin with his elbow, and given his recent run-in with the law after the Seabrook hit, there’s a chance he might get an extended vacation. That’s the type of predatory play that the league has been attempting to eliminate, so with Bourque’s past status factored in, another suspension seems like it could be in the cards. Thoughts?


Edit: 5 games for Bourque. Here’s the video explanation.


  • icedawg_42

    Man – that guy needs to wake up! There’s NOTHING more frustrating than sitting on the bench at a critical time of the game, and seeing one of “the usual suspects” take a dumb needless penalty. With Bork, it’s every game, he’ll take a stick infraction 200 feet from his goalie, when the game is on the line. This one, I think the elbow is pretty obvious….intent or no intent, he’s upright as tall as he can be, with his elbow up. Brace yourself Bork, long weekend ahead for you!

    • MC Hockey

      Agree 100% icedawg. I wish we could trade Bourque based on inconsistent efforts, bad penalties, bad attitude, etc. But the long-term but reasonable salary may scare away teams (as well as the inconsistency). Hey Toronto – how about Kulemin for him?

  • xis10ce

    Backstrom played another couple shifts and did not return to the game after those couple. I get the feeling that we got a bigger suspension coming up based on

    – Apparent Injury (see above)
    – Intent to injure (head targeted [appears to be])
    – Past history (Seabrook)

  • Reidja

    Is there any possibility we can get the NHL to give Bourque a 2 out of three suspension for the rest of the season? He seems to disappear for two games, then play well for one, then disappear for another 2….

  • Guys, some of us have played the game. Lets stop pretending. Bourque does what he does because he is allowed to. The coach never comes down hard on him, so why should he change the way he plays?

    When I did stupid stuff, I wouldn’t see the ice again. You stop doing stupid stuff pretty quick.

    Hate to blame the coach, but the amount of stupid, like RC said, is getting to be a joke, and to me, I point my finger at coach and his ability (or lack of it) to install some discipline.

    • Reidja

      Other than the idiot who throws the elbow, there are a lot of external participants in an infraction like this. Sure you could blame the coach, but you could also blame the NHL for the instigator rule…

      Bourque would think twice about doing this again if someone beat the snot out of him for it… which he certainly deserves.

        • RexLibris

          While I’m not necessarily a fan of the instigator rule, I agree that removing it wouldn’t have prevented Bourque, or anyone else, from doing this. It only means that teams start stockpiling the proverbial “nuclear deterrents”.

          All I can think when I see Bourque do this is “what the hell was he thinking?” I understand the idea of being fired up for a game and not liking your opponent, but to chicken-wing a guy in this situation against a team you hardly ever see and have very little history against just seems like such a brain-cramp that if he weren’t suspended I’d expect the coach to sit him down for awhile.

          It makes as much sense as a 6’6″ Sutton leaving his feet to hit a 6’4″ Ponikarovsky.

  • Graham

    I was hoping that Bourque would have a decent seasaon, and that we could possibly unload him at the trade deadline… Based on this season, guess we are stuck with his contract for this and four more seasons.

    Bourque has to be one of the most frustrating players on the team. He has the skills to dominate games, and the skills to be invisible, if not damaging to the squad.

    Problem is, the invisible / damaging skill’s seems to dominate. He seems to really miss Langkow at center.

  • Reidja

    Such a lack of respect is inexcusable. Does a phone hearing mean that his max suspension is 5? I’d give him 8-10 for that. Blatant intent to injure… And from a guy who was concussed by an elbow last season… Terrible.

  • BobB

    Crap….you can’t even be a homer and defend that it’s so obvious.

    I call 4 games. But it likely should be 6.

    And now we’re out how many regulars vs Boston? 6? Gio, Smith, Tanguay, Moss, Stajan and now Bourque.

    Man, we’re screwed against Boston. 5-0… I’m calling it now.

    • MC Hockey

      You are joking but may be right ville. He may have personal issues like Sean Avery or even Theoren Fleury (with no offense to either player) so perhaps the time off will help.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Bourque has trouble playing with intensity and emotion from game to game. I hope plays like this don’t creep further into his game when he tries to add heart into his performance. This is a truly selfish and stupid play, which deserves a lengthy suspension. I defended him (moderately) for the Seabrook hit because I thought it was a little heavy and he’s not normally a dirty player. I may need to re-think this now.

    Solution: trade this player. He still has value and should fetch a good return at the deadline. It would rid the team of an inconsistent and frustrating player.

  • MC Hockey

    One more idea, on Scott Taylor has suggested that Jets may want to consider trading Byfuglien. I would take him for Bourque and use as a forward! He can be, as Buffalo announcer Rick Generet says….”scary good”.

      • MC Hockey

        Just straight up brother. Seems fair to me. Both have great potential but one takes too many risks playing D (Buff) and should move to forward. Meanwhile the other guy(Bourque) has the inconsistency issues, and similar to Dion (High and Wide) Phaneuf, he may NEED a trade to wake him up and realize how lucky he is to make many times the average person for playing a game!

  • jeremywilhelm

    We need some defensive help bad. Its the Flames achilles heel by far. Bourque for a top 4 dman would be nice. Or a top 4 prospect looking to break in. There are alot more out there than you would think.

  • RKD

    Right from TSN:

    Bourque was more nebulous about his hit on Backstrom. Bourque was suspended two games last month for a hit on Brent Seabrook of the Chicago Blackhawks, and this one could lead to more time off the ice.

    “Did it look really bad? Was he hurt? I didn’t even know if I clipped him,” Bourque said. “I didn’t even know if I hit him in the head.”

    This guy is totally clueless, living in another reality. I don’t think he even cares if he gets suspended or traded.

    So he’s on pace for another 27 goal season, but big whoop if the Flames miss the post season. In fact, he’s on pace for 15-20 points less. He was a minus 17 last season.

  • Franko J

    Has Bourque taken over for Stajan as the most disliked Flame {whipping boy}?
    By reading all the blogging going on here I would think he is. Too bad, I really felt that when he played against Calgary as a Blackhawk, he stood out. Ever since Langkow was injured his play has declined. Another player who looked good somewhere else and comes to this team and plays poorly.
    Trading Bourque would be good thing right now or at the deadline.

    • MC Hockey

      You must have seen his best games then as his best years whave clearly been as a Flame. In 3 seasons with the Hawks he scored 16,7 and 10 goals and played 3rd/4th line in mostly pre Kane/Toews era.
      In spite of his fall off as a player he was a solid force for the Flames for a time. He has the ability to be a top power forward but seems to lack motivation.
      Probably a change of scenery might do it for him, unfortunately the 2 recent suspensions can’t help his marketability.

  • RexLibris

    Okay, so here is what you do: get Peter Chiarelli REALLY drunk (as in MASH-drunk) and convince him that you’ve got an R. Bourque to trade and let his inebriated mind make the mistake. Then trade him for Dougie Hamilton and a first round pick. Get the papers signed and registered with the NHL quickly before anyone can file a grievance and you’re laughing.

  • Franko J

    @ Rex Librus

    Maybe Feaster can convince a few more GM’s to go on a retreat in the mountains, get them drunk, have some incriminating pictures. Then we can have some lopsided trades in our favor for once.
    Only to dream.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Byfuglien is, for whatever reason, way more effective on D than at forward. He’s not a defensive stalwart, but the amount of shots he directs at the opposing net more than cover up for any defensive liability he brings.