Hello There


My name is Justin Azevedo. You may have seen my name over at the other site I contribute to or in the comment section here. As of now, I’m FlamesNation’s newest writer (you’re off the hook, VF!) and I also produce the NHL Numbers Podcast.

I don’t really like introductory posts because I find them to be quite self-congratulatory, but I’ll do my best to keep this one comfotable for everyone to read.

Let’s start with my hockey experience. I’ve played at “A” and “AA” levels all the way up through Midget, where my last year was spent at a sports school in town. Recently I’ve had some time with a Junior B team in town. Point is, I’ve played hockey at high levels and I’ve done so recently. For the most part, I manned the blue line but I also had a couple of seasons at forward sprinkled in there.

Writing-wise, I’ve been credentialed by the Flames for a few games this season. I’ve also been writing over at Matchsticks and Gasoline for half a year and before that at the now-defunct 4th Line Blog. I also maintain a tumblr blog for fun.

Personally, I’m 20 years old, 6’1 and 230 on a good day. I’m working on a Double Major at the University of Calgary and I enjoy beer. My father’s been around the Flames for a while, being empolyed by them for almost 15 years and I’ve taken advantage of that a few times. My first article of clothing was a Flames onezie.

I understand how things like “leadership” and “grit” and “clutch” are important to mainstream fans. I’m not a fan of fighting…meaning I think it should be abolished completely. I’m a big believer in advanced stats and despise narratives.

Anyhoo, I’m sure we’ll get to know each other in time. I look forward to joining the team.