Postgame: What a Beating

In a season full of bad performances, the Calgary Flames sunk to their lowest depths Thursday night, finishing their seven game stretch away from home with an embarrassing 9-0 loss to the Boston Bruins.  The debacle of monumental proportions started just 74 seconds in and didn’t end until Daniel Paille scored Boston’s ninth of the night shorthanded at 8:43 of the third period.  You can make it five straight losses for Calgary after this one.

What Happened

I’m just copying and pasting the scoring summary.

1. Boston, Seguin 16 (Bergeron, Pouliot) 1:14
2. Boston, Lucic 14 (Horton, Krejci) 3:17
3. Boston, Krejci 9 (Peverley, Chara) 8:49 (pp)

4. Boston, Bergeron 10 (Seguin, Pouliot) 1:19
5. Boston, Kelly 13 (Ference, Peverley) 2:06
6. Boston, Horton 11 (Lucic, Chara) 4:15
7. Boston, Horton 12 (Seidenberg, Krejci) 14:31

8. Boston, Bergeron 11 (Seguin, Pouliot) 5:49
9. Boston, Paille 7, 8:43 (sh)

Calgary   10  9  6 25
Boston    15 19  8 42   
Goal (shots-saves) Calgary: Irving (L,1-1-2)(21-15), Kiprusoff (4:15 second)(21-18); Boston: Rask (W,9-4-1).
Power plays (goals-chances) Calgary: 0-2; Boston: 1-2.

One Good Reason…

…why the Flames lost?  Look at the score.

Red Warrior

Sum It Up

The Flames play Minnesota on Saturday night.

  • Franko J

    Everyone is talking trade.e
    What other GMs in their right mind would want to trade for the players that the Flames have?

    For example, If I was GM of say Dallas, why would I trade a prospect/ draft pick for a player like Bourque? Why would I want a loser mentality in the dressing room. The way this team is performing on the ice, why would I bring in a player who is going to bring the team down.

  • jeremywilhelm

    Tough loss, but i have been expecting this sort of domination every time they play Van/Chi/Det etc, the fact that this has happened just now is amazing to me.

    But anyways, holy shit, do I love Brodie.

    I have a serious Brod-ner for him. He is everything I thought Bouwmeester would be, but with more offense! haha, hyperbole aside, kid is damn nice to see.

    I can’t fault any of the young kids, I mean, tough for middling prospects to succeed on a decent team, much less this bottom 10 team. Let em play and let the season play out, dump some contracts at the deadline for a decent prospect or a middling round pick and free up some space and start the team over for real in the off season without the dead weight of Jackman, Kostopolous, Sarich, Morrison, Hannan, et al.

    Let Jarome retire a Flame, but any of the other “vets” can disappear, and that includes that melonhead Jokinen, his hockey intellegence is peewee at best. No one can take Bouwmeesters minutes, but maybe trade him for 2 decent defensemen and split his minutes up.

    and for godsakes, play Brodie every second shift!

  • Willi P

    captain ron, feaster has made sum good moves to shed salary and get younger players inn. i wouldve liked to have someone with a more solid draft record. i dont think he was the best available. blue chips are what we need, we dont have enough of them. trading the 2nd rd pick was a bad move, for a guy who is playing in the spengler cup. hope im wrong. darryl sutter did leave a mess, hard to clean up.i remember the lean years and we need to hit bottom to get better.9th or 10th is the worst place to be with a gm who hasnt built anything

    • Captain Ron

      Hey Al, You may be right about there being better choices for GM (our opinion not the owners or president) but those in charge thought otherwise. I’ve said it more than once in my circle of people who give a crap about the team that if your going to miss the playoffs you may as well be 30th in the league since 9th or 10th could leave you in never never land for years. As for Feaster well he did have some influence in Tampa Bay with some success. How much influence who knows but I do see him as someone who is smart enough to surround himself with better hockey people than him that will help make the decisions. He’s more than a talking head for sure but no doubt there are checks and balances in place for player moves beyond his thoughts and ideas. As for the 2nd rounder I have a feeling that there was a good deal of owner influence in moving Kotalik’s boat anchor salary. I’m personally not going to judge him too harshly yet until I see what he is like when dealing a little more from a position of strength. That might take a while though. Like it or not our team isn’t deep enough to survive the key injuries we have right now. Its no surprise we were exposed tonight by the cup champs. I just hope rock bottom isn’t Edmonton bad.

  • GermanFlame

    There is one positive thing out of this….. There is no way Vancouver beats this Bruins team in a 7 game series. =No cup Vancouver?

    Yeah? Positives? Woo?

    Yeah, who am I kidding, no time for positives tonight, that one deserved the UGLY award (That’s Hockey 2 nite).

    Happy New year to all the people involved with Flamesnation, I know its slightly delayed (Like Canada’s effort in the semifinal game vs the Russians), but 2012 should be a big year in Flames land and I look forward to getting great info+analysis from this site.

    p.s TEH Schevvy, next time I will attempt to stick around a little longer in the chat and hopefully make it out to more of them!

  • Vintage Flame

    This is definitely the low of the low.

    Pat, I listened to what the callers said on OT and I tried to get through but Jazzy went on like he was on Donahue [just kidding jazzy]. Something that really got me was how many people were saying, “Okay, enough is enough, it’s time to blow it up”. Am I missing something here? Is there some special rule that says when you get blown out 9-0 by the defending Stanley Cup champions that it automatically negates all your NTC’s or NMC’s?

    Feel free to be pissed off people but the painful fact remains that the Calgary Flames are in the exact same position they were before they took to the ice in Beantown. I couldn’t believe how many people were saying trade this guy [well you can’t] or trade that guy [well you can’t].. and my favorite was the one caller that said,

    Iggy owes it to the fans to move on.

    Pardon? Well first of all caller, you can’t. Did you not hear that… Oh ok, YOU CAN’T.

    Then there was the other caller that said Sutter should be fired immediately because he left Irving in for 6 goals…. Awwwe, was that not a nice thing to do? Listen, stiffen up a grow a pair. Irving has done very well since being recalled, he hasn’t tasted defeat in regulation time and that’s great and all, but if you really want to see what this kid is about… how does he handle defeat?

    What the hell did anyone expect in starting him against Boston? What did Irving expect? It’s not like Irving has never lost before, it’s not like he’s never been blown out before, it WON’T be the last time in his career. It comes with the job and all the accolades of being a professional goalie in the NHL. Irving knew what he was getting into when he signed up for the gig.

    Granted, probably no one thought they were going to be drilled 9-0, but come on, in the end it was a loss of two points. When you play as crappy as they did tonight, I don’t care if you lose 2-0 or 9-0.. But this notion that you need to fire Sutter because you left Irving in for 6 is ridiculous.

    That being said, if you need to fire Sutter because he has lost the dressing room, like you suggested on OT, then that is entirely a different story and one that has merit.

    Anyways, good on ya Pat for giving the Flames post game, quite frankly what it deserved. I’d go ahead and give the Red Warrior to Brodie as well, that kid is sick and any rookie D-man that can lose 9-0, log 25 min of ice time and finish with a +/- of 0.. Is okay in my books; but I see where you’re coming from.

    Maybe instead of “Every Game Matters” as a slogan, the Flames could steal from Hollywood and just go with…
    We ride together, we die together.. bad boys for life!

    Of course with completely different connotations!

    • Truculence

      I doubt Sarich or Stajan would raise any fuss about being traded to any other team in the NHL. Kipper’s NTC is gone at the end of the year. Tanguay, Borque, and Babchuk have modified NTC’s which allow them to list up to 10 teams they won’t be traded to. Babchuk would prolly ok a trade to anyone.

      That leaves JBo, Iggy, Gio, Jokinen and Glencross. Love Glenny and Gio, as they are probably the only two who will out-perform their contracts, so NTC’s a non-factor. Iggy would waive if management asked him to go to a contender. As for Jbo, who knows? I could personally live with that contract, as he is not a bad defender, but under-performs relative to his contract. Jokinen would undoubtedly waive if the Flames approached him, as he probably sees the writing on the wall: there is no future for him in the Flames. He’ll probably be playing on a second or third line in Chicago or some team in the east after the deadline. Book it.

      In sum, big changes could be made

  • febreze

    Congratulations for not looking silly. Congratulations for finally being right about ONE game! Finally the predictions by fans of Flame rivals were true. Before every game against a top team “The Flames are going to get crushed” and *sigh* it doesn’t happen, does it? Well it did. This is their gift to you. This is your victory because, on the ice, your team couldn’t do it for you.

    NEWSFLASH! – The Flames are not awesome…but had they won they would have been .500 on their longest road trip of the season. But they didn’t win, they got vapourized by the best team in the league in their 7th consecutive road game. They are playing around .650 hockey at home. Yes, they need changes and have made MANY changes already. Feaster stepped into a very difficult sitation and I think should have a chance to finish what he started.

    I’m not numb, I’m not panicking, I’m not angry. I’m a fan of a .500 hockey club who is currently rebuilding but just not in the fashionable way.

  • febreze

    Quick note here. Did you notice how quickly Pat’s game summary of a 9-0 crushing was openly posted here (the game being over in the second period helped that) as humbling as this event was? When the Flames beat the Canucks on December 23rd that game summary was curiously absent from the Canucks Army site. The game summaries for Vancouver’s preceding win on December 21st against the Red Wings and their Boxing Day win against the Oilers did, however, make the cut.

    Thanks Flamesnation for baring warts and all and not sanitizing even the most embarrassing of events. That was my first and last time on the Canucks Army site. It was really different than this site in that the articles were very self-appreciating and the Canucks never seem to be wrong.

  • beloch

    Okay… Think of something positive… Think of something positive…


    Okay. You know how the Flames seem to just barely miss getting points in a lot of games despite a valiant effort? You know, the ol’ trailing by one and ringing the post ten times in the final frame story? After that sort of game Sutter says “Welp, I’m happy with our effort!”. Then the team does the same thing all over again the very next game.

    This wasn’t that kind of game. Ears are going to be chewed off. Butts are going to be kicked. Tomorrow will be an epic bag skate. A different team will show up on Saturday.

    Better a blow-out than another “happy with our effort” game.

  • everton fc

    Still don’t get why people seem to support Feaster here. Or at least want to give him some “time”.

    A better GM would have parlayed far more for Regher than Butler and Byron. Neither have proven themselves in the NHL. Both may be in the AHL at some time… perhaps for some time…

    Even dumping Kotalik’s contract as part of the move… Again, a better GM would have (could have) parlayed more.

    I could go on about Modin… PL3… And I will second the comment about drafting smallish forwards – I thought the same as I drove around town to Estate Sales on draft day, thinking “nice picks… but a little on the small side…” Not to mention most teams would have picked up Baertschi at the #13 spot if he was available…

    We need a new President, a new GM and a new coach. If you sacrifice Brent, call up Ward. He seems composed, articulate, the type of coach who works well with young players… Whose unafraid to call a spade a spade, and with incredible tact. He’s in the organization; give him a whirl. What do we have to lose?

    I agree we won’t be making any major personnel moves until the deadline… But again, a good GM could (would?) make moves now, as we are not that far off playoff pace…

    Even if a new (better) GM knew in their gut his boys weren’t going to make the playoffs… You never quit. You don’t create a culture of quitters, waiting for the hallowed lottery pick which may never come…

    We have a culture of “what until next year”. “Wait until we rebuild”. And so on. Do you really trust Feaster and company with our young players?


    They are also losing the fan base, and as we know here, when this team is really bad… the fan base finds other things to do…

    The time is now. You let Iggy retire here, if he wants to. He may choose to move on. Let him.

    You move Kipper at the deadline, giving Irving as many starts as possible in the interim. See what you got. The time is now for Irving. When Karlsson’s back, he goes to Abby as the regular goalie, then comes up at the deadline. See what he’s made of. He may be a career AHL tender. Find out now. He’s not a youngster.

    You try your best to unload the likes of JBo, Babchuk, Sarich… Morrison (who I’d actually love to see behind the bench as an assistant, or in the front office somewhere with Conroy)…

    You move Bourque for whatever you can get. Maybe shop Moss or Stempniak (I’d keep the latter and sacrifice the former). You offer Comeau a contract depending on his season. I get a sense this kids a career third line player, but he can play all forward positions…

    I wouldn’t put too much stock in players like Byron, but give them their shot. Nemisz, too. Heck, if I could unload some of the people above (add Kosto, who I like, and maybe even Jackman, whose offence is gone), I’d even sign Kolanos and give him a whirl. Or Rheault. Show the players in the depth chart that this organization is truly changing, and opening up auditions for anyone who’ll come to the rink and “just giver” every game, like Brodie did last evening. But I’m not a GM. Probably a good thing, hey?!

    Bourque, JBo, Babchuk, Sarich, Kosto, Jackman… Butler (whose no better than a 5-6 d-man)… Perhaps Hannan (I’d like a 5-6 pairing of Hannan and Smith next season)… Moss… Perhaps Stempniak, whose become cold… And, yes, Backlund. I personally think he’s never going to be more than a 25 point-a-season 3rd line centre, which is okay… I guess… Parlay and/or package this cast of also rans to whomever will take them. Cut your losses now and start fresh. If possible, of course. Who doesn’t like a fresh start when you know you’re beaten?

    You get the new GM in… hopefully the new President… And THEN make your moves. Re-arrange the deck chairs. And so on. You take the best you can get for the cancers and albatrosses.

    You rebuild.

    I’d hold onto Gio, Iggy, Brodie (obviously), Smith… Actually, I’d hold Joker for one year… He’s playing well… Glencross… They’d be my 2nd line/3rd line options… Give the youth time to find their footing, along with new acquisitions who want to be here, can skate… are bigger than 5’10/5’11″…

    I’d take long looks at Stempniak and Comeau. No loss if you lose them. Ditto Byron.

    The fourth line is our most consistent. If we had three good lines above them, and particularly a real good first line, our fourth line some evenings is the best in the league. Or one of the best. Too bad you can’t retain them in a rebuild. All are expendable.

    Stajan… offer him a career-rebuild in the KHL. See if he bites. If not, move him to the minors and eat the contract. See Redden. Souray. Avery. Others. You have to do what you have to do to make a point and chart a new course…

    I know some will blast this comment. Particularly the suggestion we give Kolanos and Rheault (and maybe Ward as coach) a look. Doesn’t matter. Just a fan dreaming, as GM.

    A fan dreaming as GM who now has to get to his real job… Thank God It’s Friday!


  • GermanFlame

    The flames have no heart and little talent. The owners obviously don’t care very much about the season ticket holders( 97% sold out….to quote ken king)or any of the other fans. It seemed like the Bruins held back last night and are getting ready for the canuks

  • Super_Gio

    When was the last time the Flames took a beating like this? This is a sign the Flames are not only not going to make the playoffs, but their efforts so far this year have been comepletely in vain. In the slimmest of chances they do make the playoffs, I think they’d be in for more games like this one. Ugly. Real Ugly. The effect will either make the Flames rally and be better, or, more likely, fall apart even further.

    P.S. I’m an Oiler fan and really enjoyed reading this article. Good writing Pat.

  • GermanFlame

    “We will never rebuild”

    Signed: The worst GM and President in the leauge for not recognizing that there is a major problem here.

    Blow it up already. Once Iggy gets his 500th goal, ship him out. He deserves it. What a waste of a great career.

  • Super_Gio

    My prediction is Iginla scores Saturday night. At home and on HNIC will provide the most adulation.

    Then the real rebuild can start. One would have to think that Bruins game would have Iginla reconsidering his ‘I want to stay’ stance, but who knows for sure.

    Well, if you call this game a measuring stick against how we compare to the best team in the league the Flames have some work to do.

  • RexLibris

    Regardless of the NMCs and NTCs on the roster, I think the players themselves have reduced their value on the market to the point where moving any upcoming UFAs at the deadline will get you only marginal returns (draft picks in round 5 and later) given Feaster’s history of losing trades.

    When evaluating the potential trades for some of these players (Bourque, Jokinen, Stajan, Sarich, Stempniak) I have to ask “what would you give up to put them on your team?” to determine what another GM might feel is fair value. None of these players, given both their recent performance and history, would demand much in return.

    If the team repeats this one or more times down through the rest of the season I have to wonder how the media will approach Feaster and his bombastic comments made eearlier this season about where the Oilers and Flames will finish relative to each other. They may still finish higher than the Oilers, but it hardly seems like something to be proud if the season becomes a dismal failure.

    As I have said before, I believe that the Flames will rebuild. However I am also inclined to think that the franchise will need to be brought around to that determination by repeated (and unpleasent) introductions to reality, perhaps against their will. The Boston game was one such occasion. The Edmonton example is going to start coming up more and more in comments here, questions from local media, and analysis on television and radio. However, it should be noted that there had to be a great deal of change within the Oilers organization before that direction was taken, and it came from ownership. It could be that the Flames will come to the realization quickly that they need to spend the next four years rebuilding their franchise from the top (management) to the bottom (farm team and amateur procurement). Or they may spend the next two years trying to patchwork the problems (more so than they have thus far) by talking about rebuilding on the fly and using alternate means of acquiring talent. I believe that this is the path that Feaster and King will choose (and remember that Brian Burke attempted this and that it didn’t work). They will parrot examples like Philadelphia until eventually the team will falter to the point that there will be no other direction to take.

    I don’t mean to be depressing Flames fans (the games are doing a much better job of that than I could manage). I just wanted to try and give an outside perspective. And don’t forget, you still get to play the Oilers a few more times this year.

    • Vintage Flame

      If the team repeats this one or more times down through the rest of the season I have to wonder how the media will approach Feaster and his bombastic comments made eearlier this season about where the Oilers and Flames will finish relative to each other. They may still finish higher than the Oilers, but it hardly seems like something to be proud if the season becomes a dismal failure.

      To be fair to Feaster; when Jay made those comments to the caller, he was making them i reference to the belief that Calgary should follow the same path as the Oil. He was against that and pointed out that the Oil’s methodology has gotten them no further than before. And Rex, to a degree he is still right.

      The Oilers are once again near the basement and below the Flames, so Edm fans might want to question their own Pres and GM before jumping on Feaster’s back for calling the Oilers out.

      Yes this is an abysmal season but you can’t tell me the Flames would be better off now blowing the ship out of the water and starting from scratch.

      • “Yes this is an abysmal season but you can’t tell me the Flames would be better off now blowing the ship out of the water and starting from scratch”.

        So typical of Flames Fans and their “stand by your man” attitude.

        They’ve tried everything else. How can you say blowing it up would be worse than what they have now. Other than Columbus, this is the worst team in the NHL.

  • RexLibris

    @Rex – if the message didn’t get through last night it never will. Hell, I’ve been using the now common Sundin comparison since the summer of 2008.

    My hope (and belief) is that Calgary’s best assets are worth more as parts than as their current sum.

  • Danny Lawson

    What the Flames lack in skill and talent they make up for in stupidity and soft play.

    So many fans seem more concerned that Iggy & Kipper remain Flames out of some misplaced loyalty than managing “assets” for the long-term health of the franchise.
    While I understand fans can fall in love with players, team managment shouldn’t if they are wise.

    I’d trade the Flames roster for the Oilers roster straight across any day, any week. If there’s a franchise with less talent or depth than the Flames, I haven’t seen it.

  • So glad I was at the IIHF Bronze/Silver and then Gold rounds and isolated from this debacle – except I put my radio on again in the evening for a sec in case the Russia v Sweden was being broadcast on 960 and oh oh I heard 5-0 Boston at that point, oh my goodness, just hid from it and enjoyed Sweden’s joy and forgot about the Flames for the rest of the night, just too much bad stuff there — and to see the Sweden guys skate around the Dome with the Trophy while the Flames were in Boston churning into chowder ..

    It will be a gleeful moment if Iggy gets 500 Saturday, or at least at home now. Other than that — what’s going to happen, I’m perplexed atm.

  • Ten Fixes For The Flames:

    1 – Get rid of Grandpa Ken King and his “everything is fine” attitude.

    2 – Ship Brent back to the Sutterite colony.

    3 – Get rid of any Assistant Coach with more than two years within the organization.

    4 – Fire EVERYONE currently associated with the scouting team.

    5 – Trade anyone and everyone to get some warm bodies, to ride out the season, and some draft picks.

    6 – Bring up a bunch of the Kids from the farm and let them get their feet wet.

    7 – Whoever is in charge of strength and conditioning needs to be shown the door.

    8 – Feaster is a disaster – A GM needs to be a “real” hockey guy with “real” hockey experience.

    9 – Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild – even if it takes two or three years.

    10 – Most importantly – try to find a way to sell the team to ONE OWNER. Owner by committee is killing this club!!!!!