Cammalleri Trade Reactions


Sometimes it’s good to step outside the bubble and get feel for what others are saying. Here’s a collection of other analyses and reactions to the Cammalleri/Bourque swap:

Montreal fan and writer Olivier Bouchard counts scoring chances for the Habs. Here’s his excellent, in-depth scouting report of Cammalleri:

First, the usual from behindthenet: Amongst forwards with 20+ games played, top CorsiRelQualComp, slightly sub-par corsiRel, poor on-ice sv% (.901) and average on-ice sh% (8,94%). Pretty high zone starts at 54%.

On Cammalleri the sniper – 

I wrote a little something on Cammalleri right before christmas: (warning! French!)

I did this because it was already pretty clear that Cammalleri’s name was circulating and a week later Gauthier was pretty much singling him out with Plekanec as under-performing vets who were part of the reason why the Habs were crappy (Gauthier also alluded to the fact that the team had been over the salary floor for 4 out the the team’s first 40 games of the season).

Anyways, to summarize what’s written in the blogpost, which was about individual scoring chances (or last touch on chance): After Eric Cole, Cammalleri was the top scoring chance getter on the Habs at Even Strength (1.5 SC / 15 minutes of play) and the club’s best scoring chance getter on the power play (4.4 / 15 to Cole’s 3.8). The habs and their opponents have, over the 2 and a half year I’ve recorded SC data, converted between 14 and 17% of their chances into goals, and this doesn’t change much wether you are on special teams or at ES (same for the Flames).

Cammalleri has, since the beginning of the season, scored 1 goal on 28 PP SC (4%) and 6 on 48 ES SC (12% – the two remaining goals he’s had at ES were non-SC goals). He’s not having a thunderous season, but he’s been snakebitten on the PP, that’s for sure.

On Cammalleri’s usage in Montréal – 

You know very well Cammalleri’s strength is the offensive zone. In MTL, he was mostly paired with Plekanec in a Power vs Power role. One should note that Cammalleri was often replaced by Moen for DZone faceoffs and double-shifted with other lines for offensive zone faceoffs. But still, Jacques Martin used him in a role that was sub-optimal (you really want him out of a pure PvP setup for he isn’t terribly fast or good in the defensive zone) with the expected goal of giving some legit offensive ooomph to Plekanec who, otherwise, would be stuck with Kostitsyn, Moen or whomever.

Those were the last two seasons.

This year, Gauthier chose to stack the low end of the depth chart with rookies. Once vets started to get injured (well Gomez was the straw that broke the Camel’s back), Jacques Martin relied ever more heavily on his remaining vets to kinda sorta shelter the rookies. Plekanec and Cammalleri were on the receiving end of the deal.

KW Notes: This is mostly good news. It refelcts what we know about Cammalleri (not really a PvP option), but it also shows he has generated chances at a team best rate on MTL this year and his poor output this season is mostly to do with bad luck.

– Next up, Oiler fans Scott Reynolds and the Nations own Jonathan Willis each give the trade a thumbs up from the Flames perspective:

The question for me is which guy is a better bet going forward, and I’d be betting on Cammalleri for sure. He has a longer track record of success, his peak years are much better, and even though he makes a bit more now (his $6M cap hit compares to just $3.33M for Bourque), Cammalleri’s contract contains less risk because it expires at the end of the 2013-14 season, shortly before his 32nd birthday; Bourque’s doesn’t expire until after the 2015-16 season, at which point he’ll already be 34.

As for the extras, I think the Flames do better here too. The difference between a mid-second rounder and a fifth-rounder is significant, but (a) both picks are still very unlikely to become top players (about 15% for the 2nd and 4% for the 5th), and (b) the Flames get to make their pick one year sooner, which helps to bridge that gap even more. And what little difference there is there is more than made up for in the swap of young players. Granted, Patrick Holland is having a good season in the WHL, but he’s also 20. You never know, of course, but I’d be pretty surprised to see him make it to the NHL. Karri Ramo, on the other hand, could be a significant help to the Flames in the long-term. 

That’s from Reyonlds over at Copper and Blue. Jonathan also likes the Ramo addition:

In addition to Cammalleri, the Flames add Karri Ramo, who has been lights out in the KHL for three seasons now. Ramo went across the pond after a short and not especially successful career as the Tampa Bay Lightning’s backup goaltender; nevertheless he’s just 25 years old and has been getting better every year. With Miikka Kiprusoff and Henrik Karlsson both signed for next season it isn’t clear where Ramo might fit, but he’s definitely an asset with considerable value.

For an in-depth take, listen to the Globe and Mail’s discussion with Sean Gordon and Eric Duhatschek here. The podcast is a bit too long to summarize, outside of "it’s complicated".

– Over at, Mark Spector suggests the Flames are still headed in the wrong direction. He shares the misgivings of some of the Calgary base that Calgary’s management is clinging to frail hopes that will only delay and complicate an inevitable rebuild. 

– Bruce Peter of Habs blog Eyes on the Prize isn’t terribly jazzed about the trade or Montreal’s management in general at the moment. His article is titled The Losingest Losers That Ever Lost. The same blog also found out that Patrick Holland made an appearance on Reddit last night and allowed reddit users to ask him questions.

– Our own Justin Azevedo put together a roundtable discussion over at M&G. The reaction is varied but mostly positive.

That’s likely just a sample of what’s out there. Feel free to add others in the comments.

  • BobB

    That’s a poor picture of Ramo to “sell” him. His hands should be up and in a relaxed ready position. He’s using swinging arms to carry momentum through his butterfly slide…or he’s being lazy (which is also very likely. Luongo and Kiprusoff are two of the worst for that)

    Maybe that’s what he’s been working on in the KHL.

    I still believe Ramo has no value until he proves something. There are too many goalies. He may have potential, but that’s not “considerable value.”

    … I really wish we had the same line-up and made this trade in a parrallel universe 5 years ago. When the playoffs could actually happen this year, and we may actually have been able to look forward to seasons of contending playoffs.

    We’re like the Ghosts of Potential’s Past now…

    I really wish Bourque brought back a 24-26 year old.

  • RKD

    Going to celebrate my birthday today by going to the game!

    I never thought those tickets would be so special, but luckily I get too see the return of Cammalleri and Darryl. Plus Gio is back in the lineup.

    I hope Cammy can stay healthy, start shooting a lot more and the pucks start going in. I think he is a guy that can help us on the road.

  • RexLibris

    Based on the way Gauthier has been managing his team of late I’m wondering if the Oilers have any French-Canadian or francophone players we could trade for a 1st round pick this year or next. At this rate it could promise to be a top 5 pick fairly easily.

    With a healthy Giordano and the return of Cammalleri hopefully the Flames will start to put some pressure on the other mid-standings teams like Minnesota, L.A., Dallas, Nashville and Colorado. The greater the squeeze on them the easier it will be for sellers to make trades. Not to mention, as much as I am an Oiler fan, I’d rather see the Flames in the playoffs than Dallas or Minnesota. Those two teams can be so painfully boring to watch.

  • According to the Flames’ website, looks like Cammy is indeed skating with Backlund and Stempniak. Gio will be skating with Badchuk and Brodie with Sarich.

    Hopefully we can get Tanguay back soon and then really get a good couple top lines!

  • I think another component that gets ignored is that in 2 years Cammi will still have at least a 2nd round or better value in 2 years. Wonder what Bourques value is in 4 years in Canadiens are trying to trade him at the deadline? Who knows, he’s not french so maybe Canadiens try to flip him this year. Another thing that I was thinking & maybe correct me if I’m wrong, did we not give up a 1st rounder to LA for Cammi with 1 year left on his contract? Then Darryl seem to have no interest in resigning him & he walked for free, in essence, a squandered 1st rounder for a 1 year rental. & if I’m not correct Darryl flipped Tanguay to Montreal for a 1st to replace the one he lost for Cammi. I read the Herald tribute & history & quotes of Darryl in the Herald today & his actions were sure different than what he said. Thats amazing, & upper management never ever questioned him for the contradictions of philosophy versus decisions. What a spin on the game tonight, who would have thunk it.

  • Originally I was excited about this trade but after some reflection it appears that Cammalleri will be an upgrade over Bourque but that upgrade will prevent the Flames from getting the type of player that they really need to compete with Iginal no longer being a power-vs-power player. Also Cammalleri additional cap hit will prevent them from even attempting to get that p-v-p player in free agency market this off season.

    The Flames should have been targeting one of the power-vs-power players that doesn’t put up lots of points so they might have been available for a high price. The addition of a p-v-p player would enable them to match up against the top lines in the league and put the one way offensive players that we do have in a position to win games vs the lesser lights. The Flames should have been trying to get some like Martin Hanzal out of Phoenix and overpaying to do so if need be. Cammalleri won’t give us the p-v-p match up that is really need to stay competitive.

    If this team isn’t solidly in the playoff come this time next year hopefully they will blow it up and try to shorten the rebuilding phase that is all but certainly on the horizon.

  • ville de champignons

    Always was a Cammalleri fan – to the point that I’ll probably always remember where I was when I heard the news. Man-crush? Oh, yeah.

    Good article, Kent, and thanks for the link to the Gordon-Duhatschek piece at the Globe. I liked Gordon’s tongue-in-cheek line, “What if Cammalleri was traded for two first round picks and a roster player at the end of the year?”

    That line encapsulates why the trade is a good one for the Flames: We got rid of a player who was being shopped with little interest from other GMs. In Cammi, we get a guy who will help with his on-ice skill but who in no way handicaps the Flames in their slow-motion rebuild, whether they decide to move him for “younger pieces” or keep him as part of a transitional core.

    Despite his recent numbers, there is nothing mediocre about Cammalleri’s play. He wants and expects to win, every game. Players around him will have to play with more passion. He never wanted to leave Calgary. Stick an ‘A’ on his sweater before the game tonight.

    No matter what side of the deal you are on, one thing seems certain: this trade will define our view of Feaster’s handling of the GM role for a long time. Jay is slowly dragging me out of the “Burn it Down” camp back to the “Lets try to win and rebuild at the same time” side of things. Dammit.

    Does this suddenly make the Flames a contender? Heck no. Uh..HELL NO. But for the first time in a long time it gives us more options, whatever direction management is actually taking.

    Re: The game tonight

    There are so many story lines to this one it makes me wish I’d chosen journalism over architecture. Prediction: Flames will need to generate more than 14(?!) or 19(!?) shots (last 2 games) to get a clean win. Enjoy the ride, everybody.