The Sky is Closer than the Gutter

    Some have questioned the wisdom of the Flames recent commitment to once again fight and claw for a playoff run. Others, myself included, have also cynically noted there may be powerful financial motivations driving the decision makers to charge forward rather than fall back.


Babchuk vs Regehr, Part Two

    A lot of people think that statistical analysis of hockey is complete nonsense, and last week we showed how these detractors appear quite justified when virtually every defensive statistic agrees that Anton Babchuk is as good as (or even better than) Robyn Regehr defensively.


Postgame: Somehow…

The Calgary Flames have scored just four regulation goals in their last four games, yet they’ve won a pair of those games and have five of a possible eight points.  It’s not what you’d call a sustainable brand of hockey, but it’s worked to this point, and they picked up another win Thursday night by…

Game 48 – Flames vs Kings Live Chat

Game 47 – Flames vs Kings Live Chat With all the drama of the Sutter brothers feud and Cammalleri’s return drained by the game last week, this contest comes down to the Flames simply trying to hang around the playoff picture. Calgary currently hangs on to the last rung on the WC ladder before a steep…