Game 48 – Flames vs Kings Live Chat

With all the drama of the Sutter brothers feud and Cammalleri’s return drained by the game last week, this contest comes down to the Flames simply trying to hang around the playoff picture. Calgary currently hangs on to the last rung on the WC ladder before a steep drop-off into the basement. The Flames 48 points is good enough for 12th – above them are no less than 4 clubs clawing for 8th. Below them is Anahim at 39 points and then oblivion.

Calgary played well enough in San Jose to get a point. Their new top line played Thornton et al to a standstill at ES. They’ll need that to continue at least this evening to pull some points out of LA. The ugly 6-game roadie to start the new year put the Flames this far behind the 8-ball. Coming out of this 3-gamer under .500 would be bad news for an organization who has put it’s weight solidly behind charing for the post-season.

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