GDB 47.0: Here’s how you know it’s bad


(Wanye has instituted a new rule when it comes to BoA’s: winner of the last game gets to write the losers game day post. Naturally I readily agreed because it benefited my side of the conflict. So for those Oilers faithful wondering why a scummy Flames fan is penning your GDB, kindly refer all complaints to Mr. Wanye Gretz III, Esq. – KW) 

Things can’t be easy for the Edmonton Oilers these days.

Everyone is hurt (or at least faking injuries) and Taylor Hall is paying teammates to step on his face, all so they don’t have to play for the Oilers. And really, given how badly things have gone lo these past every-year-since-they-accidentally-made-the-Cup-final, who can blame them?

They’re a bad team with no real future in front of them and it would be too bad if they were at all sympathetic characters, which they are not. By all appearances, they seem destined for yet another 30th-place finish and No. 1 overall pick, which they’ll likely squander as they did the ones for Hall and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

But the worst indignity of all, one supposes, is that the Oilers are not only so bad that players are missing three weeks with skinned knees, but rather that they actually give the Calgary Flames someone they can feel superior to. I hope you understand how embarrassing that is. Entering tonight’s game – a tap-in W for the Flames if ever there was one – the visitors had a 12-point lead in the standings over their hosts, which if you’d seen the former play lately, would befuddle you to no end.

And this despite Edmonton starting the season as one of the hottest teams in the league, and Calgary having been sub-mediocre throughout. How depthlessly bad do you have to be to have, at one point, led the Western Conference, only to watch the Flames, who have no players under the age of 46, blow your doors off around mid-November?

The answer, obviously, is "as bad as the Oilers are, were and will continue to be in perpitude." This is a hockey team in a province full of them that sets the standard for abysmal. From the ice, to behind the bench to the front office. Just because they’re dressed like Gretzky and Kuri doesn’t mean they’re going to score like them. And I mean as a team.

Oilers notes

Okay so I’m supposed to follow the format of the previous Flames-fan-written GDBs because that’s just what happens but I have prepared very little in the way notes for the Oilers because who wants to waste their time reading about how ugly Taylor Hall is these days? (Very.)

But just because it’s you, I will go to the Edmonton Journal’s website and see what’s what.

"Lander, most of his teammates struggling offensively"

Well who could have seen this coming? THE Anton Lander? Struggling offensively? It’s unbelievable is what it is. How is it possible that a player who has never played pro or junior hockey in North America before, and never come close to cracking a point a game overseas, could struggle to the tune of two goals and five points in 42 games on a team with no scoring depth? It defies logic.

And as for the rest of his teammates, that too is shocking. Beyond the Nuge, Taytay and Ebs, the Oilers have no one to do things with the puck that are good for offense and thus I am incredulous that having all of them out injured for lengthy periods would have been a drag on the team’s scoring.

Moving on…

"Hall’s stitches could be face of change in NHL"

Taylor Hall has a scary black eye and a scarier gash on his forehead after he got his face good and stepped on earlier this week and people wonder whether that might force the NHL to start requiring players to wear visors in warmups.

A lot of guys in the league are mad about it, because they’re also mad about the threat of having to wear visors and are therefore obviously not very smart. But any conversation we have about this kind of uptick in player safety measures are good ones.

So hey, at least the Oilers have done something positive for once. And you’ll notice it’s because one of them stepped on another one’s face. And not because they’re good at hockey. Because they’re not.

"Blues solve Khabibulin puzzle"

To be fair it was one of those ones for toddlers that has like eight pieces. But TJ Oshie isn’t that bright.

Of course what that headline ignores is that the Oilers scored zero goals in that game, but that probably goes back to the first point, doesn’t it?

Flames notes

Please, don’t interpret the above as my believing that the Flames are somehow in an enviable position for this game, this season or probably this decade. They are, of course, not.

This has been in no way helped by the team’s injury situation, which isn’t quite as severe as the Oilers in terms of the players affected, but certainly has taken its toll on what was already a shallow, mediocre team. Alex Tanguay and Brendan Morrison both skated this morning but the former won’t play tonight and the latter is a gametime decision. This is in addition ot Curtis Glencross being out between six and eight weeks.

The good news for the Flames, if you want to call it that (and I don’t, particularly) is that Mike Cammalleri has been playing pretty well — largely because I think he’s been real effort-y in ways that he had not been in Montreal — since coming over in trade for brickhead Rene Bourque.

This is the final night of a three-game road trip and to say the Oilers are their worst competition on it is like saying Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system: It’s very, very obvious. The previous games were an shootout loss to the Sharks and a shootout win over the Kings, who are first and second in their division, respectively and, unlike the Flames or Oilers, comfortably in the Western Conference playoffs.

What does that mean? That the Flames are actually playing well enough to get points in games, which you can’t say about Edmonton.

Because Edmonton sucks.

And finally…

For those who want lines and such, Pat Steinberg has you covered.

I don’t know how to make a chat window appear at the top of this post but I’m assuming one of my editors does so I leave that to him (indeed I do – ed.). Have a good night. Or don’t.

In fact, you probably won’t.


  • Wax Man Riley

    Well. if that isnt reason enough to Can Renney sign him long term.
    That pull the goalie joke is the last straw for me. Relieve the man of
    his duties and let Kruger run it for the rest of the year.

    F—ing Joke people. We cant Trade Renney for anything so there
    is no risk of a bad trade. You must now do something for the sake
    of doing it. There is not 10 games to go !! Fans will not tolerate NOTHING
    being done.

  • Wax Man Riley

    The Oilers woes begin on thier defence and move out from there. Bulin and DD have been average most nights. No transition from the D to the forwards makes for an awful long season. I wonder how most teams in the NHL would fare if they lost thier top 2 dmaen for the most of the season. Then thier top 3 scorers of on and on for stretches. Pile that on top of aging veterans who have for the most part with 2 exceptions underperformed. Good formula for losing night in night out. Eventually somewhere in the future the managment will be assesed and a change will be made. The coaching will follow. Patience. The losing will continue unabated for the last 7 games or so until we reach 30th place once again and pick a player who undoubtedly be hailed by the media as the next coming. The Oilers are gathering nuts and soon they will have enough of them that they will begin to win in spite of managment and coaching. Till then the Fail for Nail will be watched with much anticipation by all of OilersNation.

  • Wax Man Riley

    PROBLEM FOUND ? We have lost our ” competitive edge ” due mainly to coaching and Tambo .

    Each year our veterans and youngsters have that competitive edge for a month or two , but lose it fast as veterans start to lose their competitive edge and faith in coaching . Veterans on our club are simply not performing like on other clubs that hold that competitive edge throughout the season . I believe Renney is not the type of coach that can motivate , strategise or get the veterans to perform with a competitive edge . He’s too soft .

    Second major problem is Tams inability to recognize problems effectively , and slowness in fixing them .

    Veteran talent here lose their competitive edge each season , go unchallenged in their positions and thus are unmotivated throughout most of season to perform even at expected levels . Thats got to change band Renney is not the person in my mind that can handle it at NHL level . Tams is far to slow to help us move forward .

    Give our team a healthy Crosbey and Weber , and we would find them underperform as veterans here as well . Renney might be okay for the kids , but not for the veterans ? Of course, the kids start developing the losing attitude and competitiveness of their veterans .

    Our teams better than what they have shown , and i don’t believe Tams and Renney are the right people to start moving us forward . Neither of their records show that they are .

  • Vintage Flame

    Outside of this blog many Edmonton dwellers have lost interest. From here on in it will be difficult to give tickets away. The bottom line will be affected… less merchandise, less parking, less food and beverage etc etc. The Oilers will make a move just to get fans somewhat interested again.

  • BigE91

    Give the coach a team to put on the ice before you pass judgement on Renney. An AHL defense core, coupled with the fact the goalies have to be lights out every night is not a recipe for success in any league.

    Trades are coming, this much is inevitable but there is a change I think this team should make immediately.

    Remove the C from Horcoff and put it on #4. if this team is going to embrace the future this needs to happen. It’s not unprecedented as Jonathon Toews was named Hawks captain his second season in the league.

    It’s time this team moved away from the 3rd line veterans as the leadership core and put it on a star of the future. Hall’s play of late says as much. Maybe Horcoff is good guy in the room, he may even be a good mentor to the kids but I think a changing of the guard is in order to show the fans and the players what direction this team should be headed.

  • justDOit

    A wee bit too late to this party, but I can’t resist telling this one:

    How are the Flames like a tea bag? They’re both good for only one CUP!

    Good luck Iggy, wherever you end up! The only way that the Flames bridge the gap of prospects in the next few years is to trade for them.

  • Re: Dave’s comment: ” Outside of this blog many Edmonton dwellers have lost interest. From here on in it will be difficult to give tickets away.”

    As as long time season ticket holder (20+ years) , I have lost any enthusiasm for going to games that I usually have. Now when I look @ the calendar, I think, “Oh no, another game.” I dutifully get in my car, overpay for parking and walk on the icy parking lot to Rexall, where the washrooms are disgusting, the food choices are lousy, and the drink prices are insulting. I settle in my seat, and hope I will have something to cheer about. I have seen about fifteen games this year and have only left the building three or four times having enjoyed the game and thinking that I got my money’s worth. Recently, I got an email survey from the team. Among the questions were: How satisfied was I with the team play and entertainment value? 1/5 How likely am I to renew my tickets? (Fool that I am I gave it a neutral 3/5.) What price % increase would I accept next season? (Choices were 0% to 6%). 6%! Can you believe that, considering our prices are among the highest in the league (and will go up more when the new arena is built)? Anyway, I’m not really angry any more. I’m just getting to the apathy stage and hardly care any more. I’m looking at my remaining games and trying to figure out how many I can get rid of. Wiser people than I can decide what to do with this mess. Actually, I think Tambi did a reasonable job (with some glaring exceptions), considering the number of bad contracts Lowe left him. I do, however wonder, why more wasn’t done to shore up the D, considering how unready Tuebert is to play, and why the Oil are still being pushed around when they play physical teams. I hope we don’t ruin this crop of young guys with this endless mediocrity and lack of protection (see Hemsky, Ales, regarding lack of protection). My opinion last night was that the only players who played with any heart were Hall and Jones. Thank God I don’t have another game for two weeks.

    • Oilers4ever

      Seriously.. if you are going to whine and bitch like this about going to game then maybe cancel your season tickets so someone else waiting in line that would actually appreciate the game could go. I get that the Oilers are playing bad but whining and snivelling like that about it… you sound like my six year old kid… Just sayin….

  • Boxpx

    That’s it…TIME TO PROTEST. THE TEAM IS ANNOUNCED AS “YOUR EDMONTON OILERS” ONE GAME DAY, SUCK IT UP AND DON’T GO TO THE GAME DON’T PURCHASE MERCHANDISE DON’T VISIT THE WEBSITE DON’T WATCH THE BROADCAST DON’T LISTEN TO THE RADIO BROADCAST . I mean we won’t win anyways, and something has to happen and obviously tambo isn’t goof to do anything so put the owness on the owner hit him where it hurts and force this team to make some changes and shake it up.



  • Oilers4ever

    Pretty sad, when the “Voices of Oilersnation” doesn’t have the ball to tell it exactly the way it is. Instead they insert a poster to write the real deal.

    Also if Eberle is part of the so called rebuild, would’nt that make it 4 years this coming June that it’s been going on? He was drafted in 2008. So as far as I can tell, there is 1 more year to complete this rebuild. You did have a 5 year plan, right? Or is it what it looks like from the outside? YOU don’t have a plan. Maybe the saying is right. Nobody does want to play in Edmonton. Either a lot of those players don’t want to be here, or they are just plain useless. I believe they are useless.

    Side note: MONEY FOR TWO
    Are members of the community allowed to see the actual deal that was made between Katzs(The drug dealer) and Mandel(The Developer). It will fill both their pockets, and that’s the REAL DEAL.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    Oilers4ever …. Do you put up money to go to several games a year, or better still, have you paid for season’s tickets … for a long time? If so, I accept your criticism. If you don’t, I’m sure you will have your money ready in April, when the opportunity is there to put up your cash. From what I’m hearing in the stands there will be tickets available.