All-star Weekend Open Thread



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Like other non-all-stars your FN writers are going to be lazy and take this weekend off. Feel free to use this thread to track ASG stuff, propose trades, debate the direction of the team or just make fun of Oiler players and fans.


    • Franko J

      I think there’s probably 2 guys in front of him on the farm in piskula and wilson plus the two guys in the press box, so the likelihood he’ll see NHL action this year is slim. next year, probably also slim depending on signings.

  • RexLibris

    @ Kent Wilson

    Thanks for that last bit there, Kent. It’s nice to know that, no matter what else is going on in the hockey world, the Oilers and their fans are always foremost in your thoughts.


    I’d like to hazard some guesses about Feaster’s next moves: re-signing Jokinen to a multi-year contract (what’s the Vegas line on Olli getting a NTC/NMC?), trading Hannan, and moving one of Kostopoulos or Sarich in order to bring up someone from the farm. Perhaps Carson, Nemisz, Byron or even Connelly get a look-see in the next few games.

  • Sobueno

    I’d be happy to see Sarich, Hannan and Kostopolous all moved. I think that would keep with the spirit of our not a rebuild youth movement. If we could get some third rounders or maybe a bit better for each of them I could handle that. Then if we could get Carter or Roy I would be happy. Both are sucking currently but their situations are not very conducive to success. Especially Carters. Maybe Karlson, Horak, Babchuk and a first would get Carter? Just hazarding a guess. Howson is more screwed then Regier so I like our odds better of screwing him.

  • Sobueno

    When it comes to picking up one of the bigger names being dangled out there (eg. Carter), I just don’t see Feaster hazarding sending any significant picks such as our 1st out right now. This is simply due to the lynching that would take place afterward. He’s specifically mentioned several times he wants to get younger and draft more skill, and the fan base would not be very impressed with more Sutter-esque selling of the future.

    But then again he’s also said the Flames are going for the win right now, and tried to sign Richards to a, presumably, monster contract. So it could happen, but I don’t see him sending out significant picks or making a trade that gets rid of one of our currently perfuming assets unless we’re obviously not making the post season. Really hard to pick up a supposed top notch talent without doing either one or both of those things.

    • Sobueno

      Thats why I dont like what it will probably take to land Carter. Too much pressure on a player like that to perform for a fan base drewling for a way over due rebuild from the the youth down. Unless we get a big young piece coming back, the 2012 1st rounder should be untouchable. Thats why I think Roy would be a way better win now target to fit on that 1st line. Buffalo are in cap hell & tied for last in their conference with many fresh long term crummy contracts. So put it to them the way they did it to us last summer & I would say Roy & our 2nd back for Backlund & a 2013 3rd. They gain 3.0 mill in valuable cap space(what we paid for the Kotalik we get back) & they get a young NHL ready young centre & a 3rd & we get a centre to push for this years playoffs. Makes sense to me. Id be happier if they took Horak & Nemitz & a 3rd for Roy & a 2nd but I dont think that would get the deal done.