Five things: Positive?

      1. Tanguay’s back So that means no more excuses. I think I’m finally starting to deal with the team’s resolution to ‘Go For It’ again this year, though that is likely helped in no small way by the fact that they’ve won five of their last seven with a shootout loss mixed…


Rating Calgary’s Defensemen

    Measuring a player’s defensive abilities and contributions is very difficult, as we discussed in the recent Babchuk vs Regehr series but perhaps there are a few things to be learned from catch-all statistics, like Hockey-Reference’s point shares, Tom Awad’s GVT, Alan Ryder’s Player Contributions and the WhatIfSports engine, and how they defensively rank…


Postgame: Not Much There

When you’re generating as little offensively as the Calgary Flames have of late, there are going to be nights where allowing even one goal is going to be too much.  Such was the case Tuesday night, as the Flames fell to the San Jose Sharks 1-0 in their final game prior to the All Star…

Game 49 – Flames vs Sharks Live Chat

Game 49 – Flames vs Sharks live chat The Flames have a decent shot at going into the ASG break on a winning note, which is good news since a lot of teams will make up some games in hand while the Flames sit around for the next week or so. The Sharks remain a…


FGD: All Star Effort?

So, for both the San Jose Sharks and Calgary Flames, the prospect of a nice mid-season break looms starting on Wednesday morning.  In the midst of a grinding 82 game season, I can imagine there would be few things players would look forward to.  Well, hopefully a nice beach with the family isn’t what’s on…


The Way Forward

    In my paean to pragmatism last week, I noted the current iteration of the Calgary Flames are closer to the playoffs than the basement so it made sense for the organization to actively pursue the post-season right now.


Setting Up The Play: What is a “Cycle”?

      Although pretty much every person who’s ever played hockey eventually does it, not everyone knows how to do it especially well. It’s a pretty simple concept, really: the goal is to use puck movement and possession between players to tire other players out. 


Black Box: Week 16

    After a highly successful road trip Hockey-Reference.com currently puts Calgary’s chances of a post-season berth at 28.7%. What impact will having their leading scorer, top penalty-killer and best shut-down forward Curtis Glencross out of the line-up for 6-8 weeks?


Nation Radio – January 21, 2012

    With Edmonton’s post-season hopes once again turning cold, Lowetide’s attention is sensibly turning to the long-term again, with his gaze shifting towards the upcoming draft in June 2012. Futures and the ever depressing Battle of Alberta are the topics du jour. This is Nation Radio.


Postgame: That Thing You Do

The sun sets at night and rises again in the morning.  Lindsay Lohan abuses substances.  And the Calgary Flames beat the Edmonton Oilers.  From what I’ve seen in my lifetime, those trends don’t seem to be changing, and on Saturday night, the Flames continued that trend with another all-too-easy victory in Edmonton, this time by…