There’s no Rush With Backlund

    Andrew Walker’s take on the Mikael Backlund situaiton has made the rounds recently. As one of those "advanced stats guys" who habitually defends the beleaguered sophomore, I’m obliged to offer my two cents.


FGD: Dog Days

For the high end teams, this time of year is kind of when it’s really tough to stay motivated for regular season games.  The playoffs are around the corner, but they’re not here yet, so maybe this is when things slip a little.  Just ask Chicago and Boston.  They’ll tell you they call this the…


Will Cammalleri Come to Life?

    Mike Cammalleri is back! But he has just 2 points – both goals – and is -6 in 8 games.  This doesn’t seem like the only Flame to beat Jarome Iginla in the goal-scoring race since Valeri Bure in 1999-2000.  What gives?


POSTGAME: The ShawSHARK Redemption

  A truly bizarre game through and through where the momentum switched back and forth like a California tide. In yet another must win game for the Flames, the luck needed, that was obviously missing in Anaheim two nights ago, was waiting for Calgary in San Jose. It was a familiar tale where yet again…

Game 54 – Flames vs Sharks Live Chat

Game 54 – Flames vs Sharks Live Chat Although the Sharks have handed the Flames some embarassing losses the last few years, the contests between the two clubs have been surprisingly cloes affairs so far this seasons. I don’t know if this means tonight’s will again be equally contested or if the Flames are just…