Game 57 – Flames vs Maple Leafs Live Chat

The center of the universe shifts the gravity of it’s focus to Calgary tonight. The Flames will hobble to the battlements and try valiantly to fend off the advances of an enemy that is at least as equally as desperate for a playoff birth, but not nearly as undermined by injury.

Under Burke, the Leafs have taken that first, big step out of the league’s basement to join the rest of the madding crowd in the squishy center. They have some nice pieces going forward and are probably one or two guys away from making some real noise in the east.

"Just a guy or two" has been the Flames eternal lament since their unlikely finals appearance back in ’04, however – moving from terrible to decent is one thing, but joining the league’s aristocracy is something else altogether. It will be interesting to see if Toronto can finally shed the last decade of earnest mediocirty and ineptitude and finally justify the unwavering support of their vast, ardent fanbase.

Time will tell.