Postgame: Get to the Point

Sometimes when you lose games in overtime, you should probably take the important point and move on, forgetting the 60 plus minutes prior to the result.  On Thursday night in Dallas, you didn’t see a whole lot from the Calgary Flames, but they used a third period Mike Cammalleri goal to push the game to even strength before Mike Ribeiro wired home his 12th of the season for a 3-2 Stars win.

What Happened

Dallas opened the scoring with some poor defensive coverage by the Flames, as Jake Dowell was able to walk around the net and find Adam Burish all alone to the right side of the slot.  The annoying Stars forward fluttered his sixth of the season past Miikka Kiprusoff at 9:42 for an early lead.  However, late in the period, Calgary pounced on an opportunity with Jarome Iginla and Alex Tanguay working a nice give-and-go.  Iginla would finish it off on a nice return pass for his team leading 23rd of the season, sending the game to the intermission tied at one. 

The second period saw Dallas get their opportunities, and on a late powerplay, they’d make good on one.  High of the right circle, Steve Ott would take a pass from Ribeiro and wire his ninth of the season off the post and in as the Stars regained their lead at 17:43.  After Calgary did a nice job of turning their limited possession into scoring chances in the first period, it was the Stars running things in the second, coming out on top of the chance count at 9-4.

The third period looked like it might get away from the Flames, as Dallas had a few quality scoring chances early on, as Calgary needed Kiprusoff to come up big to keep them down by just one.  After racking up a ton of scoring chances on a Trevor Daley delay-of-game penalty, Ott would take a rather ill-advised penalty.  Ott was flagged for charging on a hit he laid on Jarome Iginla, giving the Flames another chance on the powerplay.  While they wouldn’t score on the man advantage, they’d hit the scoreboard for a second time ten seconds after it expired, with Jay Bouwmeester throwing a nice pass across the slot to Cammalleri for his 13th of the season at 14:57.

It didn’t take long for the Stars to pick up the extra point in overtime, and it came on a pretty individual play from Ribeiro.  He’d wire his shot from the high slot of his second of the night and 12th of the season, giving Dallas a much needed win and on this night a pretty deserving two points.

One Good Reason…

…why the Flames lost?  Because things went the way of the better team on this night, even if it did go to overtime.  Dallas was better and had the balance of the offensive zone time from start to finish.  While Calgary did a decent job of limiting damage in the first period, the Stars racked up the opportunities in the final 40 minutes and were unfortunate not to come out with two points in regulation.  That said, these are the games that playoff teams find a way to get a point in, and Calgary did…and that’s the main positive you should be taking.

Red Warrior

Jay Bouwmeester.  I really liked the way he played tonight, and I’ve really liked the newfound edge he’s seemingly added to his game of late.  Bo’s pass across the slot late in the third period allowed Cammalleri to tie the game, and his 25:47 of ice time was very efficiently and well played.  I thought he was Calgary’s best player on this night.

Sum It Up

All in all, a pretty unimpressive game for the Flames.  That said, they got a point…and knowing a beat up, tired team is going to have games like these down the stretch, getting a point out of them has to be looked at as some kind of positive.  That said, eventually the percentages will go south on you, and Calgary was lucky the percentages didn’t do that in Dallas.  The Flames have got another crucial road game on Saturday night in Los Angeles.

  • T&A4Flames

    It will take a little longer, but at least the Oilers are driving for for the CUP. Why Flame fans eccept the drive for a play off spot?
    What should a team build for ? the last playoff spot or the cup?

    Good for the flames making the playoffs.

    The Oilers bar is set much higher!! You know it.

    Oh, I forgot. Anything can happin in the playoffs,, Yeh right!!

    Get into the playoffs when you really belong in them. No pretenders, only for the cup.
    Oiler fans know that and will enjoy in the next few years.

  • jeremywilhelm

    Another beauty night for Cammalleri, Jokinen and Bouwmeester. They look very very engaged. Liked Cammo’s headlock on that puke Fistric. Jokinen was backchecking and physical as all heck.

      • loudogYYC

        I agree with the Red Warrior, Pat. JBo was joining the rush and throwing the body a lot more than normal today. The edge in his game reminds me of November when all of a sudden he stepped up his intensity.

        Do you think it was him that supposedly jinxed the deal with CBJ for Carter?

        • SmellOfVictory

          If the Flames were going to trade JBo for Carter they were going to do something immensely stupid. The Flames may lack true elite forwards at this juncture, but I’m of the opinion that you can more easily cover for that with decent two-way forwards than you can cover for the lack of a true #1 defenceman with decent defenders.

          • loudogYYC

            I agree that Jbo for Carter would be a mistake. My thought is that something or someone lit a fire under Bouwmeester’s ass and maybe the sniff of a trade was it.

            That said, I’m becoming more and more convinced that Feaster won’t give up on landing a centre, I just hope he doesn’t get desperate.

    • everton fc

      Cammy may have found himself the ideal role as centre here. He is winning faceoffs (he and Kolanos are the only two > 50%) and seesm suited for the role.

      “Ps i was once again impressed by Byrons physicality, he was stripping pucks away from guys 8 inches and 50 pounds heavier than him.”

      Like I said in the live chat last night – Byron has his share of scraps on Youtube. One with Zac Rinaldo that looks like Byron may have been just as willing to dance. He interviews well – like a team player. Humble. I hate his size… Like his grit and speed.

      “Do you think it was him [Jbo] that supposedly jinxed the deal with CBJ for Carter?”

      Don’t Stajan, Sarich, Babchuk all have no trade/no move clauses? Could it have been a bit-player? I wonder… But I am beginning to think Carter is not a good fit here. Nash, though unavailable to us, seems the better fit of the two. At least from that club.

      We are getting points in games we shouldn’t even be in. We are getting outshot by a wide margin in some contests, losing most faceoffs, and still getting the necessary points to stay in the hunt. If we can continue to do this until Glencross/Moss/Stempniak/Jones/Smith return… We’ll be in good position not only to grab the 7/8 spot, but to perhaps make a run if Kipper’s still on fire.

      Jokinen should be re-signed, by the way. He’s earned it.

  • T&A4Flames

    Calgary got out worked most of the night. I realize Dallas was in the same boat, but it’s frustrating that every time Calgary has a chance to pull into a P.O. Spot they get out worked and out played.

  • loudogYYC

    One reason why the Flames got one point tonight: Miikka. If not for him this would have been a regulation loss.

    Impressive job by Bouwmeester tonight. I have to agree with those who think he’s been playing better as the season wears on. I know we’d like to see him get more points and help validate his salary…but the guy is playing almost half the game every night.

    Hope we see more jump on Saturday. I know the veterans are getting a bit tired and the pressure is building for the young guys, but this is their chance to really show they’re ready to stay and play at this level…when GlenX, Moss and Smith get healthy those that aren’t cutting it are heading back to B.C.

  • SmellOfVictory

    It’s gonna come down to scoring, scoring, scoring. The Flames wont get a half a win in the playoffs for making it to OT. Lets be honest, I think they will miss by no more than 4 points. Look at that. 4 points could be as little as 2 goals. Those 2-1 or 3-2 regulation losses, 2 more goals to take it to OT then win in a shootout and thats 4 points. This team will not make it because of that.

    • Captain Ron

      Maybe, maybe not. The teams were fighting with for the playoffs are not exactly offensive juggernauts. And we have great goaltending right now. They will need to stay in the mix and hope when some of the injured players come back they can contribute right away. One things for sure its gonna be close right to the end.

  • Captain Ron

    I don’t get why some people want to run JBO out of town. He’s playing some great minutes for this team against the best players every night with an average partner who shouldn’t be playing those minutes. He’s overpaid by offensive numbers but thats not his fault. We could do a lot worse than having him in a 1 – 2 spot right now. He would look better playing on a team that has a group of forwards that don’t play as much in their own zone and score more than this team does. Any JBO trade has to include another 1 – 2 defencman coming back. If not Kipper will start calling in sick every night. If anything the team should be trying to bring in a better defence partner for him. One that would allow him to be more involved in the offence. Keep Butler and move him down the depth chart where he can be more effective. No way they can afford to move JBO for a forward without having someone in the fold ready to take his minutes.

  • Bob Cobb

    The Flames will do well if ….ahh who cares, their not making the playoffs anyway because they aren’t good enough, and on the slim chance they do, it will be 4 and out. Flames fans really think a team lead by two geriatrics in Iginla, Kiprusoff and the missing link Jokinen can beat one of Van, Detroit, San Jose or St. Louis when the chips are down. Just get in and anything can happen, no, thats like me saying if I get to Nashville I have a shot with Carrie Underwood, we all know its not true, now thats what you call intellectual honesty.

  • Bob Cobb

    Quick comment on J-Bo – after Kipper (this year) he’s the most valuable Flame. As noted he’s the only true first pairing D on the team and he’s been extremely solid, playing a ton each night and helping make Butler look less than overwhelmed (although I like Butler too). He’s not an offensive juggernaut, although if you watch him he often tries to jump up in the play and with a competent group of forwards with some finish or touch, he’d be up at 40 points a year easy.

    Everyone is so concerned he’s overpaid but I think on this team he’s worth what he’s getting paid. I’d still rather have him than Phaneuf any day.

  • A18

    I’ll admit I’ve never been a big Jbo fan but he is really stepping up his game. I don’t care what the reason is but hopefully he can do it consistently.

    Every game is big at this point but a huge one on Saturday.

  • everton fc

    Also noted that the Flames just dont seem to have a spark, they’re just going through the motions. They’re winning but its alot of luck. At home teams i loved watching warm ups, as soon as i heard Rage or Nickleback blaring, i’d get pumped and know this is rockin music and the team is ready. Now its all hip hop and dance music, i’m waiting for a basket ball to break out. That music doesnt get people excited and raring to go. Lets go back to rockin pumpin music. Then see the Flames jump and really play hard and smart. Right now other teams dont seem to be playing them hard either.

  • RKD

    Even if they didn`t play great, the most important thing is that they are finding a way to get a points in these games rather than losing in regulation and getting nothing at all.

    Nice to see Cammy score a clutch goal, we need him to put pucks in consistently down the stretch.

    That move by Riberio was sick, the thing that impressed me the most was how he switched hands while going behind his back.