Game 59 – Flames vs Kings Live Chat

With Calgary sitting just two points below the Kings for the final playoff spot in the West, the Sutter brothers rivalry has taken on a bit more heat. The Kings continue to be more or less the team Darryl inherited – capable defensively, but hopeless in the offensive zone. The Flames, for their part, have been getting their heads beat in in terms of zone time and such over the last month or so, but a resurgent Kiprusoff and opportunistic top line has them in the mix nonetheless.

Calgary’s fortune won’t last forever. Just as the percentages eventually go south on all pretenders (*cough* Minnesota *cough*) the bounces will start to go the other way eventually. The hope right now is they stick around long enough to get the club into March so they can get some of their depth back. The return of guys like Moss, Glencross, Stempniak and Backlund won’t turn the Flames into an instant contender, but it will mean a much better ratio of shots for/against.

For now, here’s hoping the Flames can continue to dance along the cliff’s edge this evening and sour Darryl’s return to the NHL just a bit by matching his new club in the standings.