Flames Forward Prospects NHLE

    To help wash away the..unpleasantness of last night, here’s an update on some Flames prospects. We’ve been breathlessly tracking Sven Baertschi’s incredible season a lot in this space and the exploits of John Gaudreau and Bill Arnold werementioned by Ryan Lambert a couple of weeks back. To put their output in context, I decided to…


Five things: Ummm

1. They’re in the what-now? Calgary has had a playoff spot? If I had said that to you, say, a month ago, you would have laughed in my face and made me cry probably. But here we are, with Calgary having occupied the No. 8 spot for a few days and making everyone watching from…


I don’t imagine the Calgary Flames are very happy about getting waxed 6-1 by the Edmonton Oilers in Cowtown tonight, but they’d better get used to it because my guess is there’s plenty more to come.


Postgame: Trainwreck

An absolutely terrible evening saw the Calgary Flames fall 6-1 to the Edmonton Oilers Tuesday night at the Saddledome, a game that was ran by the visitors from start to finish.  Even after scoring the first goal of the hockey game and being fortunate to be even after one period of play, the Flames let…