Battle of Alberta – Pre Deadline Live Chat

  • Lowetide

    I’m hoping for a solid effort by the Oilers or a vicious beatdown by Calgary. 3-2 Oil or 15-1 Flambes. If you’re going to lose, lose SO BADLY the organization will have to go out and get a big minutes defenseman over the summer.

  • vetinari

    Top three things that the Oilers need at the draft deadline:

    #3 – a top 4 defenceman

    #2 – a starting goaltender who can log 50+ games a season

    #1 – a GM who knows that we need #1 and #2 and will actually do something to fix these problems

  • vetinari

    off topic BUT WHY THE F!!K didnt the Oilers somehow get in on the Quincey sweepstakes. They had to know he was on the block if Colorado was able to get Downey back. There had to be some sort public awarness that he was up for a trade, Colorado obviously went out and shopped him. If Detriot gave up a career minor leaguer and a first (which will more than likely be 25th overall pick or worse) then the Oil could have easily gave up 2nd round (32nd to 33rd overall) and 4th round and a mid level prospect (Alex Plante) for Quincey. If it was with Colorado they could have given up Jones or Omark with a pick 3rd round or 2nd round.

  • Tayranchula

    Also another funny thing is trading Hemsky at the deadline is going to create 2 holes while trying to fill 1. If the best trade for Hemsky is a d prospect (Blum) and a first from a playoffs team (probably looking at 20th overall) So basically we will take two players that are uncertain to fill our massive D prospect list and leaving a hole for a solid second line winger with experience. Tambillini needs to get tougher here and tell Hemsky that if he doesnt sign a 2 year contract for lets say 4.8 or so then he will be traded away from a team that he “loves”. If Linus Omark or someone else in the system is the answer for Hemsky then come out and say it. Im about to go to rexall and hand in my resume for Tambys job cause this is just a joke.

      • Bryzarro World

        We made a trade with the Flames before, anything can happen. If I failed with my second comment then you think a prospect like Blum or Kindl and a first from a team in the playoffs is really going to be better than Hemsky? No because it will then leave us with a hole for a second line winger with experience.

        The Penner trade was a complete steal for the Oil because we knew how bad Penner could be and we over valued him correctly and the Kings bit.

        Since Nash, Carter and possibly Perry are on the block this makes Hemskys value even lower than it should be unless all 3 of those players are gone (which wont happen) . So ya I guess a prospect like Blum or Kindl is really going to give us the top pairing defensive help that we need and we have the right player to replace Hemsky. (Thumbs up for the rebuild that will take 5 more years)

  • Bryzarro World

    Is this a Flamers only forum?
    Boy after all their smack talk we could really have given it to you tonite.
    But that’s what separates an Edmontonian from a Calgarian. Class. And, taking the high road.
    Thank your lucky stars Calgon.
    PS, I think its time to start your rebuild. Trust us, it will work out in the end.
    Oh, btw, tell Feaster we have almost found our way out of the wilderness, and he is just now entering it.

    • Captain Ron

      Well I was at the game tonight and the Oilers were certainly full marks for the win. They were very good and well, we weren’t even in it. Congrats on your first win here since what, 2008 I think.

      You don’t need to tell us how classy you all are either. We see it here all the time.

      We also know that we can rely on your fanbase for expert advice on rebuilds and will be sure to ask for it when the time comes. We know your classy ways do not allow you to offer us any unsolicited advice.

      Have a nice evening while looking down at us from the higher moral ground your standing on.