Quiet Deadline for Flames – Zero trades, one contract extension

    The Calgary Flames executed zero trades today, which isn’t too surprising given their lack of assets and tough position in the standings. Although Jay Feaster made some suggestions the other night during a intermission interview that he’d be interested in making some real changes, the fact is he was most likely just trying…

Nations Trade Deadline Live Chat

Deadline live chat Stop by at noon (or earlier) and talk about what’s happened (or not) and any rumors that have cropped up. WILL CORY SARICH GET TRADED TODAY? Find out soon!


Black Box: Week 21

    “Another random boring Vollman article. Stats add a bit of colour but cannot replace good hockey sense and ignore important subjective elements like heart and leadership. Put that in your pocket protector!” – Vollman’s #1 fan Kenta A tough 3-loss week for the Flames drags their post-season potential back down to the 27-32%…


Flames Deadline Primer 2012

    With the Flames dropping a few games in a row and falling to 11th in the West but still within striking distance of a playoff spot, it’s hard to guess what will happen tomorrow. And judging from the conflicting messages Jay Feaster has sent the last few days, Calgary’s management isn’t too sure either.