Quiet Deadline for Flames – Zero trades, one contract extension



The Calgary Flames executed zero trades today, which isn’t too surprising given their lack of assets and tough position in the standings. Although Jay Feaster made some suggestions the other night during a intermission interview that he’d be interested in making some real changes, the fact is he was most likely just trying to put a scare into the dressing room.

Personally, I’m disappointed the Flames didn’t manage to move someone like Sarich or Hannan for a pick. It’s possible there wasn’t any demand for their services though.

On the other hand, Calgary extended Tim Jackman for just over $600k per year for two years. It’s a decent contract, even with his lackluster output this season. Jackman is decent at driving play against other fourth liners and he fills the role of pugilist while still managing to be an NHL-level player (which can’t be said of many other knuckle chuckers).

  • coptin_

    1: If the Flames make the playoffs then Feaster is proven to be smarter than most of the rest of us and his statement that the answers are in this dressing room are verified.

    2.If the Flames crash and burn and do not make the playoffs then we are the smart guys and Feaster is the idiot.

    3. My head says we crash and burn and my heart says please please please pull this thing together and make the playoffs

  • T&A4Flames

    Yeah it’s disappointing that the Flames couldn’t move Sarich or Hannan. Let’s be realistic here… who would want them??? Old and slow is no way to defend.

    Let’s just all pray that the shots ratio won’t be 2 to 1 in STL’s favour or it will be a long freaking night. Here’s hoping Kipper stands on his head again and Flames fluke out a 2 – 1 victory to keep us all interested. Fives points back of 8th back week’s end will spell the end of journey.

    Isn’t unbelievable how a 4 game winning streak this time of year gives you breathing room? Let’s hope that the percentages start going against Phoenix and Dallas and they revert back to the norm.

  • Dr. Nick

    I am so uninspired with the Flames. There is no excitement with the team. There is false hope and promises. I know this is just the trade deadline hangover, but after Feasters speech… you figured something might happen that would stir things up. But nope…. it is like waking up on Christmas and getting socks.

  • RexLibris

    I am disappointed but not angy. It was unlikely Feaster was going to be able to do much at the deadline. Though he should have just shut his trapper rather then raise expectations.

    I am more concerned about Jackman getting an extension. I am sure Jokinen’s will be announced next.

    It is looking more and more like the team you see now is the team you will see next September. And that is just nuts.

    The Flames need to address some big changes in the off season. They have to consider trading people like Iginla and Kipper.

    This team is moving in the wrong direction and it is just a matter of time until the bottom falls out. When it does we don’t have the peices in the system to fix the team with any degree of efficiency.

    Its time for change. Couldn’t do it at the deadline. Have to do it in the summer.

    But they won’t. We all know they won’t.

  • RexLibris

    Well, the Canucks got rid of Cody Hogdson. At least the Flames didn’t do anything that dumb. I’m predicting riot #3 will commence in Van within the hour.

  • RexLibris

    What’s the old saying? Tread lightly and carry a heavy stick. Feaster’s taken a different route. He has tread heavily (public statements) and carries, apparently, a very light stick (“you had better perform tonight or I will trade your negotiation rights on June 30th!”)

    Seriously though, I agree with some of the above commenters that sometimes the best trade you make is the one you don’t make. Had Stempniak been healthy he might have been the only one to move. Then again, maybe his performance would be enough to raise this team closer to the playoff cut-line.

  • CA Flames Fan

    Surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes.

    Last 3 games brutal….a star (yes I mean #34) that shows up, gives the team opportunities to win, but the team can’t…a star (yes I mean #12) that has been invisible for at least the last 3 games, two of which conf games, shows zero heart for being the team’s leader…..standing around watching…not banging guys up…not getting physical….but what a term and financial commitment to him by this team…..where is the other side of this equation?

    Another coach that has lost the room…another GM that is…well just lost. What’s the same?

    A group of owners that are more business than hockey because then can be…..us suckers jump at the chance to drop $100+ per seat, $8 a beer, $13 to park, etc, etc. Yes it’s a business but you can be successful in both aspects (insert DET and as much as I HATE this one…VAN).

    With really a month left, 3gms vs DAL, couple more each vs PHX, MIN, ANA, COL…all teams battling for #7 or 8 in the west……either way guessing we’ll know by St Paddy’s day if we’ll be in the green beer for the hopes of a playoff run or the hopes that July 1 might bring.

  • everton fc

    So are we still in the race for the 7th/8th spots because of coaching? Should Brent and the staff get credit?? I seldom here this…

    Not sure how I feel about it, either…

    Just thinking out loud…

    “On paper”… we don’t look like a playoff team. At all. In the least.

    I still can’t believe they couldn’t unload Babchuk. How did Desbiens look vs. Philly? (I had to ask!)

    • Karasu89

      hahah nooooooo. the flames are in the race because of unsustainable goaltending and that is it. coaching has probably been prohibitive to the team’s success this year.

      no one wants a guy with a year left on his contract at 2.5 mil who’s sat for 45 games this year. desbiens was very meh, but that’s because he’s an ahler.

  • wawful

    I like the Jackman extension. The ownership, and Butter as well most likely, seem to think that a pugilist is a must-have. Jackman fills that “need” and is a capable fourth liner to boot, which is more than can be said for a lot of goons in the league. Here’s hoping Jackman is deemed adequate to fill the Flame’s goon-quota all by himself. (I’d be annoyed if they were to give P3L an extension.)

    As for the trade deadline passing…

    We still have our 2012 first round pick and we still have Baertshi. Win.

    Feaster probably tried to do more but the Flames lack expendable picks/prospects and are doing too well to have a fire-sale. Such is the curse of mediocrity. It would have been nice to move some of the less useful parts, like Karlsson or Babchuk, just to open up a contract slot or two, but who really wants a below replacement-level backup goalie for their playoff run? Babchuk for picks? Forget about it. We’d have to trade Babs *and* picks to get nothing.

    As for further extensions… I really wouldn’t expect Jokinen to be resigned before summer. He’s probably a bit overvalued right now and Feaster would be smart to wait for his point generation to regress a little, since it likely will.

  • everton fc

    Ugh, so frustrating. I agree with some of the posts above, apparently the only way management will get the picture is by not going to games. Obviously management is only looking at net profit, not quality of product for consumers. What other option is there, bury our heads in the sand with a Flames flag in our butt chanting go Flames go? The owners would laugh and say we got the fans right where we want them. Next years team may look identical to this years team. Is there any reason to believe any different?

  • RexLibris

    I agree wholeheartedly with Justin on the state of the Flames and the seeming inevitability of their collapse, but as an Oiler fan it probably isn’t as frustrating for me.

    Like Mark Spector tweeted last week about the opinion of two NHL executives, I think the Flames are heading toward a precipice and management is in denial about their situation.

    To that end, and to try and offer something positive and constructive to this thread, here are the prospects ranked from number 5 through to number 12 according to ISS (not the be all and end all of scouting, but a decent guideline), as well as which ones I think the Flames ought to be interested in:

    5: Ryan Murray (at this draft position, hell yeah)
    6. Matt Dumba (I’d trade down to avoid him and get another pick)
    7. Brendan Gaunce (Flames need offence, not truculence, but could be worth it)
    8. Morgan Rielly (hell yes)
    9. Cody Ceci (again, yes)
    10. Griffin Reinhart (I don’t really need to say anything here, do I?)
    11. Sebastian Collberg (I have no clue)
    12. Olli Maata (A good bet, like a do-over on Tim Erixon)

    Enjoy the desolate wasteland that is the period between trade deadline day and draft day. If you want I can show you my photo album of the scenery.

  • SmellOfVictory

    See, this is why I was praying for a losing streak prior to the deadline. Did I get it? Nooo. “Oh hey, let’s pick up a whole bunch of lucky points like a bunch of a-holes.”

    • RexLibris

      I feel for you, SoV. As much as any Oiler fan can feel for a Flames fan while watching his team very slowly circle the drain. But still, there is something closely resembling empathy there.


      Hope its a good one for you guys tonight and I look forward to hearing reports about fan reaction on Steinberg.

  • Double Dion

    So much for “intellectual honesty” and “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” Why bluster if you’re not going to act? It just makes Feaster look impotent.

  • RexLibris

    COWARDS. That’s what the Flames are. Scared to death to move Kipper or Iginla even when their values are maxed. Scared to do anything of signifigance at all.

    They won’t rebuild and they won’t go for broke and do what it takes to add anyone meaningful to actually make the playoffs. Just stand pat.

    I wonder if they’re scared to bring a real hockey player in because it’ll take away from Iginla’s king of the hill status? Expose him for what an apathetic player he really is. He must be so excited for water-skiing on the old Okanagan he can already feel the water hitting him in the face.

    Never even tried to trade Jokinen. Probably hand him $4million+ this summer just to watch him ride out the rest of career in the same ‘don’t give a damn’ manner as the rest of the team.

    2 of our so-called best players who care more about geography than they do winning.

    Good call Conroy – “buyers or sellers, can’t stand pat.” What a bunch of BS.

    Disgusting and pathetic. I’ve come to despise my own team.

    The only thing more cowardly than the team would have to be the bulk of the MSM in this city. They must be scared to death that King can just make a few calls and have their jobs. Seriously, that must be why the owners hired him, to control the media. It’s the sports version of a state controlled media.

    I’ve never heard more softballs lobbed someone’s way than yesterday. Good journalism guys, top-notch!

    “So these moves were for the best of the team then Jay? OK.”

    Where were the questions in regards to Conroy’s comments earlier. In regards to Feaster’s coometns?

    “Jay, you said big changes were coming if the team didn’t come out hard against Philly. The team didn’t just lose, but blew a 3 goal lead. And then a late 1 goal lead. And the only reason they were in it all was because they were essentially spotted a 2 goal lead. So why no changes Jay? And this is from a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 2 years or gotten past the 1st round since the lockout Jay. Is the team too scared to make a move Jay? Why do the owners insist on winning now Jay? Is it all financial Jay? Do the owners not care as long as the seats are full Jay? Colorado and St. Louis rebuilt Jay and look where they are. Is the team scared that they’re too incompetent to perform a successful rebuild Jay? What’s the plan here Jay? Do you really think this team can make the playoffs Jay? You said Kipper was the only the only reason the team is even in the conversation Jay? So why is the team ‘going for it’ Jay? What happened to Intellectual Honesty Jay? What happened to “fool me once” Jay? Does Jarome even give a damn anymore Jay? You weren’t good enough at the start of the year to do much with a full, healthy line-up, what’s the difference now Jay?”

    What a joke. No questions of any substance, just PR and the party line. Rah, rah, rah.

    Team makes me sick.

    Most of the MSM make me sick.

    I tried being positive, this team makes it impossible. What a bunch of unmotivated, overpaid losers. I get more joy from watching the hated Oilers. It’s just all so wrong.

    This team is destined for a dark age in another season or so and deserves every bit of it.

    Way to waste the opportunity to get a king’s ransom for Iginla last year and Kipper this year. Fools, idiots, morons, money-grubbing, scum-sucking jack-holes.

    But no one worry, we all get to watch and see if Iginla can score 600 and do it with 1 team! Oh, joy!

    • supra steve

      But if we’d traded Iginla last year we would have missed out on….let me think, I know there’s something, umm, there had to be something. Nope I got nothin of substance (he did score his 500th, but really…big deal).

      And if we traded Kipper this year Jay said we would end up worse then 30th. Where do you draft from there? It must not be good to be there, even worse then 10th I’m guessing.

      We got a few good pieces last draft, could have added so much more this year. Jay, you did drop the ball, or at least ownership stripped it from you. Where will this team be in 3 years when Iggy and Kipper have retired, never having won a cup.

      I have been patient with the Flames, maybe it’s time to throw my support behind a team that is behaving in a manner that I can support. Boston is killer, and that Kessel trade–nice to see a team trade a valuable player to Toronto and not get raped. Tampa…at least they know when to pull the plug and accumulate picks. I’ve always had a soft spot for St. Louis, and they are looking strong now. Notice to The Flames…with the internet, I could just as easily be typing my likes and dislikes about any of 29 other teams, clean your F’ing room or your Grounded.

      • supra steve

        Ottawa & St. Louis show you can do a successful rebuild that doesn’t take a decade.

        Philly has proven you can trade stars at the height of their success and still stay a legit Cup contender.

        Richards, Carter x 2, and Kessel trades show you can trade stars and come out on top.

        • supra steve

          dood our GMs have not have the creativity nor the hockey smarts to make risky yet crafty decisions. if we hold kipper up as our only success in he trade department, i would catagorize our trade history as lacklustre to say the least. kipper may be good BUT he’s never had much around him. Calgary is always looking for duct tape solutions…i’m not sure why we bought bow-meister here

  • supra steve

    Iginla, for being a franchise player very seldom will produce a winning goal when it is most needed.
    He is the weakest link on the team, does not skate hard, just glides around waiting for the puck to come to him. In this league you have to go and get the puck.
    Iginla may have a hard shot but he very seldom hits the net. No accuracy.
    Iginla is the easiest player to defend,
    he is basically standing still and stick handles the puck, the other players are so fast and are always moving and a slight poke check and the puck is with the opposition.
    In the game against the Phillies, Iginla’s diplay in the shootout was a total embarrassment. If this is an example of a 7.5 million player, please
    allow any of the younger players a chance and they would have shown more effort.
    Trade Iginla before his value decreases to nothing more than a pail full of hockey pugs.