Postgame: 15



A weak effort on the second game of a back to back sunk the Flames tonight. Despite Leland Irving’s best efforts to keep the game within reach, the Flames couldn’t get enough pucks in the net to make up for the rather large deficit in both Corsi and scoring chances. A physical battle tonight-two fights, one of which was a Jarome Iginla beat down-but the Flames couldn’t pull it out, leaving them with a 3-2 loss.

The Recap

The first period started out with a bang, with the Flames breaking down early and allowing Saku Koivu a ten-bell chance 30 seconds in. Leland Irving was up to the task, however, and made the save. Curtis Glencross scored his 21st just a little later on the power play, making it two games in a row with a power play marker for the good guys. The Ducks scored to tie it at 5:58, on a play that looked like it was doomed from the start-a 2 on 1 with Bobby Ryan and Teemu Selanne doing the dirty work. There were two fights in the period to go along with the other 5 penalties in the period. The Flames were outchanced 2-9 and outshot 8-15 in the period.

The Ducks really started to target the cross-ice pass in front of Leland Irving in the second, and they had success with it 8 minutes in, when Corey Perry tipped in a telegraphed pass from Ryan Getzlaf for his 31st of the season. The Flames continued to let the Ducks get close to the goaltender, with Leland getting bumped quite a few times but coming up with saves every time. A ill-advised attempt at a hand pass from Cory Sarich resulted in a couple of scoring chances on Irving late, but the door stayed shut. The Flames were outchanced 4-8 and outshot 12-13. 

A very uneventful third period continued until the Flames tied it up, with Alex Tanguay getting his 10th of the year from about 4 feet away from Hiller. Curtis Glencross also had a couple good chances but couldn’t pull the trigger and Jarome Iginla had a great chance in front of the net, muscling past Francois Beauchemin in order to take the shot. The game stayed even until a bad change and poor coverage allowed Ryan Getzlaf to score the heartbreaking winning goal with just 50 seconds left in the match. Insult was added to injury-or rather, vice versa-with both Mike Cammalleri (puck in the head) and Blake Comeau (two hander on the arm) needing help to get off the ice late. The Flames outchanced the Ducks 7-4 in the frame and were outshot 9-10.

The Stars

1. Leland Irving

2. Ryan Getzlaf

3. Corey Perry

The Final

It is really too bad the Flames continually decide not to show up in games where their back-up plays. An extremely good effort from Irving was wasted once again by a lack of possession and failing to capitalize on chances. I do forgive them a little due to the fact that it was the second game on a back-to-back, but still. I hate to pick on Curtis Glencross because he had a pretty strong game, but he watched Ryan Getzlaf move right past him, wind up and shoot from about 3 feet away and it didn’t look like Glencross moved at all-quite indicative of the effort of the team tonight. Final chances finished 13-21 in favour of the Ducks, while the Ducks also came out ahead in the shot battle 38-29.

Dallas comes to the ‘Dome on Sunday. Game time is at 4 PM Mountain (coverage on Fan 960 and Sportsnet West).

  • Captain Ron

    I thought Irving was very good tonight and definately gave them a chance to win. The GWG by Getzlaf was the result of poor defensive coverage by Glencross and not Irvings fault. Those are the type of plays that drive Sutter nuts I’m sure. They have to be tighter than that in the last minute of a game this important. Its just uncanny how this seems to play out over and over again for the Flames in that building. Very frustrating to watch.

  • jeremywilhelm

    How Sutter still hasn’t been fired before Ron Wilson i will never know.

    That being said. Sutter has had a much worse team than Wilson in his tenure.

    The flames have 2 top 4 dmen and 4 top 6 forwards when everyone is healthy. The Flames are just in truly rough shape.

  • Sobueno

    Well if we want to look on the “bright side” of things, at least Irving is slowly showing his potential as a future starter in this league. Granted the sample size remains small, but dang he really has looked solid so far!

  • Sobueno

    For those of you who still think Sutter should be retained, explain this: you have a team who makes the playoffs for 5 years straight, then a new coach and you miss for each of his 3 years at the helm, HOW IS THAT PART OF HIS PROBLEM? He needs to go. Burke finally realized the smartest coach in hockey isnt the smartest coach in hockey. Bring on Jim Nill, Bring on Dallas Eakins.

  • Sobueno

    The Flames problem is not coaching but lack of talent. The fact the Flames are still in the running despite numerous injuries is surprising. King and ownership are happy to keep things rolling along as long as the Dome is sold out every game.

  • Get The Puck Outta Here

    Parity in the league?

    Yep. I have heard it all year, last year, and the year before. Parity to me means any team on any night can win because the players (that are professionals because they have worked all their life to be there) are for the most part equal in ability. If their unique skills and strong wills are harnessed and the player becomes a clone to an “idea” they will lose their will to compete. You have taken away the reason it was fun in the first place. The ability to use their unique skills. You have just taken the “fun” out of a game, a game that for most people is suppose to be fun regardless of monetary value. I bet if you asked any player in the NHL to choose between the Cup and a paycheck the answer may surprise you. The Holy Grail? Come on!

    This team folded up along time ago. The hill is way too long to climb. The “motivator” or “teacher of the system” has failed. The statisical sample size is 3 years in the making with a result of no playoff time in the league of parity.

    Replacement at that position is always hard but can refocus a team and breath new life into a person/s that have a will to succeed. We already have a strong example of that this year. The most glaring example is in St Louis.

    I still believe given the time Jay can make the changes required. The change that should have been made this year wasn’t and time is up. Hopefully it will be his first change in the golf season.

  • Get The Puck Outta Here

    I find myself actually wanting the flames to loose. I just feel like if they make the playoffs this year than next year will be a repeat of this one. The team needs serious change. I don’t mean sell the bank and come in last every year but I do mean a true commitment to rebuilding. I believe that happens by creating a new core. I think we should keep kipper to mentor Ramo or Irving but he should play WAY less. Trade iggy, don’t sign jokinen, bring in youngish guys. I believe you have to try and get praise but I wouldn’t bet on it. We need a new coach.

    I guess what I’m saying is that there is a lot of work to be done and if we make playoffs this year it won’t happen at all.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      I can understand the concept of wanting the Flames to lose (not loose btw) to improve draft position & expediate the re-build; it is a sentiment that has occasionally touched the pages of this site & others.

      No offence to your position Dave, but I cannot or will not bring myself to do it. When that game starts & your team is on the ice – you damn well cheer for them because that’s what a fan does.

      You can fault management/ownership for not instituting a rebuild as soon you would like (a position I fully share – as I would like to see a rebuild), but whatever ends up being on the ice as a result of those decisions is your team. Hoping for losses breeds a loser mentality – an attitude that is not healthy in the room, to young players coming up or potential free agents.

      If the team feels their ownership/management is pushing them that direction – this can foster feelings of self-doubt which could last for seasons on end – (especially for a young team – see Edmonton Oilers 2009 to present)

      • As an Oilers fan I can tell you that there is a difference between intellectually wanting your team to lose and cheering for them when they hit the ice. The reason fans still fill Rexall Place is not so we can root for them to fall on their faces, even though we understand that doing so will result in high end assets.

        Every loss is hard to watch, but we have accepted short term pain for (hopefully) long term gain. The way the draft is set up means that outside of luck that’s the only way to gather elite talent in bunches and replenish a woefully depleted minor league system.

  • Sobueno

    I should clarify something. I only don’t want to sign jokenin if it means we overpay him. I would sign him at 4 years at 3.75 per and 2.5 the last year. That way he can retire here but it wouldn’t be a cap issue. I’d also give him no trade ( otherwise I don’t think he’d take the deal)

    I just have a sick feeling he’s going to want a huge raise.

  • Get The Puck Outta Here

    I often hear the arguement “youth vs age”


    The list goes on and on and these are somewhat our generation long time active players. They have accomplished great things, even at older ages.

    Oct 17-2011 according to CBC-Calgary Flames average age = 29.6 (29th in the league, today sitting at 11th in the conference and 4 points out of a playoff spot.

    Oct 17-2011 according to CBC-Detroit Red Wings
    average age = 29.9 (30th in the league, today sitting at 2nd in the conference and tied for 2nd in the league)

    If I rated teams on average age I would say that the Wings should be at the bottom, every year, year after year. Not the case.

    • Get The Puck Outta Here

      Every Cup finalist since the lockout, and probably before, has 3 or 4 star players in their 20’s. While Detroit is the exception to the rule due to great talent and very strong leadership (2 Swedes and a Russian who put our ‘C’ to shame), the last time they won the Cup,Datsyuk and Zetterberg were still in their 20’s as well.

      Sutter won’t be back in the summer. Him and the team will choose to part ways. While Brent was never my pick for coach and Ken King and Darryl should be smacked silly for not even giving an interview to Tippett, I’m thinking Brent can’t wait to get away from the lazy, self-centered players that make up the core of the Flames.

      There’s the real difference between Calgary and Detroit (besides a huge gulf in talent), Detroit has a culture of working hard and following the system. Detroit does, btw, play a system. Every team does. There’s not one club out there playing pond hockey to have fun. Doesn’t work at the NHL level.

      Talent and work ethic. Calgary has neither. Non-playoffs is a coincidence to Brent’s tenuremore than anything. It’s not like the team sank from a top 6 club every year to no playoffs. They barely scrape in before and were beat in the first round every year. Where they still didn’t show up to play. It’s just that they’ve gotten lazier and older.

      They team won’t do anything next year without major changes either.

      • Get The Puck Outta Here

        No talent? Kipper-Iggy-JBO-GlenX-Gio-Tanguay-Camo? ok. Don’t really understand how you can say that but we all have our opinions.

        So Detroit is the exception? Ok. Year after year? ok. How does an exception happen every year? Magic I guess.

        System? Yes I agree that every team has to play one. The difference is that the system is built around the talent, not talent conforming to the system. Good coaching, great coaching is all about playing to your teams strengths and exploiting the other teams weaknesses.

        If every team was herded like a pen of cattle there would be no winners. Humm…….a thought just came to mind. Hey team, don’t think for yourself, just go through the gate I tell you to go through. Don’t be individual, don’t think, just do to what I say or I will scream and yell at you. Keenan had a better grasp.

  • Get The Puck Outta Here

    Hear that sound Flames fans? Its the sound of another nail being driven into your coffin. The Oilers bit the bullet last night for you. I hope you appreciate thier lack of effort on your behalf. It would behoove us to see you make the playoffs with a team that is as bad as the Flaames. Better to dash your hopes sooner than later so that you can get on with your rebuild this summer.

    Just say thank you Oilers

  • Get The Puck Outta Here

    flames are right where they should be this time of the year, outside looking in. wonder if the players are being to develop a voyeurism fetish.butta should be getting his walking papers soon, feasters next quote will be that the coach is safe.

  • RKD

    Blown chance to get closer to Dallas, too bad they couldn’t get it to extra time for a guaranteed point.

    Either the players have tuned Brent out, can’t/won’t play his system, the personnel isn’t good enough or a combination of all three.

    True, under Brent’s tenure the Flames have never made the playoffs. Under Keenan the Flames made the playoffs but were ousted both times in the first round.

    They had Playfair for one season, made the playoffs and out in round 1 and again were ousted the year before in Anaheim when Darryl was coaching the Flames.

    The inconsistency problem is something carried from coach to coach but somehow those other teams found away to get to the dance but with each first round exit it’s more clear the Flames aren’t up to the level of the other teams.

    In fact, the Flames actually went on a streak in the playoffs in which they went like 23 straight playoff games scoring 2 goals or less. After the lockout, they’ve had only 10 playoff wins in eight years, 3 against Anaheim, 2 against Detroit, 3 against San Jose, and 2 against Chicago.

  • Franko J

    @ michael

    Hey why would I as a supporter of the Flames thank the Oilers?

    They win or lose games based on their merit of play just like the Flames.
    Like the Flames, they have very few players on the team who work hard and give a decent effort game in and game out. Most nights both teams have many passengers riding the pine and collecting a paycheck for mediocre play.

    By the way, the only saving grace with the Oilers is they get rewarded with lottery picks for their undesirable performance on the ice
    Furthermore, yes the last few nails are being driven into the Flames coffin because they aren’t that very good of a team, yet I begin to wonder what it is like knowing that at the end of October that the season is just another formality?

  • Get The Puck Outta Here

    @Kenta, so you think coaching isnt the problem? Hmm lemme see, Flames made playoff 5 years in a row with 3 different coaches. When Brent took over, it was basically the same team as those others. Since then the team has suffered physically, are scoring challenged and have missed the playoffs, wait 3 years, each year Brent was coach? Am i missing something? If you were a CEO, the company made a profit for 5 years strait, nothing major changed then a new CEO took over and lost money each year with basically no changes in the market, that CEO would be out of a job. You cant say surely that Brent is a good coach. I like what some of the guys in Toronto said about Wilson, “your record speaks for itself” No playoffs each year youre at the helm, BuBYE!

    Yes I meant Jim Nill as the GM. It is my understanding that his non negotiation clause ends this year. I know it would be a long shot to get him, but why not try?

    As for Eakins. Didnt know he was a Sutter clone. He is an American which seems to be the #1 qualification for this organization now.