Some News and Some Housekeeping



So the Flames loss last night took a big bite our of their playoff aspirations. Unfortunately I have some more bad news.

Due to a contractual snafu, FlamesNation’s nearly two year long partnership with the FAN960 recently came to an end. As a result, Pat Steinberg won’t be able to write for the site for the time being. Pat wants to let everyone know he loved contributing, loved the community and his absence isn’t voluntary. You can of course still follow him on twitter and listen to him during the Big Show in the afternoon on the FAN960 and on Overtime after games. Pat is one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever met and his work was highly appreciated by myself and others here at FN. Make sure to continue to give him your support.

This also means my own appearances with the FAN will stop for now, including scoring chance discussions on OT. This also temporarily shelves any chance of a weekly FlamesNation radio show.

It’s unknown whether this is a permanent or temporary situation. We will of course let everyone know if things change.

On a different note, I was recently added as an occasional contributor to Puck Daddy. I will be writing similar pieces to the stuff I contributed to the Score during my time there (stats/psych articles). My first attempt, a post on the Wild’s regression this season and why it was hard to comprehend, was published this past Thursday.

I was also recently interviewed by Patrick Hoffman of Kuklas Corner. If you were ever wondering how some dude went from ranting about hockey as a hobby to…what I do know, give it a read.

Finally, some of you may have noticed some improvements to We continue to re-design the site and add new and interesting features. We have some big plans in the works for it in the near future, but for now you can check out new player cards that include contract details, counting stats and something we call spending efficiency (points/cap hit). There is also a new feedback widget which will let you recommend new functionality or alert us to any errors or issues you may stumble across.

This is only the first, small step forward relative to where we want to end up with the site. If you have any requests or feedback, don’t hesitate to email me or use the feedback widget on the site itself.

Next up – platform improvements for FN itself. I can’t promise when it will happen, but I ensure you that we plan to improve the experience here for readers and commenters as well. More news as it happens…

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    My next comment has nothing to do with Pat as I love him to death & beleieve you are genuine when you say this was not his decision.

    I hope this is purely contractual related and not Flames brass becoming a little too concerned about the intellectual honesty being written on this site – surely that is way too conspiracy theorish – has Ken King even heard of FN? I don’t think so – at least he doesn’t read it based on the decisions that continue to be made.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      If that was the case that’s incredibly stupid of the Flames, sites like this create MORE interest in the team. The live chats, the fact all the editors are on Twitter, you can’t chat about the Flames if your not watching ;)(or form good opinions). It’s really cool the editors interact with a lot of their fans on Twitter, Stienberg and Kent are always replying to people, its pretty cool.

      That’d be incredibly stupid and short sited if the Flames somehow got involved with the Fan to try and Stop Steinberg from coming on here. This site is one ofthe reasons I’ve been so interested in the Flames this year.

      • Bean-counting cowboy

        Ya no doubt. My comment was quite a stretch which I even alluded to. It was meant to be a compliment of FN more than anything as I think the analysis provided on this site is top notch.

        It’s been just over a year and a half that I started reading stuff by Kent & since then, when ever there’s a story Flames related I find myself checking out what Kent has to say as I have come to agree with him consistently; I have a great deal of respect for his opinions.

        My comments were stemming more from my desire for people at the head of the organziation to come to realize the large part of the fanbase which share many of Kent’s opinions.

        I also think the availabilty the likes of Kent & Pat provide is awesome for the simple fan like me.

        Keep up the good work!

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Thanks for the update Kent. Very unfortunate to hear that Paddy won’t be able to write here; I enjoyed his gameday posts, postgame and additional insight into the team. Hopefully you guys can re-up with the FAN again and maybe Paddy can come back and write here again.

  • First Name Unidentified

    Kent – nice email interview on KK. Congrats on making a career out of a hobby. I really like your work and enjoy reading your analyses.

    Keep up the good work!

  • RKD

    I love this site, I visit it everyday. I’ve read your articles Kent, you provide a deeper more intelligent look at hockey. I have been introduced to statistics that I have never seen before. They certainly help to back up the validity of a point.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Will miss Paddy on FN. Love his Big Show & OT & will continue listening regularily. But Kent, I think you and your writers on this site do a great job going forward. It’s allowed me to vent my frustrations when they need to be vented(very theraputic)and provides an excellent forum to express opinions & change perceptions of our Flames. I enjoy the site, truly excellent entertainment.

  • RKD

    It’s sites and media like this that finally got to Brian Burkes head that a change in coaching was made. Hopefully FN can do the same in CowTown. Love ragging on McLovin hope he’s back soon. Wonder if he will still comment on the site with a pseudonym? Maybe something like FakeSteinberg.

  • RexLibris

    Sorry to hear about Pat and the Nations.

    I’m liking the new additions to nhlnumbers, Kent. That is some very nice work. The age, position, and nationality windows for each player are really handy as well.

    Just for fun I took a spin on the spending efficiency tab and compared Hemsky’s and Iginla’s cost efficiency from ’08 to ’12. The averages between the players was surprising, even for me. One player averaged 11.122 pts/MM while the other was 11.1428 pts/MM. I’ll let you guess which is which, but I was surprised they were that close.

    Anyone listen to Lowetide on air today? He compared the announcing of a new coach in Toronto to the fanfare over the election of a new pope; coloured smoke (which is promptly blown up you-know-where) and television coverage included. It was the best description of the Toronto coaching spectacle I have ever heard. But Burke still gets to wear the biggest hat.

  • I’ve been reading FN since about November 2010 and since then I have checked the site virtually every day to find out news on the Flames. All the advanced stats, scoring chance numbers and in-depth analysis has really enhanced my knowledge on the Flames. The live chats are very fun and make the game alot more enjoyable. Plus you get to pick on people like VF! (I can say this since he’s in Mexico and won’t see this 🙂 ) So thanks to everyone here at FN, especially Kent, for making this site great. Your work does not go unnoticed.

  • Sobueno

    I actually got directed to the site a couple years ago by your little bro Kent (we both worked together at Thurber). We would always have discussions on the Flames, likely while we were supposed to be working, during one of which he mentioned you wrote quite a bit on the team – I believe this was before you were one of the top dawgs on FN. So I’ve been lurking for a while, and just recently starting trying to add to the discussion somewhat.

    By far this is my favourite site for analysis of the team! Much much much more in depth and “intellectually honest” than what I used to read on the team website. Also much better than the TSN updates and plethora of TSN trolls that used to be my main source of information as well. So thank you Kent and everyone else that writes and contributes to the discussion for keeping me entertained and interested on a daily basis! Looking forward to the new changes and additions 🙂

  • RexLibris

    Irving assigned to Abbotsford? I guess Feaster is sending a message that Leland’s utter failure to score a goal during his tenure is unacceptable.

    Assuming Karlsson is up now, that should be entertaining.

  • First Name Unidentified

    Kent – I’m planning to put a link to FN on my webpage which is very public. Hope that’s OK. I have links to “other resources” and fun stuff on my webpage.

  • Captain Ron

    Going to miss Paddy on FN. He is the reason I came here in the first place. I have to admit that when I got here I didn’t like it that much. Found it at first to be a little too negative overall for my taste. I like the site now though and really have come to appreciate the thoughts and opinions of everyone here.

    Only time I ever met Steinberg was I think in 2007 at an outdoor car show on a Sunday afternoon. He was really grumpy that day not really wanting to be there and having trouble setting up his equipment. Funny scene actually.
    He’s come a long way and does a great job on overtime.

  • NateBaldwin

    Flames nation is one of 3 sites I visit daily. I heard about this site from stienberg on the fan 960, So it’s a shame to hear that that method of advertising is going to be gone for the time being.

    I think including advanced statistics in the discussion is the direction that hockey coverage should be going, and to hear there’s a contractual snag that is slowing that process down is dissapointing.

    My only question would be what can I (and anyone else that feels the same way ) do to get the message across to the fan960 that contributions from people like kent, and in general the advanced stat community have a place in main stream media?

  • marty

    too bad about pat, what is the deal with sportsnet not wanting to have their people out and about? forever tsn’s lil brother. Also going to miss ya on 960 with pat. makes the 2 hour drive back to rocktown alot better with actual information instead of drunk fan calling in to say “trade iginla” or ” i didn’t watch the game but this is what i think” anyways cmon boys lets f dallas in the a today. go flames go

  • marty

    Man, this really sucks. I first came onto FN when I was listening to the fan 960 and I heard pats flames nation advertisements, when he says ‘fire it up’. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on the site. Anywho, hopefully this is just temporary, and tomorrow I will be reading flames nation and listening to Pat on the Fan!