Postgame: A Glimmer Of Hope



There won’t be any goaltending awards given out after Calgary’s 5-4 win over the Montreal Canadiens Tuesday night. A couple of major mistakes and weak positional play from both goalies left the flood gates open and the players took advantage of it, with Jarome Iginla (2G, 1A) and Curtis Glencross (1G, 2A) leading the way for the victors tonight.

The Recap

The first period started out quite slow-in the first 10 minutes, there were 6 shots total-but David Moss got it going at 10:06, with a tip in of a Curtis Glencross point shot for his second goal of the year. The Flames, buoyed with the guarantee of avoiding the “Glencross-Scores-First-Curse”, added to their lead two minutes later when Jarome Iginla displayed a little of that vintage Iggy. Iginla powered past the Canadiens defenseman and placed the perfect wrister behind Price for the 2-0 lead. The Flames would keep that lead until a bad rebound allowed Tomas Plekanec to snap a power play quickie past Miikka Kiprusoff with 4 seconds left in the period. Shots in the Flames-dominated period were 18-9 for the good guys and they also out chanced the visitors 9-4 in the frame.

Things calmed down in the second shot and chance wise, but it still managed to be quite a lively affair. Max Pacioretty tied the game up at 2 with his 27th (!) of the year just before the halfway mark of the period. It didn’t take long for the Flames to pull ahead once again though with Mark Giordano absolutely OJ’ing a Glencross pass at the point for his 6th of the season. With just over a minute and a half remaining in the period, Iginla got on the scoreboard once again, thanks to a positional gaffe from Carey Price. Shots in the period were 10-9 in favour of the Flames; they also won the chance battle 6-2.

An absolutely futile third period began with a Ryan White penalty just over three minutes in, but the ineptness of the Flames’ Power Play once again reared it’s ugly head with the Flames barely being able to hold the zone. The Flames would recover a little when Glencross would get his 23rd of the season-an absolute gift from Price-at 7:16 to put the Flames up big. Lars Eller, on his knees and without his real girl, somehow got a pretty brutal shot to get by Kiprusoff less then two minutes later. Flames fans started to panic at 12:06 when a horrible non-call led to Max Pacioretty’s 2nd goal of the night. Pacioretty’s linemate, David Desharnais, was all over Kiprusoff and to my eye completely impeded Kiprusoff’s movement by his own accord. It became even more apparent that the refs had put away their whistles in the waning minutes of the game; with Matt Stajan being blatantly tripped, blindsided and tripped again within the span of two shifts. Stajan was working his ass off out there and just couldn’t get a call-but the Flames weathered the storm and Kiprusoff shut the door a couple more times to seal the deal. Shots in the third were 6-10 in favour of the Canadiens in the third and the Flames were thoroughly out-chanced by a 2-8 margin.

The Stars

1. Jarome Iginla

2. Max Pacioretty

3. Curtis Glencross

The Final

Really, just a straight-up, grade-A ugly game tonight. Were it not for the grace of Carey Price, the Flames would’ve squandered a 2-goal lead in the 3rd and would’ve been heading to overtime. At this point of the season, though, the team is what it is and while I don’t like the goals scored against, they did win. That 2-on-1 to finish the game was pretty brutal, though. Blech.

Obviously, the big negative here is that a couple more injuries may be added to the infirmary list, but we’ll have to see Friday. A team dressing 9 replacement players (3 of whom are emergency call-ups) can’t realistically compete for a playoff spot, but so it goes. Doesn’t help that the Flames playoff chances took quite the hit tonight with Dallas winning and San Jose getting a loser point.

The Flames’ next game is Friday, when they host the Winnipeg Jets. Game time is 7 PM Mountain (FAN 960 and Sportsnet West).

  • Gange

    Whats the deal with Steinberg taking the PostGame he used to do here and take it to his Fan960 Blog?? I saw him post something on Twitter and I was like cool, the postgame, and then when I clicked the link I was “WHAT?!!?” This is not FlamesNation, and then I remembered the weekend post.

    Anyways, an early congrats to Iggy as he should hit 30 goals again this year giving him 11 consecutive years with 30 or more goals and joining only 8 other NHLers to ever accomplish that.

    Not the worst game I saw, but a couple bad plays by Kipper(the one he caught but dropped in the net and the Eller goal from his feet, seriously, it did deflect, but it was going like 5 miles an hour, Stajan shoots harder than that) and a couple bad defensive breaks and we kept Montreal in it. We scored at will pretty well and if we tightened up on D it could have been a lot more one sided.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    I forgot to add, what the hell was up with the Zebras? How the hell did they not catch the Blindside hit on Stajan or the mugging on him later in the period. I give Stajan props for that game, he didn’t excel in the #1 center role, but he played tough, didn’t complain and did an alright job, hopefully we see more of that Stajan and not the Stajan we have come to know and love.

  • Gange

    Not really sure how the Pacioretty goal was actually a goal when Desharnais skated in, under his own power, and stood between Kipprusoff and the net. WTF?

    Also, I know Matt Stajan is not a great player or anything but I’m pretty sure you can’t repeatedly trip a player, in spite of his talent, without getting a penalty.

    • Gange

      Yeah I don’t really blame Kipper on that one, he was a bit out of position to start, but when a guy skate right into your crease and essentially blocks you in, it doesn’t matter if the puck goes off a stick or whatever thats goalie interference. How the heck Montreal didn’t win this game is beyond me.

  • Sluggo

    Hate to come down on someone who has carried the Flames with Vezina performance (on almost any other team) all season long – but what’s up with Kipper? Is he tired? Not eating his wheaties? Hiding an injury? Last few outings have been uncharacteristically soft…

    I’m just not used to being worried when opposing teams gain the zone and standard clearing attempts go on net. I’ve gotten so used to superhuman performance from Kipper, I find myself getting too stressed out to watch. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still my fave flame and their best player, but what’s up?

  • NateBaldwin

    Refereeing conspiracy?

    I didn’t watch the game but every post-game article I’ve read makes me think that the NHL is conspiring against the Flames, which is weird because it’s completely unnecessary. Surely the league is aware that the Flames lose games just fine without any help from officiating.

    Glad to hear Stajan made some plays with his 18 mins of ice time. According to he-who-will-not-be-named on the Fan960, he’s not in good enough shape to play more than about 10 minutes a night.

    • NateBaldwin

      We may not ever hear, but I hope to God Feaster has sent a copy of the video to the Supervisor of Officating & CC Mr Betthole & ask for clarification of some rules in the NHL rule book. I would like to know if unimpeded standing in the crease and blocking a goaltender is OK, because we better start doing that ourselves, & I would would suggest calling up P3L to be the man for the job. The officiating in this league is rediculous & the true definition of inconsistency.

      • RexLibris

        No kidding.

        You’ll have to get in line though, Renney and the Oilers management have been barely biting their tongues on this issue. It appears that your number of powerplays awarded is in direct correlation to the height of your position in the standings.

        It hasn’t been this bad since a few years before the lockout, in my opinion.

      • Captain Ron

        You know I’ve been grumbling about the officiating all year in the NHL. Not just our games but others I have watched this year. Last night it was particularly bad. No way that goal should have counted with the Hab in the crease blocking Kipper. The most inconsistent officiating in pro sports is in the NHL. I’m surprised the players don’t lose it completely at times.

  • NateBaldwin

    I wish that someone would do a comprehensive assessment of league officiating to see if there is a significant correlation between officiating and position in the standings.

    I guess the biggest hurdle would be coming up with an objective metric to rate the calls, seeing as the NHL doesnt seem to have one yet and they’ve been doing it for years :p