Sven Baertschi Impressions

    It’s no secret I’m a guy who tends to look at the forest rather than the trees when it comes to hockey analysis. I’m going to supress that habit this one time to share my very early impressions of Sven Baertschi however. With appropriate caveats attached, of course.


Five things: Is that a mirage?

1. What to make of eighth For half a second the other night, Calgary actually occupied a playoff spot. That was Sunday night. Less than two days later, simply by sitting idle in preparation for last night’s tilt with San Jose, they had slipped back to 10th place, two points behind then-eighth-place Colorado. And one…


Postgame: Don’t Worry

    The Flames got their asses handed to them for the majority of the game tonight, but as we all know the better team doesn’t always win. This evening, it was another stroke of luck for the Flames as Matt Stajan scored the winner in dramatic fashion to give Calgary the game by a…