Postgame: Don’t Worry



The Flames got their asses handed to them for the majority of the game tonight, but as we all know the better team doesn’t always win. This evening, it was another stroke of luck for the Flames as Matt Stajan scored the winner in dramatic fashion to give Calgary the game by a score of 3-2-keeping them in the playoff conversation.

The Recap

The first period started out quite ominously, with Logan Couture scoring less then a minute into the game. The Flames looked like the stereotypical “chicken with their heads cut off” team for the first few shifts, completely throwing away two power play chances in the first seven minutes. Luckily, the poor start did not cost them anything on the scoreboard aside from Couture’s goal-but there could have been much more damage. The Flames continued to be out-chanced, but Kiprusoff kept the puck out. With about 30 seconds left in the period, Curtis Glencross took an ill-advised penalty, checking Jason Demers from behind in retaliation. Glencross’ goal streak would end, as he would be given a 5-minute penalty and a game misconduct. The Sharks out shot and out chanced the Flames in the period, 8-10 and 1-6 respectively.

For the first four and a half minutes in the second, the Flames were feeling the residual effects from Glencross’ hit, as they would continue to be a man down. The Sharks managed to get five shots on the extended PP, but the Flames kept the puck mostly to the outside and killed it off. Riding the wave created by the kill, Sven Baertschi potted the second goal of his young career off a terrible rebound given up by Antti Niemi. The game would continue to be controlled by the Sharks in the second, as they were helped with some questionable calls-including a Delay of Game call to Mark Giordano-but it didn’t faze the Flames. As the aforementioned Giordano stepped out of the box, he intercepted a pass and fed a beauty pass to Jarome Iginla-who of course went all Vintage Iggy and murdered that puck top ched off of the one-t to give the Flames the lead just before the end of the period. It was also Iginla’s 30th of the season, making it his 11th consecutive year scoring at least 30 goals. Calgary scored on all of their chances in the period (which is both good and bad, of course), but even though they were lacking in the chance department (2-7), they outshot the Sharks 9-8 in the frame.

Logan Couture would tie it with his second of the night just 1:22 in as a nice pass from Patrick Marleau found his stick. While it would take fourteen minutes for the Flames to register their first shot of the third period, the Sharks were not able to take further advantage of the Flames’ futility. A back and forth period resulted in the Flames winning the chance battle 3-2 even though they were outshot 2-9-but none of that mattered as the game was sent to overtime.

The Flames controlled the overtime period territorially, as all of the shots the Sharks got were in transition. The Sharks had the only chance in the period, but it was all for naught as MATT FREAKIN STAJAN scored off a Blake Comeau pass to win the game for the Flames with just under a minute left on the clock. Shots were 3-4 for the Sharks in OT.

The Stars

1. Jarome Iginla

2. Matt Stajan

3. Logan Couture

The Final

The Flames won in exciting fashion and keep pace in the playoff race. Be happy, at least for tonight. 30 goals again for Iggy, another for SVEN, the continuing playoff push and the redemption of Matt Stajan-there’s no reason at all you should feel bad as a fan.

  • Bikeit

    So if the flames go 8 wins and 4 losses from here on in they have the exact same record as last year. Are 94 points good enough to get in the dance? Might have to go 9 and 3 now just to be safe.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Wow, did those refs suck tonight. Hate to say it, Stajan deserved the major more than GlenX. Wonder if Shanahan gives him a call & a 2 game vacation tomorrow. Nice to see Brent playing Sven in O/T & near the end of the game. Kid is still a little tentative on the ice, probably just the time of year & importance of these games, he’s too afraid to make a mistake, but boy has he got the tools once he gets comfortable & confident playing in this league.

    Also noteworthy, had the wings at Mugshots & they were awesome. Now I need to take some Zantac & walk the dog 🙂

  • Dr. Nick

    Why so negative? The Flames were on the PK half the night so they struggled to develop a rythym. But a strong PK and a couple of great offensive plays got them a deserved win in the biggest game of the year so far. Brents party, Svens goal, and Iggy getting 30 is just gravy.

    Sometimes it seems people here have their head buried in a spreadsheet and completely lose soperspective. Love the site and the data but sometimes …..

  • Vintage Flame

    Quite the emotional night indeed. Not that they all aren’t nowadays.. but this was just a must win for the Flames, especially given the games in hand Sj has on them.

    From Iggy hitting 30 goals in 11 straight seasons, to Bärtschi scoring again with another beauty, it was almost symbolic foreshadowing of the handing over of the torch. Or at least it’s what most fans will want to believe. It’s hard to put that label on Sven after just 3 games in the NHL.

    To top the whole night off.. How cool was it to be listening to P-Stein on Overtime and all of a sudden have Hakan Loob, yes THAT Hakan Loob call in from Sweden to wish the Flames luck on their playoff run!!

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    I wasn’t able to watch the 3rd period, or overtime, last night. Just about fell out of my chair this morning when I saw Brent celebrating like that after the OT winner. I did not expect that from a Sutter.

  • RKD

    Cool to see Brent celebrate like that, Sven has been great. The future for him looks bright.

    Glad the Flames won the game, sounds like a few injured players are ready to come back soon.

    They still have to win 8/12 for 94 points and that might just get you in the eight spot.

    *Update: No suspension for Glencross!

    Hakan Loob called OT after midnight from Sweden!