Postgame: Quarter Dollar



A heartbreaker for the Flames tonight, as they drop a 2-1 decision in a shootout to the Columbus Blue Jackets. If you didn’t think it was over on Friday, then you probably now realize the chances of going 6-2-1 are extremely slim.

The Recap

The game saw its first real chance when Jay Bouwmeester came painfully close to scoring around 17:00, beating Curtis Sanford with the snap shot-but he couldn’t beat the crossbar. The period would stay scoreless until 6:57, when Nikita Nikitn flubbed his 5th of the year past Miikka Kiprusoff on a weak snap shot from the point. The Flames would start pushing from there, however, and in one of the high-event moments it appeared that Sanford tweaked either his groin or his knee. He would have to be helped off as Steve Mason came in in relief. The Flames would get a power play soon after, and from that point on they basically stayed in the Blue Jackets zone for the rest of the period. Shots were 7-5 for the Flames and chances were 5-4, also for the Flames.

Period deux started out the way the first one ended-with a lot of pressure from the Flames. One shift in particular around the 6 minute mark produced 3 scoring chances. Near the 8 minute mark of the period, it almost looked as if Steve Mason would be leaving the game as well-Colton Gillies gave Olli Jokinen a push from behind, and Jokinen’s knee made contact with the head of Mason-but Mason would tough it out and stay in the game. Alex Tanguay would as well, even though he was blatantly elbowed in the head by Jared Boll with about 10:00 left in the second. The Flames would continue the barrage, but would not capitalize before time expired. The Flames dominated the frame, outchancing the Jackets 9-1 and outshooting them 16-3.

The start of the third period was about as different as you could get from the second, however. Five minutes into the period, the Blue Jackets led the Flames in the chance count 1-5. Things would turn a little after that, until with 8:24 left in the period Matt Stajan snuck a puck through a hole the size of my palm, tying the game. The Flames would continue to press, but nothing would come of it in either the rest of the third or overtime. The Flames outchanced the Jackets in OT, 2-0 but lost the chance battle in the 3rd, 5-6.

The shootout…well, they lost it.

The Stars

1. Steve Mason

2. Matt Stajan

3. Cam Atkinson

The Final

The Flames next game is Tuesday (7PM Mountain) in Colorado on the FAN960 and Sportsnet West. Hope is all that is left now. 

  • Captain Ron

    After winning five in a row you just had to know they were going to lose to the Oil and Blue Jackets. Two teams they should be able to beat. I’m not really that surprised we lost to the Oilers but the f+@!*$g!!!!!! Blue Jackets always give us a struggle. What is it with that team anyway. Last place team that played in Van last night and wins here on a short back to back turn around. Mason was good tonight but 1 goal on him? 0 for 4 in a shootout against him? Seriously. Very frustrating loss tonight.

  • Sobueno

    It’s times like these when that “inconsistency” word starts popping up. Looking like world beaters one week, then losing to the bottom feeders (the last place team on the second night of their back-to-back, how??).

    At least in their defence, it sounds like the game could have just as easily gone the other way. Frustrating though, I was looking at team records around the league and we have the highest number of OT losses in the West! Win even half of those and we’re reasonably comfortable in a playoff position right now.

    It’s not over until it’s over, but these last two games definitely don’t make their lives much easier.

  • RexLibris


    Man, sorry guys but that one has really got to sting.

    So, positive thoughts:

    I love that GIF.

    And thanks for getting the Oilers one point closer to Nail Yakupov.

    And Steve Mason will probably put some Flames on his Christmas Card list now (Mason got first star!?!).

    And Stajan is coming around so perhaps he can carry something forward into the off-season.

    And you still managed that single point so the playoffs are not entirely out of reach.

    Also, I see Baertschi is still 10th in WHL scoring despite spending five games in the NHL.

    And Ferland is still doing pretty well, 96 pts in 68 games.

  • RexLibris

    Hmmm, we are really really bad at shootouts. We loose one shootout after other so why not to keep Iggy and Olli as a first shooters again?? I dont eve remember last time they scored on shootout. I just dont get it. Still the same players, as if it is some kind of winning formula. Of course, they are franchise players, but shootouts are for young and cocky players like CBJs Atkinson showed us yesterday.

    • RexLibris

      only thing is…who the hell else are you going to put out there? the only other real option right now is stempniak, because there’s no way in hell stajan, moss, tko, nemisz, etc. are going before iginla and jokinen. not saying that way of thinking is right, but it is what it is.

      • T&A4Flames

        Why not try Horak? I think he is more slick than what he has been able to show yet. When they’re back, why not try TJ and/or Backlund? Why not Gio? Hell, why not try JBo or Smith? The current formula doesn’t seem to be working. What’s that “insanity” thing…. yea.

        • everton fc

          A few things to think about in the off-season:

          1. A defenceman (or two) who can shoot from the right-side while having some grit:

          2. Offencive players who can actually help us in the shootout.

          I can see trying Horak. When you start talking d-men on the shootout… Welll… See #2 above.

          We are simply running our of gas with the expansion roster we currently ice these days. Our 3rd and 4th lines don’t look much different than the Jackets. Nor does our defence, really. “On paper”, that is…

          Notice all the teams we are competing against for that final spot are winning when they need to. Dallas has pulled away, in fact…

          We simply don’t have the players to do what Dallas has done. Plain and simple. Injuries killed us.

      • everton fc

        Given how hot Stajan is right now, why wouldn’t you go with him before Iginla? Iginla’s career shootout record is terrible and Stajan is riding a wave.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    If the phlems can’t beat the two WORST teams in the league then doesn’t that make them the worst team. Welcome to the Sahara you desert wonderers.

    • Mitch2

      I know misery in Edmonton & Calgary loves each others company. I know we love to be lost together. We were equally impressed how you up chucked a 2-0 lead to find your comfort in losing again. Good job, I guess we are stuck with each other for eternity. 🙁

    • Mitch2

      As of today the Flames are 18th overall.

      Better than 40% of the NHL. If that is the same desert the Oilers live in, being better than only 3% of the NHL. One team, I don’t know what to say.

      Time to go ripping on the Wild, the Avs, the Islanders, the Ducks etc…

      Oiler fans have for literally years talked about how the Flames are headed off a cliff to join them in the gutter, years and years the same things being said.

      When will it actually happen?

      • Mitch2

        My guess is the season after next. Next season the Flames will again be somewhat ‘competitive.’ After that though, without major changes taking place, the Flames, with Iginla and Kipper both 36 and the rest of the core in their 30’s, will go over the cliff.

        At least that’s my timeline and I’m sticking with it.

        • T&A4Flames

          Well then let’s hope that Feaster and the rest of the “management” are proactive in making preparations for that coming day. Anyting that quickens the time out of the Oiler level of futility.

        • RexLibris

          That was my argument at the beginning of the season. The Flames have some nice legacy pieces on the roster, but not enough horses to keep up with the other mid-tier teams in the West.

          Essentially much of the criticism from around the league seems to stem from how the Flames have made some small changes to the roster in the hopes that it will only take a minor adjustment to achieve success, but in the meantime most of the other teams in the West have changed and adjusted more quickly. The best comparison I can think of right now is San Jose where perennial underachievement was seemingly only ever met with modest changes.

          I know that there have been some big moves in Phaneuf, Regehr and Cammalleri (both leaving and returning) in the last three years, but the Phaneuf trade was a very poor return while the Regehr trade, it could be argued, came at least a season too late.

          I agree that the Flames are in an uneviable position as they look forward to the next two years. Fans should be concerned about the ability of this ownership and management group to execute a restocking of talent as well as the likelihood that the Flames will be doing it at the same time as Minnesota, Anaheim, Dallas, San Jose, and perhaps Columbus as well. The last thing you want when trying to stock draft picks and prospects is multiple teams vying for those assets.

  • RexLibris


    The Flames are 40 percent better than the rest of the league at their very best. That’s my point. How are they going to get better? The clock is ticking on their best players and as far as I can tell minimal prospects are on the way due to lack of quality picks. So they clear some cap space and sign who? You have to develop young talent. Believe me I’m as hard on the Oilers as anyone, and I know where they are in the standings but if you follow the team at all you can see improvement. All I was saying is that Feaster better have a good plan or he’s going to be in as bad of a spot in a hurry.