Once again the Flames find themselves on the short end of the stick, and with eight games left, there isn’t much of a stick left to grasp to. Going into this game, it was viewed that Calgary was going to need to go 6-2-1 to make the playoffs; well if it’s true, they burned the one and only extra time loss they have been afforded. It was a pretty tight game for the most part, but when you’re playing a team you’re trying to catch, you have to find a way to get the two points. Colorado did, Calgary did not.

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The first period started exactly how the Flames needed it to start with Matty "Franchise" scoring just 1:47 into the game. Stajan has been on fire lately and he especially showed his renewed confidence on this goal. When the shot came in from the point from Babchuk, Stajan took the puck and started the cycle. A quick tip from Tanguay back to the stick of Stajan and Matt did the rest. Taking the puck to the front of the net,he didn’t just get one shot, but regained the puck and snapped it past Varlamov. It was a great show of determination and concentration from the Center to get his 8th if the season.

At 9:05, Paul Stastny would score his 19th of the season. The Av’s had Calgary running around in their own zone. When Jones rang the puck around to the left point, the quick shot from O’Brien was tipped in front of Kiprusoff by Stastny. game tied 1-1. The even score was fairly indicative of the period’s even play, given that Colorado had a slight 12-10 edge in shots, but scoring chances were tied 6-6.

There would be no scoring by either club for the duration of regulation time. Shots were tied 10-10 and scoring chances also tied 4-4 in the 2nd. In the 3rd, Calgary held a slight edge in shots at 12-7, and had one more chance than the Av’s; but the game remained knotted at one. What was the difference then in this game? Simply put, the Flames power play was lethargic and out-right terrible tonight. They failed on their one attempt in the 2nd period, and failed on two more attempts in the 3rd. They didn’t even come close to applying enough pressure on the Av’s penalty kill units, and in fact gave up some chances to Colorado that looked more impressive.

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The nail in the coffin tonight was going to overtime, where the Flames didn’t generate a single shot on Varlamov, while the Av’s had four; and it was the fourth one that ended the circus show.  With 1:09 left in OT, David Jones scored on a ridiculous backhand from behind the net,that banked in off Kiprusoff’s skate and into the net. How was Jones able to score a backhand from behind the net? Well the D-man that was covering Jones was Babchuk and once again he was caught standing still while Jones kept his feet moving. Any Pee-Wee coach will ask you, "What the hell did you expect to happen?"


1st. Semyon Varlamov

2nd. David Jones

3rd. Miikka Kiprusoff


The team is not done by any means, but you really have to start wondering if there is any point in trying to figure out what the best case scenario is to get into the playoffs. They basically have to go 6-2-0 now in their remaining games, who can they lose to, who do they have to beat? Safe to say the one remaining against the Av’s is now an absolute must win. What is more disheartening is that, really they are all must wins and with two games still to go against Vancouver, there is just no margin for error. For a team that is marred by errors, the outlook doesn’t appear very optimistic.

Don’t ask me for any examples, but I’m sure stranger things have happened… somewhere. We’ll see if it starts on Thursday, where the Flames meet the Minnesota Wild; yet another team that Calgary should beat! Will they? Game time is 6:00 MT (Sportsnet & Fan 960)

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  • I love the Flames, but I think I’d rather just have this season be over. We had a 5 game winning streak, success right? It was good enough to get us into 10th place, followed by another ill timed losing streak, lets just finally put this dog down and move forward.

  • The Flames are still mathematically alive, thus I am still invested in their success.

    If and when they are eliminated, I will rain a fiery diatribe of spite and expletives all over the place. None shall be safe, except for Craig Conroy because I just can’t stay mad at that guy.

  • MattyFranchise

    At this point, even though I know in my head that I shouldn’t, I keep hoping that the remaining 6 wins all come mostly in a row so that the Flames enter the playoffs on some kind of a streak.

    Otherwise I’m gonna have to cheer for either Ottawa or Chicago in the post season.

    • Vintage Flame

      Good on you for doing it too! I’m in the same boat. Until they are officially, mathematically eliminated then I will continue to hope to see them wake up for these last 8 games.

      The Flames elimination number sits at 7.5; which means…
      Any loss in regulation will decrease the number a full point. Any loss in OT or SO will decrease the number by .5

  • ChinookArchYYC

    I generally ignore comments about specific players and I don’t like chimming in with too much criticism, largely because hockey is a team game. I was a critic of Bourque, because there is no excuse for laziness. That said, I HATE ANTON BABCHUCK – what a terrible hockey player and by far Feaster’s biggest mistake. He is completely clueless, and now he can’t even score on the PP, and give any value. $2.5M for another year – great work Feaster!

  • supra steve

    Lets hope the scouting staff can pull another rabbit from the hat this summer at #13 or therabouts. Althought history would dictate another Fata, Krahn, Kidd, D. Tkachuk, Nemisz, Pelech, Chucko, Nystrom, etc. is the more likely scenario. Go Flames, sigh.

  • xis10ce

    This is a game that expecially hurts to let go. We were given every opportunity to win, with 6mins of PP time that resulted in all of 1 scoring chance and a post in the 3rd that would have otherwise sunk our Battleship, followed up seconds later by a high stick from Gio that should have been a 4min penalty that wasn’t called.

  • supra steve

    The thing that really sticks in my craw, is that this team is not only short on talent but, just horrible to watch. Sutter always talks about not capitalizing on scoring opportunities. Well guess what, when you only have 3 decent chances per game your odds aren’t very good. Watch a team like Vancouver or even the Islanders, it’s at least exciting to watch, they actually put together a few rushes and enter the zone with speed trying to create a scoring opportunity. The Flames? They come up the ice, cross the blue line, stop and wait for a linemate to pass to or dump it in the opposite corner, then make a line change or try to cycle the puck, eventually losing possesion of the puck, without a shot on net. I know Pat lets us all know on Overtime, this team is just not very good, they have no talented players to compete with the other teams in the top 8. And in my mind, if fans and management believe that the Ferland’s, Rheinhart’s (sorry for the spelling) of the world are going to save this franchise? Well they may just do that, but they’re at least 2-3 years away from becoming any sort of difference makers. Iginla and Kipper will either be long gone, or playing out the string.

    • xis10ce

      Unfortunately its too late for that now…. Should have done that at trade deadline. Then we could be sitting in a top 5 draft position and could have got a transformative player in the draft.

      The ONLY result from this false, desperate, clawing and scratching in our attempt to “succeed” is that we now will draft 12-15’th. The travesty is that management has reduced us all to new lows where a successful season equates to clawing into the last playoff spot and then getting destroyed by true contending teams, most likely in 4 games.

      I actually blame us as fans. Look at the comments here, people are still grasping for straws. The bloggers, media, everyone is dreaming of a great finish and just squeaking into the playoffs with no hope of actually winning.

      Until we start demanding better, management will be happy to sell out mediocrity, ice a middling team and sell a boatload of Kipper jerseys.

      Either way we miss the playoffs, watch wretched hockey and get upset. The only difference is that at the draft we’ll watch 10+ stud 18 year olds go to other teams before we even get a chance to pick… all because of a pointless run of frustrating hockey in March 2012.

      Its time to start demanding change.

      • T&A4Flames

        I think the reality is that despite the frusration, this team has created interest. Battling right to the end certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s doing what sports is supposed to do, create that emotion; albeit a gut wrenching one for us right now.

        As for the draft position, I was looking at this yesterday. I still hold a glimmer of hope that they will make a push & finish the season with 7 straight victories. However, my logical side sees them finishing in exactly the same position they are currently in. Ultimately where we pick will matter more on how the east finishes up. It’s possible that we get into the top 10 but more likely it will be in spot 11-13 again.

        Interesting thing, International scouting currently has Galchenyuk at around 16 if I remember correctly. IS it possible that his season long injury will scare enough teams until we get to him?

      • the forgotten man

        Amen Brother & Pass the Ammo…

        If the Flames do miss the playoffs then I think it warrants a management housecleaning of the Three Stooges (King, Feaster, Butter)…Butter is a foregone conclusion, but Feaster & King have rolled the dice on the Flames clinching a playoff spot this year at the long term success of the Team. If the Flames do not qualify then I think it shows a lack of judgement and a true understanding of what the Flames are. Fatster has now conclusively shown me that he only cares about today which is the last thing the franchise needs at this point.

        Thank god Stajan has resurrected himself bbecause at least we can move him in the offseason for an asset…that feels like Christmas in March for me…if Stajan is still on this Team in September based on his late season play then I may need to go back on my meds. Sadly I wouldn’t put this decision past this joke of a management group.

        Sunday. Monday…Happy Days…Tuesday, Wednesday…

      • Vintage Flame

        Unfortunately its too late for that now…. Should have done that at trade deadline. Then we could be sitting in a top 5 draft position and could have got a transformative player in the draft.

        I’m not sure how fans could advocate the team ‘laying down’ at the trade deadline to get a better draft position, and if you did manage to have management in that mindset, then how would they sell that to the players? This is their livelihood and what about the UFA’s? You think they will agree to play like crap, only then to be released from the team. What other team would want to sign a UFA that either appears to be junk or is known to give up and lay down when the going gets tough?

        I actually blame us as fans. Look at the comments here, people are still grasping for straws. The bloggers, media, everyone is dreaming of a great finish and just squeaking into the playoffs with no hope of actually winning.

        You can’t “blame” fans for refusing to give up on their team. There are many out there that refuse to give up hope until the team is mathematically eliminated, why is that a bad thing? If your fan base was to give up at the first indication of a bad or failed season, then the team would not survive for very long in the city. Are you advocating that the Flames should move from Calgary?Because when your fan base gives up that easily, that is only outcome that faces the organization.

        Also, I don’t see any of the bloggers here saying that the Flames ARE going to make the post season. We’ve said they still have a chance, and that’s just the truth of the matter, but I’m pretty sure it’s been made clear that the chances are slipping away and with them the likelihood of any appearance in the Playoffs.

        Until we start demanding better, management will be happy to sell out mediocrity, ice a middling team and sell a boatload of Kipper jerseys.

        I always like these comments. What as a fan can you realistically demand that the team needs or should do. Yes I know that it’s the fans that pay the huge ticket prices and in effect pay the salaries of the players and management alike. However, how big does the mob mentality have to rise to before the team actually listens? How many corporations, that pay millions in revenue for the Flames, can you lobby to be your voice to the owners. It sucks to say, but for every fan that says their fed up and will not be renewing their tickets next year, there are five waiting for a phone call to say another seat has opened up.

        I don’t think the management is content with mediocrity, it may seem that way to us, but we have no idea what goes on inside the organization beyond that sheet of ice. We don’t know who Feaster has talked to, tried to trade or tried to acquire, but been denied. Everyone wants to be in the loop, but we’re all left spinning in circles, frustrated to all heavens.

      • RexLibris

        Re: blaming the fans. Take a look at this book:

        In it the authors essentially make the same argument that when fans continually show unwavering support for mediocrity then ownership is less inclined to exert itself to improve.

        It does raise the “support my troops but not the war” dilemma though. How does one support a team but show their disatisfaction with the direction and management of said team?

  • NateBaldwin

    This post season (like last post season) I will be cheering for whomever Vancouver is playing against. It’s little things like that that bring me joy during the bad times.

  • Graham

    once the injured players starting returning….the supposed “front line” players, they started tanking again.
    When the young guys were in, they were getting it done.
    On another note, when Jokinen and Tanguay are on, wow they are so good, but when they aren’t, they are beyond brutal.
    The last 3-4 games they simply stink. Can’t take a pass, can’t make a pass. Give away after give away.
    I think this team needs to rid itself of Comeau, Stempniak, Moss and the likes. They skate around real nice, but get very little done.
    Feaster, you have a chance this summer to make some meaningful change. For the love of everything holy make the changes.
    At the very least you can say you tried.
    Just one frustrated fans opinion.

  • Graham

    the ncaa has march madness, and unfortunately the flames have a version as well. 5 straight wins then lay an egg against the oiler,jackets and avs. the time has come to let butter go free. rid the organization of any connection to dutter, move forward.

  • Vintage Flame

    I wonder if instead of taking advantage of Stajan’s recent play to market him to a team in the summer trying to meet the salary cap floor, they install him as the #1 center to start the first 20 games next season?

      • RexLibris

        I would agree. I don’t see Stajan as particularly tradeable, and think that the Flames will require his skills at that position in October until a better candidate emerges from within the organization.

      • RexLibris

        Hey VF, I was checking out the Flames site to see if there was any update on Sarich. Has there been any word about the hit or his condition?

        I also noticed that Doan has a hearing today after the Dallas game last night but there’s no word on Jones getting a call after his shot.

        Maybe Andy Sutton should have waited until the final 20 games before hitting an opposing player, then he wouldn’t have been suspended.

        • Vintage Flame

          I haven’t heard anything on Sarich other than he has been sent back here with what they’re calling an Upper Body injury. Given the nature of the hit, I’m assuming that means it’s a concussion.

          I thought the same thing Rex, when I heard Doan got three games for his hit; though I haven’t heard anything on Jones yet. Given what happened tonight between D. Sedin and Duncan Keith.. I think Shanaban might be getting some overtime in.

          • Jones won’t get anything for the hit. There was no penalty called, and there’s been no word about a meeting for him. Somehow, I get the feeling like the NHL would prefer Colorado to win games and be in the playoffs moreso than Calgary.

            He got away with injuring a player, plain and simple. Everybody in Colorado cheered when Sarich went down too, some even thought he should’ve gotten a penalty. So f$#king ridiculous.

            Now where’s my tinfoil hat…

  • Vintage Flame

    Hey, its been a fun March. Especially when we were winning big games but everyone knew the wins were a little hollow. I think the excitement of Barchee actually generated some adrenelin & wins even though he really didnt single handidly win the games. Yeah, we’ll probably be drafting 11th(my prediction) & its not bad. I went into this year waiting to see what Feaster did at the trade deadline & at next draft. He didnt do anything at the trade deadline, but understandably so. We were actually close enough to be a buyer or a seller but the injuries forced the do nothing. Thats not his fault. He did accomplish getting a lot more new faces in this lineup than any of us thought possible or probable. Jay Feaster, this draft, this free agency, the existing UFA’s & RFA’s, there will be no injuries, no trade deadline no excuses to make change to this abomnible broken record.

    • RexLibris

      FYI: the ISS rankings for Mid-March run from 8th to 15th Morgan Reilly, Cody Ceci, Griffin Reinhart, Sebastien Collberg, Olli Maatta, Matthew Finn, Brady Skjei, and Pontus Aberg.

      I expect Reinhart, Reilly and Finn to go earlier which might drop down Matt Dumba(doubtful), Brendan Gaunce (shocked if he makes it past Toronto) or Jacob Trouba.

      If the Flames were drafting 11th, as you expect, and have a choice of Collberg(RW), Maatta(D), and Finn(D) they would do well to pick Finn. His play lately has been exceptional and he apparently has very good instincts for the game. He might be a top 4 defensive pairing and scouts have described him having a slick game with the ability to strip the puck and move it up ice quickly.

      Galchenyuk and Radek Faksa are ranked 16th and 17th and the Flames could select either of them, if Galchenyuk makes it past Washington who might select before Calgary. Both could turn into the kind of draft-day steals that the Flames have thus far enjoyed with Baertschi.

      I had a look at several mock drafts. All had the Flames picking around 12th overall and each one had a different player. Brendan Gaunce (big mean centre, 6’2″ 200 lbs, plays for the Belleville Bulls in the OHL), Jacob Trouba (likely top-2 defenceman, plays a 2-way game in the USHL and is committed to the U of Michigan for next season), Olli Maatta (plays for the London Knights, positionally sounds, smart, patient defender, a can’t-go-wrong pick), and Zemgus Girgensons (early hype and still intriguing pick, centre/right-wing, Latvian junior team, plays for the Fighting Saints, in October some scouts had him as high as #2 behind Yakupov).

      Anyway, I’ll be watching with interest Feaster’s next few months.

      • Avalain

        I doubt eith er of those guys will be there that late, though it would be nice. Faksa is the rising star of the draft and Galchenyuk is still rated quite highly despite injuries (again).

        • RexLibris

          Faksa rose and fell and is rising again. He could very well be another Flames pick this year. Each team has their own perspective. When the Oilers took Klefbom 19th they said they had him right behind Larsson for defencemen and yet there were three or four defencemen taken between the two.

          Galchenyuk isn’t rated any higher than 4th on any scouting service I have seen since the start of the year. That being said, Picking him at anything near the 10th overall spot or later, in my opinion, could be a steal.

          • RexLibris

            I saw those rankings. But I suspect he’ll go sooner. Washington looks like they’ll be picking right around Calgary (12th overall as of today) and again anywhere from 15th to 19th overall. I don’t see Galchenyuk getting past them in their first pick, given their predilection for Russians prospects.

            That’s also assuming that another GM doesn’t prefer him to Forsberg, Gaunce, or another forward.

      • everton fc

        Feaster signed Babchuk… Traded for PL3 at the expense of a 5th round pick (Ferland was a 5th round pick – and we certainly didn’t need PL3)… Even if Sutter wanted PL3… GM should have said “no”…

        I still think we got fleeced in the Regehr trade. We could have parlayed Reggie for more, with a different GM. Look what Yzerman got for Downie. Look what McPhee got for Varlamov…

        If we think Feaster and the other guy we have scouting the U.S. college ranks (namke escapes me)… If we think these two will improve our team…

        We drafted small players last season. We need big, skilled players.

        Too bad Griffin Reinhart’s not a right-handed shot. I also like Eric Roy in Brandon, Ferland’s teammate. He’s be someone I’d draft (I assume he’s eligible this year – born in ’94)…

        Without rambling… I don’t think Feaster’s the answer.

        • RexLibris

          Sutter was supposed to be the one who kept mortgaging the future for the present, and at times he did in trading prospects or picks. But to date Feaster has appeared to do much the same, with the exception of moving too many prospects.

          I agree that the Flames took it on the chin in the Regehr trade. The loss of two second round picks is a bad move, in my opinion. I know I have said that there aren’t that many really high end first round picks this year, but as strange as that sounds, the 2nd round this year and next could be a great area to make some draft day hay. There are at least seven prospects that I expect to be in the 2nd or 3rd round that would be excellent hedged draft-day gambles.

          Weisbrod. He used to run the Orlando Magic and is, as far as I believe, partly responsible for the Dwight Howard issues that team is experiencing right now.

          Big skilled players don’t grow on trees. The Oilers have been hunting for a big, skilled centre since they traded number 11. It’s a tough hunt.

          Reinhart likely won’t still be there. I’m thinking that the Isles might be interested in him. Eric Roy is interesting. I’ll take a look.

          Finally, agreed about Feaster. I said that when he was hired. It seemed like a weird move. Not up or down, not even lateral. More like an inter-dimensional move into a bizarro world where everything is different yet eerily similar.

          • everton fc

            Agree on the first paragraph. I see not much difference with Feaster.

            As for big skilled players – they may not grow on trees, but they can be found. A savvy GM and good scouting would help us in this regard.

            I know Reinhart will most likely be gone, unless we trade up. Check out Roy. He’s a winner. Perhaps off the radar a bit, this draft.

            We agree on all fronts, basically. Feaster is not the answer here. It’s like hoping Comeau scores 20 goals next season. We need to move on here. In a totally different, positive direction.

            Jason Botterill would be someone to look at, as GM. My two cents. Has Calgary Flames “roots”.

          • RexLibris

            Do you feel that the next Flames GM has to have Calgary roots?

            If I were doing a mock draft (I don’t because I suck at them and team needs and preferences can vary so much) it would probably run like this (with the standings of today and the lottery going to Columbus):
            CBJ – Yakupov, EDM – Grigorenko, MTL – Forsberg, MIN – Murray, NYI – Reinhart, TB – Galchenyuk, TOR – Gaunce, ANA – Dumba, CAR – Reilly, WPG – Faksa in the top ten.

            The factors in this year’s draft that will keep things interesting are the Radulov effect, the opportunity for other teams to trade down or away their pick, and Columbus’ unfortunate history in drafting Russians (they had to be the worst team in the league during the year of the Russian!).

            I think the Blue Jackets might trade away that pick. I think Toronto might also trade away their pick to get immediate help because Burke needs a new contract for next summer. I also think that after Yakupov and Grigorenko the fields levels out a fair bit. And I think that outside observers who feel it is a foregone conclusion that the Oilers select Ryan Murray don’t know about this franchise’s long-standing grail-quest for the elusive “big-centre”. They have tried Jason Arnott, Joe Hulbig, Brad Isbister, Marc-Antoine Pouliot, Tyler Wright… just about anyone they could get their hands on.

            Drafting for big, skilled players usually happens in the second round after all the shiny baubles are gone (first round) and before you get to the long-shots, depth players, too-small-for-the-north-american-game players, plays-in-the-backwoods-of-Latvia players, and so on. Tyler Pitlick, Milan Lucic, and those types of players are often found in the second round and this is why I was (am) so critical of the 2nd round picks Feaster traded away.

            Roy is a tough one to do much research on. There is very little aside from some anecdotal HFboards comments on him. He looks like a shut-down kind of defenceman. He might be a good bet to go in the second or third round, depending on the team interested in him already filling up on defencemen or not. One thing I have realized the past few years in watching the draft, nobody is off the radar. That’s what worries me about the list of players I would like the Oilers to pick. I’ve seen enough to believe that some of them will be very good pieces to the team as it grows and I worry that those players will be more heavily scouted as the draft approaches. Thanks for the heads-up though. I’ll be looking for him on draft day (2).

            Right now the Flames would draft 13th and 73rd (I think), I don’t know what the chances are he’ll still be around, but it would be pretty cool if the Flames picked a favourite of yours.

          • everton fc

            “Do you feel that the next Flames GM has to have Calgary roots?”

            Not necessarily. Botterill is both a hockey guy and a buisinessman. He managed the cap for the Pens, and was also invovled in scouting. To me, he’s ideal.

            As for Roy w/Brandon, I’m no scout, nor expert, but he’s around at #73, I’d take him. 6’3″ and he hasn’t hit 17 yet. He can score, but can play the stay-at-home game. He’d have Ferland, his friend, to develop with.

            All positives… And he’s apparently a decent kid with character. I’m not a fan of the P.K. Subban types. You build around character. Character gets you over the hump and hard times, more often than not.

            Character usually means maturity. Huge, when drafting kids, or signing UFAs… At least in my opinion.

          • RexLibris

            Funny you should mention P.K. Subban. There were some bloggers and fans around Edmonton that said the Oilers should trade for Subban (assuming he were available) and someone asked me if I would take him on my team. I said yes, but only so I could turn around and trade him somewhere else (Hello? Dean Lombardi’s office.) where he can wreak havoc.

            I agree about character. There are some players who have a cocky attitude but can wear it without grating on their teammates. Subban reminds me of Robbie Schremp’s reputation when he came into the league. His success will, in my opinion, do him more harm than good unless he can check his ego and devote himself to becoming a better player.

            I watched Subban closely when the Canadiens were in town and while he was great at the offensive side of things his determination and attention to detail were sorely lacking.

            Carey Price has, from what I have seen, made some significant steps in the right direction, by comparison.

            I’ll be interested to see if the Flames pick Roy. You know the Oilers have two third round picks this year, sooo…. 😉

  • Avalain

    I really don’t understand how people can think that ownership is actually ok with a middling team that is just missing the playoffs. If this was true then why are they spending to the cap? Seriously, if they wanted mediocrity then they would pay for mediocrity and no more.

    The Flames sold our future to try to win a Cup while Iginla and Kipper were still in their prime. They failed and while it’s not necessarily their fault, it does leave us all wringing our hands as the proverbial sunset approaches.

  • I was at the game last night, and it was pretty pitiful. Lots of Flames fans though and the Avs actually won so I didn’t have to hide my jersey at the end of the game (last game I was harassed big time and the Pepsi Center dudes doing curbside taxis wouldn’t get me one).

    Watching Babchuk… I hope to hell he heard me yelling at him each time he skated by. His placement on the OT goal reminds me of a post Justin Azevedo did recently about Babchuk’s terrible placement, how he tends to stand in the way of the goalie and totally unable to stop shots from the slot. Babchuk did it all night against the Avs, what a maroon.

    Also, I’m surprised no one mentioned this, but it looked like Jones nailed Sarich in the head right before that goal. Avs player was passing to Jones, and he turns around, nails Sarich to the ground, and there’s no penalty. No interference? No targeting the head? It may have been the beers in me, but it seemed penalty-worthy. Especially in light that Jones scored the OT goal…

    • Vintage Flame

      Also, I’m surprised no one mentioned this, but it looked like Jones nailed Sarich in the head right before that goal. Avs player was passing to Jones, and he turns around, nails Sarich to the ground, and there’s no penalty. No interference? No targeting the head? It may have been the beers in me, but it seemed penalty-worthy. Especially in light that Jones scored the OT goal..

      I noticed that as well FoI. It looked to me as Jones and Sarich collide that Jones brings the elbow around and nails Sarich in the back of the head. I thought it should have been an obvious call… especially like how you said, Jones ends up scoring the winner in OT [Not that the two have anything to do with each other.]

      • Agreed, the two are definitely not related (at least directly).

        If Jones HAD been off the ice though… who knows what would’ve happen.

        Even scarier is that Cory Sarich is back in Calgary with an “upper body” injury. Sounds like a concussion to me.