Flames to Sign Brady Lamb



For the second time this month, the Flames are set to sign an undrafted collegiate free agent. According to the Tim Wharnsby of the CBC, UMD Bulldog defender Brady Lamb will be Flames property in the near future.

At 6’2, 215 pounds and 23-years old, the native Calgarian is already bigger and older than most prospects. He has spent four seasons playing for Minnesota Duluth where he alternated between low and high point totals. His final season was his high water mark where he managed 9 goals and 31 points from the back-end, the best amongst Bulldog blueliners.

According to the team’s website, Lamb is known for his hard shot and his ability to block opponents shots. He’s also a right hander, which is rare in the Flames system currently.

At 23, Lamb is already well into his development curve relative to most kids. Matt Pelech, for example, is just 11 months older than Lamb and he has played 5 professional seasons already. So there won’t be much of a window for Lamb to grow into a pro. It should be evident within his first year in the org whether he’s an asset of value or not.

    • RexLibris

      Flames are likely to finish in the range of Reinhart’s draft placement, as of today. But I have a hard time seeing some of the other teams ahead of the Flames letting a big, mobile defender like him get past them. WHL defencemen will often climb on draft day, while the OHL ones sometimes slide.

      Calgary could try to trade up, but I’m not sure what assets they could move to do that and whether the price would be worth the return.

      Sam Reinhart is, I believe, draft eligible in 2014 while Nathan MacKinnon and Curtis Lazar are both eligible for next year’s draft. For Flames fans those are three names that I would recommend following over the next two seasons. If the team trends downwards then, with some luck, that question of a first line centre may eventually be resolved in June of one of the following two years.

  • RexLibris

    Looks like a depth AHL signing, which is, from experience, where most college free agents ought to be placed at first. Tyler Bozak, Christian Hanson, Taylor Fedun, Mark Arcobello, Hunter Tremblay, all of these undrafted FAs are good fodder for a development system. And if, in the mix, you stumble across a Dan Girardi once every ten years you’ll look like a genuis.

    He looks like he’s generally a healthy player (although college hockey hardly gives an indication of that) and his season-average penalty minutes might imply that he might thrive in a more physical league like the AHL. The biggest question should be whether the player can skate well enough. Being big is nice, but only if size doesn’t impede movement (eg: Derian Hatcher).

  • RexLibris

    Woo hoo, no more waiting. Things are done. The Flames found the savior. Undrafted college players ARE definitely the answer to the cup. Look how many Hart Trophy winners were those. There was. . . um. . . and . . . hmm, cant think of even one guy. Maybe this isnt as good as the Flames claim?

    • RexLibris

      Yeah, Burke tried to mine the undrafted college ranks when he started witht he Leafs, thinking he’d let time and post-secondary institutions save his team the effort and disappointment of developing through the draft.

      Jonas Gustavsson, Tyler Bozak, Christian Hanson, all reasons that the undrafted college free agent should be a smaller, complementary source of acquiring talent, rather than a go-to alternative.

      But Feaster and Weisbrod are Eastern College fans, so it isn’t surprising. And like I said, this isn’t worst way to address some organizational depth for the farm team.

      Best check, though, and make sure Lamb doesn’t have a NTC.

  • RexLibris

    looks like the new direction for change is signing college free agents, hope it works out for you jay. why not kidnap the red wings scouts in sweden and russian and waterboard them for information. how does the signing of these college players affect the number of contraacts, do they count against the 50?

  • RexLibris

    MacMillan, Aliu, Henry, Ivanans, Irving, Byron, Grantham, Connelly, Leblond, Meyer, Leblond.

    Those are the names of the RFAs/UFAs on our farm. I can count at least 6 of them there that I really would rather we don’t re-sign, that leaves us with 6 spots on our 50 contract limit. And I have no problem with Eddy and Lamb taking two of those spots. At worst they bust and we sign a couple of guys to AHL contracts to take their spots. At best they are great options on Abby to use up and down the lineup, at even better they are NHLers.

    • everton fc

      Of the group above, who would you sign?

      Clearly, Ivanans, Meyer and Leblond will not be re-signed. Or so one would think…

      MacMillan doesn’t offer a lot… Henry is a dime-a-dozen AHL defender, who can be easily replaced…

      Connelly doesn’t look like he’ll ever crack the NHL. But will be a useful ALH defender, like Clay Wilson.

      Aliu – a possible diamond-in-the-rough. Young. Attitude and character issues. But I’d re-sign him – Ward’s the right man for this type of remediation project.

      Grantham… I wouldn’t re-sign.

      Byron – seems to not do much on the farm. They’ll re-sign him, though, as he was part of the Regher “fleecing”…

      Irving’s an obvious one-way deal. And Taylor, to me, is better than Karlsson. Not to mention younger.

      Desbiens played good minutes up here. He’s a useful call-up w/some leadership skills…

      Of the group above, I’d re-sign Aliu, Irving, Byron (not to a long deal, though, and two-way, for certain), Connelly and Desbiens. The rest I’d let go.

      We’ll have other contracts removed from the mix. People like Kostopoulos, who I’ve really liked herein Calgary, one (or both) of Sarich and Hannan (would anyone keep either at the same deal Hannan had this year?)… Comeau… Perhaps one of Stempniak or Moss… Perhaps a buyout of Babchuk’s contract…

      We’ll have room to add some bodies.

      (Incidentally, kudos to Ward for what he’s done w/Howse. Howse may be anotehr diamond-in-the-rough. I hope he is. Seems like a decent kid)

      • everton fc

        Totally agree with your analyses. Sarich has expressed a desire to stay in Calgary, even with the reduced role he’s had this year & somewhat the year before. If you can get him for 2 years at 1.0mill per with no NT or NM, I would stick with him. Good family guy & enjoys Calgary. He has more of a hitting presence back there & I think would be a great depth dman & tutor for our younger D. Not sure you can have two of these type of guys, so it’s either or him or Hannan.
        I’d let Moss walk & would only resign Stempniak if its like a 2 year deal for under 2.0mill per. I would imagine Karlsson will be put on waivers & then eventually assigned to Abbottsford. Its a contract you probably bury rather than buyout just because I dont see stretching the cap next year. Comeau I wouldnt qualify, let him go UFA & see if you can sign him at 1.0mill per for like a 2 year deal.

    • RexLibris

      Goalies don’t usually get the cover, but I seem to remember seeing Luongo on the cover awhile back. Unless I am “misremembering” things. M.A. Fleury, N. Backstrom and Hiller are all nominated though, so Luon8o probably was on the cover at one point.

      To that end, Kiprusoff should be on the ballot.

      As for the nominees, well I can’t say that this would make Flames fans feel any better about the situation but it appears that EA is picking players that are either because of youth or contract are likely to remain on that team for at least a season or two. Stajan, sadly for Flames fans, fits the requirements for the latter.

      It could be worse. Columbus gets to choose between Umberger and a kid who has barely played all season.

  • At last! The final piece of the puzzle for our Stanley Cup run!

    @Rebuild It!!!

    Iginla has been on the cover already, and we had Phaneuf on there when he was a Flame. I think they are trying to give other people a chance, and I’m pretty sure when they heard the name Mark Giordano, they rapidly blinked their eyes and assumed it was a joke.

    Dunno why Kipper isn’t up for a vote… maybe they don’t put goalies on the cover.

  • RKD

    College players aren’t going to get this team to where it wants to be. They might me nice pieces as supplementary players.

    Kent, I’ve always wondered why the Flames don’t look at kids from the QMJHL more? I am glad management is expanding their horizons. Under Darryl it was only players in the WHL or born in Alberta.

  • RexLibris

    Just a random question here. I was looking Dion Phaneuf’s stats on behindthenet.ca, and it said his Corsi rate was -0.33 per 60 minutes. Does that mean his real Corsi is -19.8, as a number?? Also, does the -0.33 mean that Phanuef gets outcorsied (not a real word, I know lol) by 0.33 every game or every shift???? Someone please answer!! Thanks

    • PrairieStew

      The way I would read that is that -0.33 per 60 means that in 60 minutes of ES play he would give up one third of a corsi event (shot towards net) more than he generates. Given that his team is probably considerably under water, and assuming he generally faces the best of the other teams – that’s not a terrible number. Keep in mind though that he gets corsi credit every time he shoots one high and wide, which as I recall was fairly often. So again,corsi can’t measure decision making just raw data.

  • PrairieStew

    Sven Baertschi gets 2 assists in game 4 as Portland sweeps the Kelowna Rockets in the first round of WHL playoffs. St.Louis 2nd rounder Ty Rattie had 4 goals, and leads the WHL in playoff scoring with 10 goals, 3 assists in 4 games. By the way, SVEN is 3rd in WHL post season scoring with 2 goals, 9 assists in 4 games!!

    • PrairieStew

      Holy crap.. that’s what RNH had last year in the 1st round of the WHL playoffs. Except he was only 17… not almost 20 like your little sven.

      Come on… he’s almost 20 playing in the WHL. Don’t get too excited about that.

      • everton fc

        He’s closer to 19 then he is to 20.

        I really don’t see what RNH’s WHL playoffs last year has to do with flamesburn89’s post. Why even bring it up since it had no relevance to the quote.

        • supra steve

          Sven is 20 yr old on Oct 5/’12, making him pretty close to 19 and 1/2. Not sure why it matters to a Canuck’s fan. Get the feeling he wasn’t any more popular in high school then he is on Flames Nation.

  • PrairieStew

    notice to matt stajan, you’re a millionaire because of the support this city has for their hockey team. look in the mirror and point the finger directly at yourself!!!!!! ARE YOU WORTH 3.5 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR? if a fan wants to display his disgust by merely throwing his jersey, that he paid for on the ice so be it. YOU AND THE REST OF THE OVERPAID PLAYERS ON THIS TEAM ARE THE PROBLEM WITH THIS FRANCHISE SIMPLY PUT, PERIOD!!!! i don’t know the numbers off the top of my head but I’m guessing you probably don’t have more than 15 goals in your 3 or so seasons in calgary…that sir is very, very sad.

  • everton fc

    I’d take Sarich in a 5-6 role for Hannan’s salary, over Hannan. Agree totally. In fact, I think Sarich is good for the dressing room.

    You can’t have Sarich and Hannan. Smith is your compliment to Sarich, me thinks…

    I like Moss as our 4th line centre. I really do. I’d even prefer him over Jackman at RW on a 4th line with Bouma and Jones. But that’s me.

    Stempniak’s another guy who shows heart and determination. He’s no more than a 3rd line winger. A good role model for someone like Horak. They had some chemistry, early on…

    Karlsson’s gone. Taylor in Abby might be better now. Higher save percentage than Inrving in Abby… And I believe more games (if not, awful close) He might be a decent backup if Kipper’s moved and Irving’s #1 next season (maybe!)

    As for Comeau… Can you imagine a 4th line of Comeau/Jones/Moss? If you can afford it? Comeau/Jones/Jackman’s not bad, either. Nor is Bouma/Jones/Jackman. But to me, Comeau/Jones/Moss is a good 4th line. Comeau is not showing he can re-produce the 24 goals he had w/the Isles. To me, it was a fluke, based on his linemates…

    Just sayin’!