Fun Flame Milestones



When the playoff hunt is over, the various milestones are the only interesting things worth watching that remain. You know about the big milestones, like Jarome Iginla’s amazing 11 consecutive 30-goal streak or Jay Bouwmeester’s iron man streak, having recently passed Billy Harris into 7th all-time, but what about the more trivial milestones?

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For example, most points by a Finnish-born Calgary Flame – Olli Jokinen recently secured that lead earlier this year.

Most points by a Finn

Finnish Flame      GP  G  A  PTS
Olli Jokinen      231 58 105 163
Pekka Rautakallio 235 33 121 154
Kari Eloranta     255 12  96 108
Toni Lydman       289 19  74  93
Niklas Hagman     106 17  25  42

The single season record is Pekka Rautakallio, whose 68 points in 1981-82 is 9 points ahead of Jokinen’s current total.  Miikka Kiprusoff’s 9 career assists pulled him ahead of Ville Nieminen into 7th, needing 6 more to catch Kari Jalonen.

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Olli Jokinen’s fine season is actually the 4th best points-wise for a player his age.

Single-Season Points for a Calgary Flame 33-year-old and up

Flame          PTS
Jarome Iginla   86
Sergei Makarov  70
Jean Provonost  67
Olli Jokinen    59
Phil Housley    55

Only a player’s best qualifying season is included, otherwise Jarome Iginla’s current campaign would be up there too.

Jokinen’s linemate Curtis Glencross has also had a strong season, and his shooting percentage ranks among the highest in Flames history.

Single-season Flame shooting percentage

Flame             SH%
Sergei Makarov   32.3
Gary Roberts     27.0
Joe Mullen       26.2
Hakan Loob       25.3
Kent Nilsson     25.2
Curtis Glencross 25.0
Joe Nieuwendyk   24.1
Willi Plett      23.9

Again, only a player’s best single-season shooting percentage is included. With a little luck Glencross could easily move as high as 4th, ahead of Hakan Loob, the only Swedish-born player in the NHL to score 50 goals in a season – Kent Nilsson had 49.

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Injuries to Glencross and other Calgary forwards forced them to use 25 different players to fill those 12 positions, a total they’ve exceeded only twice in their history.

Forwards used, Calgary Flames

Forwards Seasons
27       1999-00
26       1995-96
25       2011-12, 2006-07, 1997-98, 1994-95

To save you from looking it up, Calgary made the playoffs in only two of these cases: the strike-shortened 1994-95 and 2007-08.  Another interesting fact – in almost every case the coach was fired at the end of the season – hopefully Brent Sutter, who just passed Terry Crisp, can move up the list of total games coached before that happens.

Total Games Coached, Calgary Flames

Coach           GP
Bob Johnson    400
Fred Creighton 348
Al MacNeil     251
Brian Sutter   246
Brent Sutter   241
Terry Crisp    240

Brian and Brent Sutter are the only ones on the list who haven’t coached a single Calgary Flames play-off game. In fact, only three other Flames coaches have failed to see the play-offs – Greg Gilbert (121 games), Don Hay (68 games) and Guy Charron (16 games). 

At least Sutter beat New Jersey and Carolina, teams against whom Calgary’s had the best historical record.

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Highest points-percentage, head-to-head

Opponent    W-L-T-OTL PTS%
New Jersey 58-22-11-2 .694
Carolina   38-17- 7-1 .667
Cleveland  15- 7- 4-0 .654
Minnesota  39-19- 4-7 .645
Florida    11- 7- 3-2 .587

Their worst record is against the Boston Bruins (.392), followed by Montreal, Buffalo, and Philadelphia.  Good thing they don’t play those teams very often!

Here’s an obscure one – Alex Tanguay was another Calgary Flame who had a strong season, and with just 4 more assists he can become only the 9th Calgary Flame to have three seasons with at least 40 assists and a +10.

Single seasons with 40 assists and +10 for a Calgary Flame

Seasons Qualifying Players
9       Al MacInnis
4       Theo Fleury, Gary Suter
3       Doug Gilmour, Jarome Iginla, Sergei Makarov, Joe Mullen, Joe Nieuwendyk

All of these players had far more opportunities to earn 40 assists, +10 seasons, while Alex Tanguay could do it 3 seasons out of 4 – and on far less dominant teams, too.

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Speaking of obscure records, Derek Smith is going for one  – most points by a Calgary Flame named Smith.  He’s currently locked with Brad Smith, but will probably need another full season to catch Steve.

Most total points by a Flame named Smith

Smith        GP G A PTS
Steve Smith 102 1 20 21
Brad Smith   49 7  4 11
Derek Smith  47 2  9 11
Mark Smith   54 1  3  4

Now onto the worst records, including the worst single-season plus/minus by a Flame.  Unfortunately it would only take one really bad night for Tim Jackman to secure that dishonour.

Worst single-season plus/minus by a Calgary Flame

+/- Players
-24 Guy Chouinard, Kent Nilsson, Robyn Regehr, Jacques Richard
-23 Joel Bouchard
-22 Keith McCreary, Willi Plett
-21 Valeri Bure, Jim Peplinski
-20 Dave Lowry, Bob Murray, Kent Nilsson, Bob Paradise
-19 Tim Jackman, Corey Millen

Jay Bouwmeester isn’t that much further behind with a -16, and gets far more playing time than Jackman. 

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In nets the only race to watch is whether Henrik Karlsson can work his way down the list of worst total winning percentages for a Calgary Flames goalie.  He has a ways to go.

Worst winning percentage for a Calgary Flames goalie

Goalie             Win%
Curtis McElhinney  .265
Andrei Trefilov    .281
Grant Fuhr         .300
Henrik Karlsson    .375
Dwayne Roloson     .418
Minimum 20 GP

Snuggled between Grant Fuhr and Dwayne Rolson – at least he’s in good company.  Leland irving is .357 after 7 games.  Finally, there’s room for one more obscure franchise record:

Most obscure statistical records in a single FlamesNation column

Columnist      OSR
Rob Vollman     11
Kent Wilson      4
Justin Azevedo   2


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  • Good ol’ Mark Smith. I believe he and Wayne Primeau were signed in the same summer Andrei Taratukhin was expected to make the leap from the farm (after being the best player for that team the year prior).

    So, instead the 24 year old fled to Russia, Smith played in about half the games and was out of the league the next season and the Flames had to trade away a second round pick just to get rid of Primeau down the line. He also isn’t in the league anymore.

  • Bob Cobb

    You forgot the milestone of most games played without appearing in one playoff game, if you include Jr.s than Bouwmeester would be your hands down winner. After 82 this year, 82 next year, because lets face it next year will be no better, they could even name the trophy after him, the JayBo, ha.

  • Bob Cobb

    Jaybo’s “ironman” streak is the biggest joke in the NHL right now. If you are defenseman who does not hit, does not block shots, does not score, and is skated by roughly 30 times a game, pretty much anyone with a ridiculous contract would play this many games in a row. Question: if they had dressed a dummy in his jersey for a few of games and threw it out on the ice, would anyone now the difference?

  • Anton Babchuk (36) passed Igor Kravchuk (34) for the most points by a Russian-born Calgary Flames defenseman. I can’t believe I missed this one!

    They’re both way ahead of Alexander Godynyuk and Andrei Zyuzin.

    Of course, Babchuk has a ways to go to catch the forwards: Makarov (292), Titov (228), Bure (192), Saprykin (76) and Nazarov (46).

    • supra steve

      Now you’ve gone and done it! Mentioning he who shall not be named (hint-initials A.G.). Ruined my afternoon. At least you didnt mention he who rhymes with Jerry Beeman. Think I’ll go out and shoplift some gloves now (an obscure A.G. reference). Macoun forever!

  • woah woah woah, Brian Sutter? How many Sutters have coached this team?

    For the love of all that is holy, this team needs to be purged of all Sutters.

    “Miikka Kiprusoff’s 9 career assists pulled him ahead of Ville Nieminen into 7th”

    Are you saying that Ville Nieminen didn’t have more than 9 assists the whole time he was here? That a freakin’ GOALIE outscored him? What a terrible player. Guess he was only useful during the line brawls and going 2 on 1 with Chris Simon.

      • PrairieStew

        Niemminen had some serious grit though. I still remember the hook he took to the face while skating through the neutral zone with the puck against the Sharks. There was no call, though it was easily a penalty, he kept going and made the pass off and it led to a goal. It is my enduring memory of the guy.

  • Bob Cobb

    What a shock. Two Sutter brothers are on the list of most games coached without being in the playoffs. The other Sutter bonehead who coached the team had one good playoff run. Anyone else see a pattern here who isn’t a math prof like Mr. Vollman?

  • everton fc

    I see Willi Plett’s name on the Shooting Percentage list… Fond memories…

    The guy could play. Could scrap w/the the best of them. They don’t make players like Plett these days. No more Tocchet’s… No more Wendell Clark’s… Not even guys like Gerard Gallant, these days. I know, “it’s a different game”.

    38 goals in 80-81. A regular 15-25 goal scorer.

    Where’s the next Willi Plett?!