Postgame: Won One For The Gipper



The Flames can add one more positive to this season’s exceedingly short list, as they beat the Vancouver Canucks tonight by a final score of 3-2. The win snaps Vancouver’s 7-game streak and gives the Flames the season series (3-2-1).

The Recap

It’s a good thing I work in a soundproof room, because the groan I let out when Alex Burrows scored his 28th just 4:36 in (shorthanded, no less) could’ve been confused with a death rattle. There was a bunch of chippiness in the first, which was awesome to see after that effort against the Avalanche last friday. Turns out the players hate the Canucks just as much as we do. The Canucks completely dominated the pace of play in the first, with shots in the period totaling 3-12 for the bad guys. The chances were a lot closer, with the Canucks winning that battle 2-3.

The second was a boring-ass period, plain and simple. It did manage to be back and forth, though-which was a positive sign, given the slow start of the home side. There were 5 penalties in the frame, one of which was a verrrrrry iffy cross-checking call against the Lord of Hockey, Matt Stajan. Shots in the period were 8-9 for the Canucks, while the two teams tied with 6 chances apiece. 

An explosion of goals occured in the third, starting with Mike Cammalleri’s 19th of the year less then two minutes into the contest. (Akim Aliu would pick up the first point of his career on the goal.) Curtis Glencross would put the Flames ahead at the 9 minute mark as he potted his 26th of the season with a nice wrist shot. Cammalleri would widen the gap with his 20th of the year (2 more then Rene Bourque in 10 less games, heh) after a messy sequence in front of the net. Vancouver would pull it a little closer as Yannik Hansen would score his 16th of the season, but that was as close as it would come as the Flames and Kiprusoff would shut the rest of the game down. Shots in the frame were 17(!)-13 for the Flames, and the Flames outchanced the Canucks by an 8-7 count.

Three Stars

1. Squidward

2. Akim Aliu

3. Alex Burrows

The Final

The Canucks were sloppy tonight, but don’t get your hopes up that that style of play will carry over to the playoffs. The Flames took advantage when they could and came out with the win. 

While I didn’t really notice Akim Aliu out there, he did grab an apple on Mike Cammalleri’s first goal. I did like that he grabbed Max Lapierre during that scrum in front of the Flames bench and gave him a little shook. (God, I hate that guy.) Overall, a not-bad first NHL game. It’s the little things.

There’s one game left in this mess of a season-Saturday, 2PM, Saddledome. Be there. Or here. Whatever.

  • Peterborough

    Thats what we like, another late season win. Perhaps if we can keep on winning we can leap past Buffalo and Dallas to pick 14th instead of 11th and drag the misery out.

  • Peterborough

    It does make for a good story that Aliu got an assist tonight. His family were there and the only way it could have been better is if he had scored. Noticed Beasley gave a little extra emphasis when he announced Aliu’s name.

    That was quite the 3rd…fast, hard and emotional. Where the hell was that on a lot of nights the past year???

    And next up…the Ducks for a Saturday matinee. I can hear the crickets already.

  • Peterborough

    How come we step up for Vancouver (that said I’m glad we did) but not for teams like Columbus, Edmonton etc. the list goes on and on. The Flames problem is inconsistency. And guess who’s paying for it: Brent Sutter. Unfortunately, Sutter’s tenure as coach here in Calgary will likely come to an end at the upcoming offseason. I’ve always liked Sutter and still do, and I don’t blame him for us missing the playoffs all 3 years.

    Someone please explain why we’re trying to do as good as we can once we’re out of the playoffs, now that there’s no chance of making it, I’d rather finish 11th than 9th that way we can draft 11th instead of 13th. Make sense?

    • RKD

      I agree, the first period notwithstanding the Calgary Flames showed more heart, desperation, and urgency in their game tonight then they had in the past 2-3 weeks. Where was this effort against Columbus and Edmonton, etc.

      I would like to go back to an old angle, I believe when there is too much pressure on this team the players become paralyzed. Some teams thrive under pressure, but not this one. While I believe Brent is a good coach, I believe that dark cloud that was hovering over the players when Darryl was here reared its ugly head once again.

      This caused the team a lot of tension, interviews full of cliches, every game became a must win and the Flames simply were flat game in and game out. Rather than having fun, every player was thinking too much about how they have to win the game and not actually playing loose and having fun out there. This team again has no identity, they are not good offensively, defensively, or physically, so what are they?

      • Captain Ron

        That pretty much sums up my thoughts on this group too. Amazing how they never seem to be able to win a big game when under pressure. Haven’t been able to do it for a long time now either.

        I won’t make excuses for them but sometimes it makes me wonder if the Sutters have had some sort of a wierd counter productive effect on the players. If Brent goes we may find out soon enough if that is true or not.

  • jeremywilhelm

    I find it amusing when people ask where a game like this was at such and such time. Tonight was one of those rare nights where the Flames effort overcame the opposing teams skill. That is all. Its not rocket science.

  • Truculence

    Good on ya Flames. Show the rest of the NHL that there is no way in hell we will draft higher than 13th any given year. Win next game and with a little luck we may even draft 14th.

    Secondly, I hope this convincing win shows Feaster that this team is a contender and there is no reason to blow it up. The guys showed heart, once again, when the burden of the playoffs was no longer there. Good on ya boys!! Your predecessors like Lanny would have been proud. Feaster must realize that all we need is more tough grinders like Aliu and we will be a lock for the Cup next year.

    Cue the injury excuses for not winning this year, and re-sign all our pending free agents for the inevitable cup run next year. God it`s great to be a Flames fan right now!!!!

  • beloch

    Well with this season all but done I’m not near as upset as I was a week ago with how things have ended. I’m more than anything just frustrated that my man cammi was injured ! I’m stoked he is with us for two more yrs! Our man- game injury list was unreal this year and we haven’t been given a fair shake. I listened to Kelly hrudy thrash us on the fan 590 the other night saying we have zero future. Suck it kelly. Things haven’t been this optimistic in a long time. Utah’s coming off the books baertschi ferland reinhart Brodie horak bouma and others. We will be fine. Bad luck all yr can’t be an excuse but it hurt us big Tim and our youth was our most positive thing wich hasn’t been said for years. SO much more to look forward to than during Darryl’s hideous last 4 years! Go Flames!!!!

  • beloch

    While my brain wanted the Flames to lose and potentially improve their pick, my heart was glad to see them beat the Canucks and possibly help deny them the President’s trophy.

    Last year I cheered hard for the Canucks during their cup run. Then they played that final series like a bunch of gutless dirty divers and the city of Vancouver disgraced itself, the NHL, and Canada with those riots. They proved they don’t deserve the cup. I’ll be cheering for whatever team(s) Vancouver play against this year.