Sutter/Feaster Press Conference Open Thread


These things tend to be a bit of a dog and pony show (as anyone who heard the Burke presser today can attest) but whether the Flames decision makers decide to be candid or obfuscate, their reponses should be interesting either way.

Follow along with the festivities via the Flames site here. Post your reactions in the comments.

  • BobB

    I wonder how Flames fans would feel if all of the signed/RFA guys came back, and non of the UFA contracts were renewed. Ignoring Stajan and Babs (they could go)

    That would be significant changes, but would it be enough???

    Conversely, if everyone came back BUT Iggy and Kipper, would fans be happier? Would they feel like the team has moved in a new and better direction?

    (This is a little inspired by the poll, but also just looking at the roster).

    F – Iggy, Cammy, Tangs, GlenX, Backs, Jackman, Comeau, Jones. That would mean 5 new forwards.

    D – Jbo, Gio, Butler, Smith, Brodie. 2 new d.

    G – Kipper, Karl, Irv?

    7 changes in the offseason!?!? I don’t think we’ll see that many even if we wanted it.

    I’d at least like to see a new “Number 1” goalie in, 2 new “Top line” forwards, and a new Top 4 “D” playing next year… whether those players fill that role immediately, or in two years of evolution.

    4 changes at least. One of which could be Bertschi if he’s ready. One of which should be established now in the NHL, but young (26-28).

  • everton fc

    I missed the press conference…

    So, does anyone think Feaster will retain Brent?

    I do think we played better with Bouma, Kolanos, Desbiens, Baertschi in the lineup late in the season. When we got all the guys back from injury – the guys that were suppose to get us over the hump and into the playoffs – we sagged… and went into a slump.

    Clearly, youth is the way to go here, with a smattering of vets (Glencross, Cammy, Tanguay, perhaps Stempniak… And Stajan, cause you can’t move him)

    So am I reading that Feaster admitted he was wrong at the beginning of the season? And is so, why does he get to keep his job??

    The Blues would be an interesting place to send Iggy. I’ve lived there, it’d be a good place for he and his family to settle, short term.

  • everton fc

    The offer to Richards was insane. Shows Feaster is not our man.

    Nor was Feaster able to parlay anything much for Regher. Yzerman got a lot for a guy like Downie. Gaustad’s return was also better than Regher’s… albeit at the deadline…

    Just my opinion, of course…

      • everton fc

        A more savvy GM would have parlayed more for Regher. That’s my opinion, of course….

        Means little…

        At the time, Regher should have had higher value. Again, just my opinion.

        His value is not what it was, as he’s been brutal in Buffalo. Agreed.

        Iggy in NY w/Sather makes some sense.

        • everton fc

          I got past the Regehr return myself, he basically jettisoned 7.0mil in cap space less the 1.3 Mill cap hit of Butler. The value of that should not be ignored or under played.

          I agree with Cmon Im Olie Jokinen, knowledge that a team is entertaining offers for core players is probably what you need to happen to get a bit of a bidding war & increase the return. I dont understand some of these statements that it drops the players value. Thats ludicrous. Thats also what everyone beefed about with the Phaneuf deal, did we shop him properly to get the best return. I guess there is always something to crab about. It’s not like we are under the gun & “have” to trade these guys. If the offer is right you pull the trigger, if it isnt, then you dont,pretty simple stuff when you get the emotion out of it. If neither are traded by fall then no big deal.

          • everton fc

            It can go both ways, yeah you can get a bidding war with other teams for a players services, however, look at what happened with Ottawa and Heatly, I don’t think Ottawa got proper value there because all the teams knew he wanted out and he had a NTC that he could dictate where he went. Iggy is going to dictate where he goes, he’s not going to Columbus, NYI, Carolin, Florida, TB and more. SO when you limit a lot of teams out of the bidding to start, there isn’t going to be a massive bidding war. Then factor in teams that can take a 7Million cap hit, or what you want to take back in salary(potential bad contracts).

            So putting it out there Iggy is on the Market, may not cause the big bidding war everyone thinks it will. And if you don’t get the offers and it starts getting close to camp and its been made Public that Iggy wants out, how do you go forward then.

          • supra steve

            Colin, you cant compare Heatly to making it known some major core players will be available because the organization is taking a rebuild approach. Heatly refused to play for Ottawa, he wouldnt report & demanded a trade. That is not the case with either Iggy or Kipper. Not even close. Both players will happily report to training camp & honor their contracts. Heatly didnt & Ottawa got screwed.

          • SmellOfVictory

            You can’t make it publicly known we are dumping our core and then expect that everything is A Okay coming into Camp. How is Iginla going to be Captain if everyone knows that the team is trying to actively trading him? Once you’ve gone 100% public that Iginla will be traded and you are fielding offers, you’ve destroyed the Hierachy in the room, who’s gonna listen to him? If you do it, you do it quietly.

            Feaster can’t go public and say “We are going to rebuild and trade Jarome and Kipper, but if we don’t get what we want it will be all cool come camp”. That’s not how it works. If Feaster or anyone else says publicly that there is a full rebuild, you’ve set yourself a rookie camp deadline that Iginla and maybe Kipper has to be traded. If you do it quietly, there is no hurry and even if its the start of the season before a trade happens it’s no biggy.

    • SmellOfVictory

      If he hadn’t included Kotalik, he’d likely have gotten Byron and Butler for Regehr, which is better than a 1st round pick in most cases (not as exciting in a lottery ticket sense, but in terms of tangible assets it’s better). Or if he hadn’t insisted on Byron (waste of a trade request, in my opinion) he wouldn’t have had to include the 2nd rounder.

      And Downie’s a surprisingly useful player; I wasn’t a fan of him until recently, but he appears to be a legitimately solid top 6 forward.

  • Mabell

    As an Oiler fan Feaster’s comments earlier in the year were awfully tough to take.

    In hind sight I’m thinking he might be regretting the comments – his path led to:

    worst possible draft position

    aging assets with difficult contracts to move

    essentially empty farm system

    In summary – Calgary welcome to sucking – you going to have some experience at it over the next couple of years.

    • BobB

      I mean this with all due respect, not just rival slamming.

      One of the things Oilers fans need to get over is this idea that everyone should be elite at the same time.

      Oilers fans present it as “We’re going to be good, and you guys are going to be bad.”

      Who gives a crap? The Oilers have sucked for what? 6 years? And they are years more away from being elite. It could be 10 years total of terrible hockey.

      Even if we suck next year, or the year after, we’ll be on the Oilers level. Maybe we suck for many more years, but I cannot imagine a stretch of ineptitude on par with the Oil.

      It’s possible, sure, but you guys have been pathetic for ages, and for an unusually long time (arguably 20 years! with a short stretch of fringe 7th/8th place hockey). I’m not sure how Oilers have any ability to be critical, when they’ve been far from Elite for so, so long.

    • everton fc

      Yeah, I guess an Oilers fan would know about sucking as your team has been bad for about 15 straight years. Have fun picking your next ‘future star player’ at the draft again!!

    • BobB

      What about NYR. Sather adores Iginla. Maybe Chris Kreider + 1st comes back? Have to think getting Iginla’s 65pts and his leadership for half the price of Nash’s 65pts, 6 years of youth, but zero track record of success would be tempting.

  • Gange

    People are going to be really disappointed in Iginla’s return, if he gets traded.

    Niewy was 30 when he was traded… Should’ve traded Iginla five years ago too…

  • Gange

    My bet is that Kipper is the one going out. With Karri Ramo in the wings and Irving coming up he’s the easiest to replace.

    To me, that makes sense. Moreso that trying to replace 30 goals. That’s not easy to do.

  • everton fc

    NYR makes a lot of sesnse as a destination, it would cost a lot less than Rick Nash and he’s not tied to a stupidly long contract. STL is another, they had 10 million in cap space this season, so they could easily add his contract for a season. SJS is another if they get bounced early and they want to make a splash. Pitts is another if they can make the $$$ work, give Sid a winger, though Pitts would rather do a deadline deal I think.

    I think everyone can agree, NO, and I repeat ABSOLUTELY NO trading with Van or Edm with regards to Iggy. I’d throw up and then some if they Traded Iggy to either team. Though I see the reason Iggy would really want to go to Van, 1 hour flight from Calgary, easily one of the best chances at a cup.

    Pretty sure Iggy would NEVER want to go to Toronto for a full season, but they do have some assests that I wouldn’t mind get back in a trade, this year or next years first, Colbourne, and more.

    As for those that are saying they don’t trust Feaster cause of his trade with Buffalo. We really, REALLY over value Regehr, plus it was a salary dump for us as well. Byron isn’t the best Forward prospect we could get back, but Butler has been nothing but decent on the back end and probably better than Regehr has been all season. The Blair Jones trade was fine, the Lee Stempniak trade was fine, the Cammalerri trade was fine, the Aliu trade now looks really good as well. Feaster can trade it looks like, we’ll see what happens in the summer.

    • everton fc

      You make more sense than most with a well thought out posting.
      So many people are out there wanting trade iggy having no idea how this can be done.
      For starters if Jerome agrees to a trade he will want to go to a place that has a GOOD chance at the cup. When you do that the list he would agree to is probably pretty short.
      The big question after that is how many on that list have the cap space to deal with $7.0M with out sending back a fairly big salary that the Flames would want along with either a high draft pick or a blue chip prospect which I suspect the Flames would want in a trade.
      This is not nearly as easy as some people think.
      The number of teams willing and able to consider Jerome with all these restriction is very small.

      • supra steve

        I think one plus is that we will have the ability to eat some salary (a lot actually) on contracts in return in these potential deals for Iggy/Kipper. If the Regehr deal taught us anything, it is that eating cap space can be worth something, and that something can be draft picks/prospects.

  • Bob Cobb

    I assume by reading some responses that someone suggested trading Iginla to Edmonton. Edmonton doesn’t want him, he doesn’t work in the Oilers plans, stop laughing, Im still not sure what it is either but they have a plan. Why would they want another overvalued, overrated vet when they already have Horcoff and Khabibulin.

    Also, just because the Flames were duped into taking Steve Staios don’t think the Oilers owe you one. You’re screwed either way, you’re not going to get what you think Iginla is worth and no team is going be willing to mortgage their future for a one or two year chance. Most you’ll get for Iginla is a couple of picks and in most cases if the asking price is too much they’ll wait till he is a UFA and make an offer.

  • supra steve

    I’m going to make a bold prediction and say that Iggy gets traded this summer (draft day deal) for a player and a pick. He plays out his contract and probably gets another 30+ goals. If the Flames have a decent 2012/13 season and squeaks into the playoffs, then on July 1, 2013, Iggy re-signs in Calgary for a two year deal at $3M per and retires as a Calgary Flames (age 40). He will not be the saviour or captain when he comes back and will just be a supporting piece for the younger core to hopefully make the team better.

    That is one loyal fan’s take on Iggy’s fate. Thank you for all you have done for the franchise, the fans, and the city. You can do one more bit (off the ice) and we will welcome you back with open arms thereafter.

    • Get The Puck Outta Here

      Sad day if the cow farmer stays and the 2 franchise players get shown the door, Iggy & Kipper. Ask yourselves what they have done for this city. Ask yourself what the cow farmer has done. 3 years of nothing, that’s what.

      If that’s the case my days of supporting this franchise are DONE!

      Doesn’t matter. They don’t need my money. They have all they need. Roll in it for all I care.

      When the 2 guys come back to town with their new teams I hope they light up this circus dog and pony show….

      Sad Day……..

      Good Luck Iggy!! Good Luck Kipper!! You will not be forgotten from this guy.

      • T&A4Flames

        I don’t think any true Flames fan will ever forget those 2. But things will change at some point, whether they are traded or not. Maybe, with luck, we’ll all get to see them each lift Lord Stanley’s cup before they retire.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Hey Flames fans just here to tell u guys the Oilers just won the Lottery pick and well be drafting FIRST again.Jordan Eberle,Taylor Hall,Ryan Nugent-Hopkins,Sam Gagner,and Nail Yakupov the top six is starting to look pretty deadly and what does Calgary got coming????? OH YA GARTH BROOKS.HAHAHA. WE WELL BE LOOKING DOWN FOR YOU FLAMES IN NEXT YEAR STANDING.HAHAHA

  • SmellOfVictory


    Wow! How was your loser party? Did you have streamers again?

    How does it feel to pick 1st overall 3 years in a row?

    Hows the team going to look after next season when all your other number 1’s and 2’s and 3’s start looking for 5 mill + a year? And the rest the year after that?

    OH and paying Hemsky and Horcoff 5+ mill a year on the third line, that should be exciting!

    How’s that defence coming along? You know those big guys that play on the blue line.

    Whats that you need a real goalie too AND some players with NHL size?

    Good luck with all that, but your real close!

    You better win it all next year or you’ll be right back at the bottom real soon!

    Have fun with that!

    • T&A4Flames

      come on be nice i know your team is old and slow but look at the upside in a year or two calgary well be drafting in the top 5,that of course is if the flames gm wakes up and smells the coffee.With the cap going up every year and
      Hemsky and Horcoff contract ending in a couple shouldn’t be a problem signing these kids.Who needs defense when you score eight goals a night,wasn’t that why the flames never made the playoffs cause they couldn’t score more than a goal.CHOKE.We will see next year who is better.By the way who does calgary got coming up in there system??????? OH YA SVEN HAHAHAHA WHAT A JOKE!

      • T&A4Flames

        Re: “who needs defense…..” that’s what Washington tried for a couple of years. Have they won anything?

        Delusional Oiler fans, you can never really look at your situation for what it is; a last place team with potential… that’s it. You get so excited about getting your annual 1st overall pick, you lose sight of what it is all actually about…WINNING. 7 years out, dude. So glad your excited.

        Anything can happen between now and the start of the season, not to mention during the season.

        We are certainly not a top team but your plan for the last few years is to suck, alot! You moved up 1 spot in the standings over the last 3 years. Nice improvement, your 1st overall have really been the saviours.

        See you next year for your annual 1st overall party.

        • T&A4Flames

          Washington could well have won something with that strategy. They had the misfortune of running into a goaltender on an insane hot streak, and they got shut down. The only mistake they made was changing their strategy as a result.

  • Get The Puck Outta Here

    @oilersfan 4

    I can’t believe you lucky bastards!

    If I were the Oil’s GM I would think I would trade away that first pick for some solid D or a goalie, or both.

    Yakupov strikes me as a guy who could be Ovechkin 2.0.. a punk rock star that’s all attitude and cancer in the dressing room.. he’s better off (and would rather be) on a big market team like LA or Washington or NJ..

    Send him to the Caps for Holtby and Alzner or something…

    • T&A4Flames

      The rumour is that Yakupov is going to Russia to play in the KHL for millions, he only gets an entry level contract in the NHL. The offer is like 6 million to play in the K.

      • RexLibris

        Then why did he choose to come and play junior in the OHL? If money was his prime motivator he could have already been making tax-free boatloads playing in his home country.

        It’s always a concern, but I would be more concerned about Grigorenko in that regard than Yakupov.

        Sorry, not buying it.

  • RexLibris

    Hi all,

    While I had to gather most of the details from the comments and what I read online, it seemed to me that there was an undercurrent to an “it’s either him or me” theme between Brent Sutter and Jarome Iginla with Sutter leaning towards a youth movement and Iginla, well, the other direction, whatever direction that means.

    Maybe I’m extrapolating beyond what was reasonably expressed, but, for the sake of argument, lets say that Feaster is put into a position where his captain says he doesn’t want to be part of the rebuild (and he has the owner’s ear) and yet all the arrows of the past season point to that being the obvious course of action: what does Feaster do? Follow the owner and captain or try to persuade both that there can be a third-way that is still plausible? Or fall on his sword and tell the owner that he either trades Iginla or the team suffers another embarrassing season?

    Out of all the GMs in the league, I think Feaster is perhaps the one I am most curious to observe this off-season. Burke, of course, will attract his followers. And Howson will have his vultures circling overhead, but Feaster has some very interesting choices to make and given what we have heard about how involved ownership is in the process, I suspect that they are not all his for the making.

    To funkyjaman: Yakupov may not be a lot of things and who knows if it will work out for him in Edmonton, but I’m pretty sure a team would rather have to trade a player like him away than never have had him at all. The Oilers have a starting goaltender in Dubnyk and so many quality blueline prospects that they are in danger of losing some of them to draft re-entry if they aren’t signed by June 1st. I understand the aninmosity that trolling Oilers fans can generate here and I have tried to be proactive in arguing that they aren’t representative. However, you may want to find some other areas of criticism for the team.

    As for the idea of trading Kiprusoff, I think between he and Iginla it is the easier piece to move, as well as one that may be easier to replace in terms of immediate ability. However, Iginla’s departure may allow for a massive exhale amongst the team and the city in that his overwhelming presence, either for better or worse, has gone and the franchise can return to being about more than just one man.

    How about Kiprusoff to Toronto for Gardiner, Joe Colborne and a 2nd round pick in next year’s draft? The Flames become immediately younger and have added a defenceman and a centre prospect as well as added a valuable pick. The Leafs get their goaltender on July 1st and two years to try and improve with him in net. I didn’t include a 1st round pick because I think Burke feels that’s becoming cliched and we all know he hates a cliche. 😉

    • Franko J

      What is it about Dubnyk that you believe qualifies him as a legit #1 goalie?

      And while Edmonton have a lot of legit D prospects in their system, D-men can take several years to develop.

      There are reason why Edmonton is still at the bottom of the league.

      • RexLibris

        I’ve been watching Dubnyk’s positional play, his anticipation of plays and his confidence in making certain plays against forwards. He has grown significantly in the last year and I think that he can become a starting goaltender if he isn’t already on the verge of being there.

        I think we also need to clarify that there are 30 (or more) starting goaltenders in this league of varying quality so while Dubnyk may not be Carey Price or Pekka Rinne (and ignore any fan or commenter who says that he is) he is better than at least 10 or 12 of the other goaltenders who have #1 jobs right now. The thing about a goaltender with the way the NHL is structured and played now, they don’t necessarily have to be of Patrick Roy’s stature to give their team a chance to win. Especially if they are getting “run support”.

        Yes, the defensive propsect take years to develop and the Oilers are likely two years away from graduating any of their defensive prospects to the NHL (Klefbom, Musil and Marincin are likely the first to make the jump out of their development stage). That being said, they have Whitney, Smid, Petry and Schultz to start off with. There isn’t a top-end bona fide franchise defenceman there but that isn’t a bad group to start off with and try to flesh out with a few pickups along the way.

        This rebuild has to be taken in increments because every single position needed to be upgraded significantly.

        I fully expected the Oilers to be in the bottom five this season. Even next year I expect to see us in the bottom ten perhaps, depending on what moves are made over the summer. But the team went from one that was hopeless and an unmitigated disaster in every area to one that finished with a top three powerplay, 14th in the penalty kill and posted six more wins than the previous year. Those are all arrows pointing in the right direction.

        I know a lot of fans and commenters are frustrated with the Oilers and feel like they are somehow taking advantage of the lottery system, but I also don’t think that many of those fans realized how dirt-poor this team was in terms of real talent. There was nothing around which to build.

        And the organization isn’t racing to get back into the middle of the pack, so while I know that Kent and some other bloggers here are going to suggest that the Oilers absolutely must trade this pick for immediate help, that wouldn’t be, in my opinion, the wisest move. Instead, I think the best move is to draft the best player available, then use the collection of forwards and the excitement that creates to attract other available talents to complement your roster. Specifically, Justin Schultz of Anaheim. The Flames did this exact thing to attract free agents by saying they could play with Regehr, Phaneuf, Kiprusoff and Iginla. A team has to make itself attractive to free agents and the Oilers could add that key defenceman by drafting a forward this June.

        Just my ramblings though, so we’ll wait to see what acutally happens.

    • T&A4Flames

      Rex, I just want to say that I really respect your blogs here. You are clearly an Oilers fan but you’re objective and you know more about hockey than beyond your own team. You don’t trash other teams, including us, your hated rivals. I actually like hearing an objective opinion from someone not emotionaly involved with our team.

      Keep cheering your team, hopefully they become all that your fans are hoping for. Hopefully we can get on the fast track to a rebuild/tool and our 2 teams and fans can have battles like the BOA should be; not “who sucks the least.”

      • RexLibris

        Thanks, I hate trolls and try very hard to avoid being associated with that activity.

        I don’t see any point in coming to a Flames fan site and trashing the team (insert “Mike Keenan beat me to it” joke here). Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Flames and would like nothing more than to see my team absolutely wipe the floor with them. But I also don’t expect any different sentiment from Flames fans so why bother trash-talking here?

        I think when it comes to the Flames that they have two assets that could help to kick-start their rebuilding process (which I think is what the organization dearly needs). They also have, in my opinion, a serious disadvantage in their ownership and management that could hamper that process.

        Iginla and Kiprusoff could earn the Flames two extra first round picks in 2013 (not likely lottery picks, sorry), as well as perhaps one or two other players moved at the trade deadline in exchange for second and third round picks. In addition, either one of Iginla or Kiprusoff could return the team a roster player as well. A pretty good haul, I think, and something that the franchise is in need of. However, I wouldn’t trust Mr. Edwards to make the difficult decision to take his beloved roster apart for the sake of the greater good or, in the event that he actually does, that Jay Feaster is a deft enough hand at trade negotiations to earn the best possible return for those assets.

        I know it can seem like I’m tough on Feaster but consider this: Jim Rutherford convinced Pierre Gauthier to exchange Jaroslav Spacek for Tomas Kaberle and his multi-year contract. Yet the best Feaster could do was Cammalleri, Ramo and a 5th round pick in exchange for Bourque (okay, addition by subtraction), Patrick Holland and a 2nd round pick in next year’s draft. I know I sound like a broken record, and Cammalleri can be a good player, but that pick and Holland both were overpays and unnecessary. I still believe that that trade has put the Flames into a bad position long-term.

        As a Flames fan tell me what you would think about going into next season with the following scenario: Tanguay – Cammalleri – Baertschi, Stajan – Jokinen – Glencross, Nemisz – Backlund – Jones, Jackman – Moss – Comeau with Bouma and Horak as the extra forwards. Then Bouwmeester, Brodie, Butler, Giordano, Babchuk (can’t get rid of him), and Smith. In net Irving and perhaps Vokoun.

        If icing that roster meant that the team was going to move out the older players and get picks and prospects in return while playing a more up-tempo style of game meant to entertain and allow the younger players ice time to develop would Flames fans as a whole give up on their team? Or would they embrace the young roster and look forward to just watching a young group entertain and excite them? Certainly the team may falter and finish in the bottom of the league, but if the franchise came clean and said that the roster isn’t good enough as it is and that there aren’t any saviours on the horizon to rescue it from the doldrums then it might be worth it. It might take four years, but haven’t the Flames missed the playoffs for the last four years anyway?

        I’m just curious. Besides, it beats whatever the heck the Leafs have been doing these past few years.

    • NateBaldwin

      You are more likely going to get a Luke Schenn from Toronto than a Jake Gardiner. I could see Colborne and the 2nd and make Schenn or Franson, but never Gardiner. Gardiner is probably the 2nd/3rd best defensmen on there depending.

  • Franko J

    With the current CBA expiring, I think there will be plenty of talk amongst GM’S, however, I think all this talk of trading Iginla and Kiprusoff, at this point is speculative. Depends on the negotiating between the two sides this summer will determine the fate of Iggy and Kipper.

    As I’ve stated before, there is plenty of disconnect between players, coaches, and management on this team and that is the reason they are what they are.
    Not bad enough to be in the draft lottery, but not good enough to be in the playoffs.
    The perspective I have is that no matter who coaches this team, or who plays on the Flames, it is up to the GM to set the values, the vision, and most importantly the identity of the team. Before trading players and hiring/re-signing coaches, Feaster’s #1priority is to put in place a stronger foundation which emphasizes a full commitment to teamwork, accountability, and developing talent.

    Of note: with a small crop of elite “free agents” this summer, I think both Iginla and Kiprusoff, would garner serious consideration from a number of teams.

    Although the dynamics of the two sports are different: look how the Stamps have moved on from Burris and Reynolds. While Burris was not the icon in this city such as Iginla, he was integral part of the Stamps for a long time, however, coach Huff realized that in order to move forward as a team, and as an organization, they had to change the status and leadership in the dressing room. In football every thing revolves around the QB. The same goes for the Flames locker room – everything central to that room and this organization is in direct relation to #12.
    By trading or not trading is a direct correlation between what Feaster will or will not do this summer.

  • Graham

    The Oilers have a bunch of elite young prospects. However, how are they going to afford them all when their entry level contracts expire?

    Surely, you have to win while these guys are on their entry level contracts, that way you can afford to pay for the quality UFA’s that surrond, teach & supplement them.

    The Flames can’t win with a pure veteran team, and the Oilers can’t win with a team full of young talent. If you did a school yard pick from the combined squads, you might end up with two teams that could actually win…

    • T&A4Flames

      “The Oilers have a bunch of elite young prospects. However, how are they going to afford them all when their entry level contracts expire?”

      I really don’t like this arguement I hear from Flames fans. I’m a Flames fan but really, there are lots of teams that afford 3 or 4 high priced contracts and do fine. By the time they need more money to sign the Eberle’s, Hall’s and Hopkins, the bad contracts will be gone (Horcoff) and the new crop of young guys will be coming up, mostly their D prospects. Everyone said the same thing about Iggy, Regher and Kipper when their contracts came up and they all got resigned.

      No offence to anyone, but the money won’t be the issue, the only question will be IF those players want to come back or go play elsewhere. If they continue to have fun playing with each other and things are going in the right direction, I see no reason for them to want to leave, unfortunately.

      • supra steve


        Boy, I would sure hate to be in the position of having 4 (or more) franchise type RFA players when I could only afford to sign 3. What a pickle to be in. How do you get out of that one? (Sarcasm)

        I find this argument…well…dumb.

  • NateBaldwin

    The only problem with having four or more elite level rfa’s coming up is that offer sheets from other clubs could force Edmonton into overpaying one or two of them.


    As for keeping the pick I think that if you can fast track your defense by trading for a #1 defenseman, then you can potentially widen the window for your team to play at an elite level. In about two years, (if not next year) I think edmontons forward core will be ready, and if you’re relying on d prospects that aren’t there yet, then you may be ‘wasting’ potentially competitive years. I don’t adhere to the notion that not getting a dman now will hurt the oilers shot at a cup, but why not expedite it if you can. Especially if rushing the d means you have 5 years of ideal cap/ skill rather than 3.

    Sticking with that theme ( and not that it would ever happen) but bowmeester and kipper for a first and say ganger would give them a real competitive chance next year IMO, especially if they move hall to center as has been suggested.

  • everton fc

    “I know it can seem like I’m tough on Feaster but consider this: Jim Rutherford convinced Pierre Gauthier to exchange Jaroslav Spacek for Tomas Kaberle and his multi-year contract. Yet the best Feaster could do was Cammalleri, Ramo and a 5th round pick in exchange for Bourque (okay, addition by subtraction), Patrick Holland and a 2nd round pick in next year’s draft. I know I sound like a broken record, and Cammalleri can be a good player, but that pick and Holland both were overpays and unnecessary. I still believe that that trade has put the Flames into a bad position long-term.”

    Spot on.

    Couple this w/the offer to Richards… Re-signing Babchuk… This is why I don’t trust Feaster. Jones and Stempniak aside (Stempniak may opt for free agency anyways)

  • everton fc

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t much matter who comes to this dreaded hockey town.

    This organization has a history of taking talented players and messing up their minds so bad trying to instil a Flames brand of game plan. Most players forget how to use their skills as their focus becomes more about the system as opposed to what they can offer offensively. We harness and suppress the talent and turn most players into nothing.

    A complete change in philosophy is needed. Anyone who has watched this team over the last 20 years can testify that the current ideology has not worked, with the exception of accidental cup run in 89. All of the planets aligned for the Flames that year so the accomplishments need to be wiped clear from their record. It means nothing. Change our approach and our way of thinking and lets get some exciting hockey back in this town.

    • RexLibris

      Oiler fans used to say the same thing.

      The Flames have been dominated by a playing philosophy that the league has outgrown. I know that it’s tempting to categorize the entire franchise as with a certain kind of hockey, but that can change if the talent and the desire to use it changes.

      Montreal used to be known for their flashy speed and high-offence. Patrick Roy came along and the dead-puck era started and they adapted.

      I don’t see Edwards or Feaster being the vanguards of change, necessarily, but the Flames don’t necessarily have to play the way they do.

      Would Flames fans cheer for ELPH? Exciting Last Place Hockey?

  • Graham

    @ RexLibris

    ‘As a Flames fan tell me what you would think about going into next season with the following scenario: Tanguay – Cammalleri – Baertschi, Stajan – Jokinen – Glencross, Nemisz – Backlund – Jones, Jackman – Moss – Comeau with Bouma and Horak as the extra forwards’

    Flames and Oilers in ‘battle’ for the first overall pick.