The Flames Fifteen: #13 – John Ramage


To some, this ranking may be a little low. 

That line of thinking is understandable, based solely on Ramage’s professional pedigree-his father, Rob, played over 1000 games in the NHL, including 80 with the Calgary Flames, where he won a Stanley Cup. Ramage was drafted in the 4th round of the 2010 draft with the 103rd overall pick, and he hasn’t really gotten any attention since that’s happened. Ramage was already in his first year of college with the University of Wisconsin Badgers in 2010, so Darryl Sutter must’ve seen something different from the 10-point season he put up in his last year with the USNDTP U-18 team.

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Ramage was never projected as anything but a shutdown defender, unlike his dad, who managed a .5 PPG pace in the NHL. John’s size isn’t overwhelming; being listed between 5’11 and 6’1 height-wise and 184-195 weight-wise. That doesn’t mean he can’t chuck the body around, though:

For those interested in leadership capabilities, it should behoove you to know that Ramage was the Captain of the Wisconsin Badgers this year, a team that went 17-18-2-0 and had a season classified as mostly disappointing. He’s just finished his junior season, and as far as I know the Flames haven’t signed him to an entry-level deal, so he’ll likely be back.

Personally, it was hard for me to rank Ramage-he’s only 21 and of course we all know the cliché about shutdown defenseman and taking a long time to develop. I was able to catch one game the Badgers played this year-their 3-2 loss to Denver in the WCHA playoffs.

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Player Kent Justin VF WI Scott
John Ramage 14 12 12 N/R N/R 

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*Reminder – The evaluators were asked to rank players, and we sorted the rankings via a simple point scale-number 15 on each list got one point, while number 1 on each list got 15. The criteria for who was included was pretty simple: players the Flames control who are 23 and under (excluding Mikael Backlund, since he’s already a bona fide NHLer).

I’ll admit, the reason I was curious about the game was because I wanted to see this Justin Schultz fellow that everyone seems to want. He looked good. Ramage? Didn’t really notice him until he took a dumb roughing (I think) penalty and then Denver proceeded to score the tying goal on that PP.

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I still have pro hopes for Ramage, but his point totals the past three years (12, 11, 10) basically seal in the thinking that he is a one-dimensional player who doesn’t struggle to move around the ice like his bigger shut-down counterparts on the farm. Who knows, maybe he can parlay that lack of cement-skates and excellent pedigree into a job on the big club.

The List

Player   Kent   Justin   WI   Scott   VF   Final Rank
John Ramage   14   12   0   0   12   13
Chris Breen   0   15   0   13   0   14
Tyler Wotherspoon   0   14   0   0   10   15

  • Vintage Flame

    I still think “The List” needs to be formated in the same manner as the chart you guys list where you ranked them, it’s fun to see where everyone had them ranked.

    13 seems like the right spot, outside the top 10 but still within shot of it. He can skate, not great size for a D, but he can actually skate. My guess with Ramage is that he will go his complete four years in College and go UFA. Two reasons for that, first, he’s a Darryl pick so Feaster has nothing to tie him to the player and if his points totals or he doesn’t show something to Featster to give him a contract Feaster may just let him walk. Second, if he does put up some decent numbers or continually improves his defensive game that he could be a great shut down defender, why would he sign with the flames and not wait a month and a half to go to UFA.