Jarome Iginla Trade Scenarios Open Thread



The idea of trading Jarome Iginla has been kicked around and debated for years. This thread is not to discuss the potential merits or possibility of such a move however – merely to establish what readers and fans would consider a good, realistic return for the Flames captain if he was hypothetically dealt this summer.

As such, I’d like everyone to add their ideal (but still plausible) package in the comment section. Meaning, let’s avoid suggestions Iggy should be dealt for Giroux, Crosby or Malkin. If everyone sticks to at least semi-realistic scenarios, we can maybe construct an "average" potential return out of all the suggestions.

Some info to provide context for your hypothetical trades

– Iginla has a NTC, so it’s unlikely he would accept deals to teams without a reasonable chance of winning in the short term.

– His cap hit is $7M next year, the last year of his current contract. His destination team must be able to absorb his contract or be able to move money in the deal in order to do so. Capgeek.com and NHLNumbers.com are your friends.

– The rumored return for Iginla to LAK was Wayne Simmonds, a draft pick and Brayden Schenn not too long ago. Seeing as the Kings later traded Schenn and Simmonds for Mike Richards, we can reasonably assume there was some fire to go with that smoke. It therefore makes sense to use that rumor as an "anchor" for your suggestions.

– Iginla will turn 35 years old on July 1. He’s in great shape, but this is the age where even great players usually start to suffer a real drop in performance.

Again, this isn’t a debate over whether the Flames should or will trade Iginla. Just a look at reasonable, hypothetical trade scenarios to spark a discussion and maybe get an idea of Iginla’s potential value. Fans of other teams are welcome to weigh in since a variety of perspectives is useful.

And that’s it. If this exercise proves interesting we can discuss the best suggestions and then repeat it in a week or so with Kipper.


  • Mitch2

    Boston or Pitts are highly likely candidate teams.


    Krejci /
    Ference /
    Knight /
    1st or prospect


    Iggy /
    D. Smith /
    3rd or prospect

    The Cap here is almost a perfect match with Iggy and Smith totaling 7.75 milion. Krejci and Ference are 7.5 million. Ference is in his final year and starting to see bottom pairing time in Boston at the age of 33.



    J. Staal /
    M. Cooke /
    M. Niskanen


    Iggy /
    D. Smith


    Again the Cap is close – Niskanen is going RFA, his Cap hit was 1.5 million, will probably be higher if he is resigned but assuming it isn’t. Pitts sends 7.3 million in total Cap back at CGY

    CGY sends 7.7 million. Smith will be much more attractive to the Pens with his safer D game and lower Cap hit than Niskanen is with his more risky offensive game. Cooke is just the turd in the deal that makes the Cap work but could slot to replace Moss or Comeau if they are not resigned.

    Hold your nose but Cooke is serviceable 3rd line player and Pitts needs to move his Cap hit. He will make Staal possible

    • RexLibris

      The Boston option seems pretty do-able. I would probably have suggested Krejci and Ference for Iginla and left out the picks and prospects. Those all seem to just balance each other out and shuffle cards between the two teams.

      Knight could be in play, but I suspect that Boston would want to keep him to eventually mature into their RW lineup, perhaps even to replace Iginla if he doesn’t re-sign.

      St. Louis seems to be getting a lot of attention from Flames fans here. I personally doubt that they would be interested in parting with Rattie, given his WHL performance to-date. But I can understand the interest Calgary fans would have.

  • Mitch2

    @ Kent

    I certainly hope you will analyze the best suggestions, that would be a great couple of articles. I am a little annoyed I got beat up so badly on my scenarios.

    Couple suggestions.

    (1) I personally get annoyed with trade scenarios that are full of picks and prospects. That is contrary to the stated mandate of the team to be competitive next year. Calgary is not going to trade Iginla / Kipper for just picks or prospects that are years from playing in the NHL.

    Although they may be part of the trade, I do not think they will be the primary part. If prospects are in the trade at least one of them should be one that can be anticipated to be on the roster next year like Sven.

    (2) Please also consider the Cap. Given the CBA I think a Cap freeze on this years limit is appropriate. ie – if Calgary moves either Iggy or Kipper I see a Cap turd coming back.

    (3) In the case of Kipper trades please consider Cap allocated to the G position in total. I get annoyed with Kipper trades that allocate Kipper to a team without taking a G back and take their amount of Cap allocated to G into the stratosphere. That isn’t going to happen.

    (4) Please also consider the overall placement of picks. I get so frustrated by people who throw around 1st round picks like they are interchangeable between teams. Huge difference between TB’s 1st and Boston’s this year.

    Please do this article – the two stars of the Flames are certainly under discussion this off-season and it would be extremely appreciated to have a solid analysis on the realistic “potential” returns.

    I also stick by my position that top G’s have been undervalued over the last decade worth of trades. All those trades were lost by the team dealing to the top G, so I certainly hope I will not see a 2nd and a B prospect for Kipper.

    Even if I screwed up my Toronto trade proposal, there is no way Kipper is traded for that kind of paltry return.

    P.S. Oh and take note that with Weisbrod coming over to Calgary as Asst GM, just a reminder he was former Director of Scouting for the Bruins. He will really know the college players and the internal prospects in that organization. I see Boston has a highly attractive destination for Iginla.

  • Mitch2

    I could see him going to Boston or washington. With semin leaving they are going to want to replace that.

    My ideal situation would be to get krejci back from boston. Maybe Krejci and a first for Iggy and a 3rd. I don’t really know. But Boston has a lot of centers and like staal i think some of them are going to want more responsibility.

    Calgary is going to need centers esspecially if they don’t resign Ollie

  • supra steve


    My thinking is: why even consider trading Kipper or Iggy if the goal is to stay “competative” next year? Yes, the stated goal is just that, but it has also been said that Iggy will not be traded. If the Flames make this/these moves, I hope they get a whole lot of youth, no one older then 25-26 unless it is just for a throw in player to eat salary to make a deal work. As for considering cap hit etc., I agree with you. I, however, didn’t spend a lot of time considering that in my Chicago scenario(as I’m sure is the case in many other posts). Was thinking of my post as more of a starting offer, then as a finished deal. If you have to pick up Crawford to make a Kipper deal work then so be it, but I’m not sure I would give a lot of value in that trade to the inclusion of Crawford. Would think of it as more of a favor to Bowman and want an extra 3rd or 4th rounder for taking Crawford. Otherwise, leave it for him to worry about moving Crawford elsewhere.

  • supra steve

    I was definitely one of the ones who never wanted to trade Jarome, but I do believe it may be time… I don’t think you can officially make “changes”, to set this club in the right direction, without moving Jarome… As long as he is here, everything evolves around him… And if young players see Jarome “taking nights/shifts off”, then that’s what our young players will think is ok to do… But not to go on a huge rant… Here is my proposal..

    To Pittsburgh; Jarome Iginla, Greg Nemisz

    To Calgary: Jordan Staal, 1st round pick, and a prospect of some sort…

  • T&A4Flames

    Not likely to happen but I would love to see an Iggy to FLA for Huberdeau and a 1st.

    I like the Iggy to PIT scenarios. Maybe if conditional picks were added. If there is a lockout and Iggy never plays for PIT, CGY returns a 1st +. If Staal doesn’t resign we get a 1st +. Maybe this or a similar arrangement satisfies both parties.

    I’ve always liked St. Louis as trade partner, but I am aware of the fact that they also have an abundance of RW. What about Iggy, GlenX/Tangs and Smith/ Butler for Stewart, Dagostini, Pollack, Rattie and a 1st. Probably too much change for a team that is definitely on the up swing.

    I like BOS for Krejci and Hamilton.

    I think there could be a lot of possibilities.

  • T&A4Flames

    @ Steve & Mitch2: Agree with Steve, a rebuild is a rebuild. Star players in their mid thirty’s are huge pieces for contending teams, those teams are not about to give competitive roster players in exchange. Last year was the last hurrah, Feaster allowed that group one more shot, yeah injuries may have caused us to fall short, but enough of this insanity!!!
    Now I see J Staal as a potential piece & one of a few trades where Flames dont take steps backward. Tough situation in Pitt & Staal wants to become the leader of a team, never happen in Pitt. Staal is also a UFA at the end of next year, just like Iggy. Pitt management have a lot more vision than what DSutter had. Now Iggy for J Staal, obviously not going to happen, thats why we have to give pieces maybe many others wouldnt want to part with. I think Butler is a well priced 4-5 Dman, he made great strides last year compared to his Buffalo time. Would suck to part with him. Backlund has huge upside & would fit real nice as a 3rd line centre in Pitt. Return, we get Staal. How huge is that for a team looking for a big centre to build around. Staal gets his team to call his & we sign him him to a very nice contract this summer. I would like to see a 2nd rounder coming back with Staal in that scenario.

    Mitch I wouldnt worry too much about Crawford & that cap hit, Chicago does have some cap room & there is talk of Hossa packing it in. If the offer was Mcneil(2011 1st rounder), Chic 2012 1st & a roster salary dump for Kipper, I’d take it.

  • MC Hockey

    Much as I’d love to say it would be a package of a player, prospect and pick, I wonder if we’re past that. I wonder if it would look more like Perron & Rattie for Iggy and a pick. I would be all over this deal, and I think St Louis would be in a position to deal these two because they have so many good, young players in the system, and Perron hasn’t played many games in the last two seasons.

    Moving forward, especially without Jarome, I think the Flames’ depth at RW will be really thin. Adding Perron, and especially Rattie would be a good step at addressing the depth at that position long-term.

    • Mitch2

      Why don’t you look a little further down the Cap horizion for Pittsburgh and tell me if he is more important than resigning Crosby, Malkin, Letang?

      J. Staal is also vastly underpaid. He could probably sign on at 6 million.

      Now tell me how Shero makes his Cap work? With Iginla he can plan or even negotiate an extension during the trade. Not unrealistic to see Jarome signing for a 4 million Cap hit on extension.

      The Flames could pay J. Staal a 6 million Cap hit. The Pens can’t, not given their pay to Crosby, Malkin and Letang.

      That is why Staal could be available, the Pens won’t be able to afford to resign him.

  • thymebalm

    @thymebalm: I would pee myself if we could do that deal, no way anaheim does that unfortunately.
    @ketchupkid: Do you mean that Jordan Staal would even be available or that Calgary wouldnt have a hope. Heard on a few panels of sportsnet that Staal has said he wants a bigger role but would never ask for a trade. Seeing he’s a UFA at the end of next year, you do the math. To say Calgary couldnt acquire him with a package with Iggy,whatever turns you on.

    Rex: Backlund is only 23 with really 1 year injury season under his belt but NHL proven with good possession numbers. He would be a perfect fit, of course a downgrade from Staal, but thats the problem, he’s not a 3rd line player. Could be one of the good future problems the Oilers will have with all their top prospects & draft picks.

    • RexLibris

      I think Backlund, at this stage of his career and given his overall game, would be a good fit at 3rd line center. Backlund, as opposed to Gagner, has the size and defensive acumen early in his career to survive and thrive there. Gagner is coming to that stage now after being in the league for five years.

      I agree that the Oilers are going to have problems finding spots for some players, perhaps. But think of it this way, if the the Oilers have to debate whether Pitlick or some other prospect is getting enough ice time behind Yakupov and Eberle on the RW that’s a good place to be.

      Using Staal as an example, he’s probably one of the best 2nd-line centers in the league. The Penguins have the luxury of perhaps trading a top center for roster depth. If the Oilers are fortunate enough that they can find themselves in a similar position on the wing someday I have no problem with that.

  • DieHard

    I have no idea the exact return but given Iginla’s age and contract value, I can’t see a trade during the summer. Why would a team bring Iginla for one year at 7M with no guarantee of extension. I see great value at the trade deadline but for picks and prospects only. The guy has a couple of years left. Why does a team send someone like Hamilton, a top prospect away. It will be a late first plus a couple mid range prospects

    • RexLibris

      I think it largely depends on the timing and what Feaster has prioritized (or been told to prioritize) in the return.

      I agree that your valuation is certainly within the range for Iginla as of today. And like you say his value would likely increase on deadline day, depending on his play and health at that time. Historically he is a healthy player who increases his production as the season progresses.

      While I agree that Dougie Hamilton + for Iginla is a pipe dream and one that Flames fans had best divest themselves of or suffer grave disappointment, the Staal/Iginla move has some interesting merit. It would allow Feaster to claim to be getting younger and still stick to his “win it now” mantra.

      I believe you are a fellow Oilers fan so I will ask you this: how do you suppose Flames fans would react if Iginla were traded for a package similar to, or even less than, what Dustin Penner received? Personally, I think gnashing of teeth and rending of flesh would probably be an understatement.

  • RexLibris

    My belief is that the best fit for organization and player will be the Detroit Red Wings. The Wings have lots of cap space freed up this summer and the speculation is that they will try to spend it on Parise and Suter. However, regardless of the past success of the Wings, they are a team that is getting pretty old and is lacking the youthful stars for the future. I think therefore that Parise and Suter will pass on Detroit and sign elsewhere.

    Lidstrom is 42, Datsyuk will be 34, Zetterberg will be 32 and Iginla will be 35. I think that Lidstrom can be convinced to come back for another year if the team looks at making another push to win it all. I think that one year left gives Iginla a chance to see what a different (and highly respected) franchise is like, and I think that a one year deal for Iginla gives the Wings a chance for one more push and an opportunity to work with Iginla to see if he is worth keeping. I think that if Iginla is as well respected around the league that his presence will help to provide some more motivation to a core group that has already experienced winning and he provides them with some goalscoring support.

    Detroit is not going to give up on a prospect that is already good enough to play in the NHL, so unfortunantly I dont think that they will be able to get Nyquist in a deal. However I think that Tatar is the prospect that we should look at. Tatar is an offensive player that has been brought up in the Detroit philosophy of 200′ responsible play. He has offensive talents and good speed and understanding of the game. 24 goals and 57 points this last year and the year before in the AHL.

    To Detroit Red Wings : Jarome Iginla

    To Calgary Flames : 2012 first round draft pick, Tomas Tatar, Xavier Ouellet

  • RexLibris

    Jarome to St Lous makes a lot of sense to me IF St Loo decides to continue to lay an egg in this second round, they lose to LA this playoffs and they will be a piece away from being a favourite next year… that piece.. Jarome Iginla

    So here is my proposition for the offseason for which me (being a flames fan and wanting a MAJOR REBUILD) would be ecstatic.

    To St Louis:
    Iggy, Backlund and a 2nd Round Pick

    To Calgary:
    Jaden Schwartz, Christ Stewart

    I would be more than thrilled about this trade and this would give St Louis a complete three lines with Andy McDonald being the happiest (and most underrated) centre in the league to be able to set up Jarome.

    St Loo has enough prospects in the making they can afford to lose a good one in Schwartz and I think Stewart is a great hockey player in the wrong atmosphere. I can only hope Feaster will really try and work a deal like this out and then ship Kipper to whoever misses out on Luongo (Chicago?)

    We can only hope an Iggy for Schwartz trade is possible and then signing Parise could be a major step to righting this sinking ship as soon as possible.

    Here’s to wishful thinking *cracks a tallboy*